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So I was just posting to another thread and the random thought occurred to me: Why do I feel as though I need to put a disclaimer in my posts letting readers know that I'm merely stating an opinion based on personal experience?

Because I tend to put disclaimers, and when I do I'm less likely to get in trouble for posting something. But when I forget to put a little disclaimer somewhere, I end up with someone getting upset somehow, be it me or someone who has read what I posted.

It just struck me as odd, since this is a community in which we have our own opinions and throw them about so freely, sometimes using facts to back up our claims. Well, for me, personal experience is a form of factual sources, so why shouldn't that work as well?

But really, what do you think about disclaimers in this community? Do you use them in some way, shape or form? Do you notice a difference in replies if you do use them and happen to forget once in a while? Or do you think I'm being silly? (I'm going to see about mental counseling in the morning, not even kidding, so I wouldn't blame you for thinking I'm silly...)


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I do find that a lot of the time if i say it's just my opinion i get a less heated debate. If i go in and not say it people get all up in arms about it. I have no idea why as like you said it is a debating community.

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