Do they know its Christmas Time At All?

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Ok so its not Ehtiopia but its nearly as tragic....

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Attorney General Drew Edmondson has asked a Kay County judge to block the planned closure of a foster children's home in Ponca City that would displace 44 children just days after Christmas.

Edmondson on Tuesday sought a temporary restraining order and injunction to stop the Dec. 31 closure of the American Legion Children's Home and the January 2011 auction of the home's assets.

He also wants to remove three members of the children's home board, invalidate decisions made during an allegedly illegal board meeting and appoint a receiver to manage the home's assets. The attorney general alleges those who want to close the facility violated Oklahoma statutes.

Save the Children's Home Angels, a citizen's group composed of citizens, individual American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary members and child advocates, requested a formal investigation into the matter by the Oklahoma Attorney General late last week. They specifically asked that the Oklahoma Attorney General initiate litigation to appoint a receiver to protect the assets of children's home in Ponca City until a viable solution could be reached regarding its future. To date, several charities have expressed an interest in taking over the home's operations.

"Our number one priority is to keep the home operating, to continue providing a safe and stable environment for these 44 kids, and to preserve the jobs of 65 dedicated employees" said Diane Beekman, spokesperson for the Save the Children's Angels and a member of the local American Legion Auxiliary Unit 14. "In order for that to happen, though, the home's assets need to be protected so that they can be transferred to another qualified nonprofit organization that is willing to step in."

Beekman said that intervention by the Attorney General's office was necessary because the Oklahoma American Legion has refused to cooperate in any discussions with interested parties to allow the transfer of the operation of the real and personal property of the home.

Lawyers for Save the Children's Home Angels, the Northcutt Law Firm and McAfee & Taft, contend that the home's assets, including the 100 acres upon which the facility resides, cannot be used or transferred to the American Legion for any other purpose. They can, however, be transferred to another charity, as it was the intent of the original donors to use those assets for the operation of a tax-exempt home for children.

"Joining us in this fight to save the Children's Home are the heirs of E.W. Marland, the Oklahoma oilman who donated the land for the American Legion Children's Home in 1928," said attorney Joseph Bocock. "He specifically stipulated that use of the property was restricted to a home for children; otherwise, the deed to the land would revert to his heirs. As of last Friday, we have secured consent of those heirs for the transfer of the Home to another nonprofit organization they approve."

This hurts. 44 kids, no home, no family - a group home is NOT a "home". Its where you currently sleep at night and stay jailed up during the day. There is no where to go for privacy, no one to hug when you're just having a shitty day and now you've stubbed your toe on top of it all, you'll get a mediocre or pathetic toy for christmas, if at all and a so-so meal. NOT grandmas pumpkin pie made with love, no moms' special greenbean casserole with the secret ingredient she won't tell anyone about.

I hate people. I really do. This world abounds with assholes & fucktards. Why don't those 44 children have HOMES to go to? A room of their own? Who is going to teach them how to be a mom or a dad? Who is going to teach them that the ideal of love is not the end all and be all salvation to their heartaches? But this is all they have. At least they probably know the 44 kids and their caretakers somewhat. Some of those kids may have been there for years, some only for months but at least its stable.

And now some fucked up panel of buttgoblins wants TO CLOSE IT DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS??? WTF people really??????

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Sharon - posted on 11/25/2010




A wealthy man left the home to the lions organisation with the stipulation that it always be a home for children. It is suggested the board members think they can get around that if there is no money for the home. However the will stated that if it were no longer to be used forchildren then the home & 100 acres would revert to his heirs. The remaining heirs are willing to see the home go to another charitable org for children rather than take it.

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I didn't read much of the OP, but I instantly felt an intense sadness wash over me just thinking about 44 homeless children that are already at the disadvantage of not having a family. Fuck! Sometimes this world sucks balls!

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That's what I was wondering Tara. They lost their funding, but it doesn't say WHY.

Tara - posted on 11/25/2010




Am I totally missing something here? Can anyone else find where it says why they are closing this childrens home?

Someone please enlighten me.

Becky - posted on 11/24/2010




That made me cry. No child should have to spend Christmas in a group home. No child should be without a mom and dad either.
Typically though, here anyways, kids in group homes are there because their behaviors are too severe for them to live in a foster home. Sometimes it's just because there's no other place for them at the time, but that's usually a temporary solution until a foster home can be found.
All the same, closing their grouphome and taking away what little security they have right at Christmas time is really, really low.

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I really wish adoption was more available. I want to help kids that need it but the cost is astronomical.
Leave the kids alone this is what they know atm why go and uproot them again? It' snot liek tey have had the best of anything so what they have is all they have ( if that makes sense?)

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