Do you get along with your ex's new wife or girlfriend?


Sal - posted on 10/14/2010




she is in a whole other counrty.....but she thinks we could be great friends....i think she is wrong, i am keen to keep civil and pleasant but doubt friendship is for us, she did marry the loser, how can i respect her, and with out respect how can there be friendship...

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~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/01/2013




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Erika - posted on 06/29/2013




I usually get along with the ex's g/f. She seems to spend more time with the kids than he does. The way I see it she took him off my hands... worked out good for me! :)

[deleted account]

I'm very upset today. My ex-husband's wife of 10 years now, is always nosying around in my personal business. If I post anything online, she has to make nasty comments and always bring child support into it.

I stay at home because we have 1 car and so my husband works. My daughter lives with the ex because she hates the husband, so I am ordered to pay CS. The problem is is that we barely even make enough to pay rent, electric, food and etc. I have been straight with the ex. Well, the wife tells me constantly that she's taking me to court in Dallas, TX, I live in San Antonio.

Together, they are secretly killing me. I started a cake business, in hopes that all profits can go to CS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm behind. I don't mean to be. At any point, she has managed to find my website and post a hateful post. Now I can't erase it and now everyone can read it.

Before, he pulled my credit to find out my personal information (illegally).

Can I stop her from doing this??


Ruth - posted on 12/27/2010




NO, NO , No she makes my life miserable. my husband had no contract on visation or parental issues controlling kids . He thinks he can do whatever at our house , since thats what he does at home . My husband and i have explained to him that rules are a lot different at our houseand he has to cooperate with that. So the first thing he does is calls her and complain. back to the ex. I had to get a guardian at lighten from the miltary , so that if anything happens to hubby i dtill get brad . She has tajrn me off pick up list and emergency contact list. she does these things out of spite . I could go on and on about the things she has done . She freaked out when me and my new hubby got pregnant . We are located in Hawaii right know but we barely get to see him .. Please someone marry this women and get her off my back

Tah - posted on 10/14/2010




to say the couple months before they got engaged he asked me my advice on something...i said sure shoot....he said well this girl keeps telling me she loves me, i dont feel the same, what should i do..i said be honest.a month later they were engaged...then he told me everything moved so fast that he wanted to stop it many times but he had already cancelled weddings with me and basically if he did again what would his family think???...i would not want someone to marry me under those circumstances, but whatever floats your boat..i have never told her any of the things he has told me...i dont have a problem with her and she loves my daughter, why would i get his eyeballs clawed out and hurt her feelings...

I did however make him break up with the woman before her...hear me out....she didn't like my daughter and before myself or anyone else in my family had to go and add her to the Philadelphia list of the missing....i had to say something....she was older than him and had 2 children not much younger than he was..well here are the 2 things that sent me into a rabid dog frenzy....she told him that she was jealous of my daughter and her relationship with her dad..Strike munber are you like 40 years old and jealous of a 6 year old...then they were out to dinner with his mom and stepdad and my daughter asked to use the restroom, he turned to cougartown and said "can you take her to the ladies room?"...she replies.."why do i have to take her, she's your daughter?!?.."...wrong answer chicken dinner....his mom(who is mild mannered, glad my mom wasn't in ear shot)..said it's okay..i'll take her.....

So what if they were there alone, would she have made him take my daughter into the men's room, or stand outside the ladies room?..thats fine if he had no choice.....but when you are sitting there...that pissed me off....i told him i didnt want to keep his daughter from him, but if he was going to be living with her(which he was) daughter would not be. Women like that wind up on the news holding up a picture of their missing stepkids right before nancy grace has her being arraigned after they find out she had something to do with it. My daughter is innocent and when you meet someone with children you are supposed to embrace them not be jealous of them and be as petty as to not take her to bathroom. If that is how she acting in front of your parents and the whole steakhouse, imagine if what she would do when you weren't around..."wrong buddy"....he got rid of her shortly now he gets the same visitation as my son's father...summer, and school breaks and they are welcome to visit...

[deleted account]

Sound interesting Tah.
My hubby (before he was my hubby) broke up with his girlfriend and couldn't get her to leave, my ex #2 was hanging around my house and I couldn't get him to leave, so we hooked them up and they both left. About a month later my hubby and I hooked up, got married 5 months later, 4 months after that my ex married my hubbies ex.

Tah - posted on 10/14/2010




well, i dont have a problem with her i thought HE was funny..he got upset because he thought that i was going to come back to him, when he found out i was married, he rushed out and married her, he thought that would piss me off...i said congrats and actually went and bought my daughter a beautiful flower girl dress, lol....and when i told him i was glad he was happy, he responded "i'm okay"..well hey..i'm glad your actually feel sorry for her sometimes because for a long time he would send me when i text him one summer a week after my daughter arrived there for break and sais hey, how's my baby(talking about her of course)..he responded "i'm fine"..HA!!! they first got together, she convinced him to ask me if they could have my daughter...HA!!! we know how that went.....he told me she has a issue getting pregnant and they would have to do alot of expensive things to make it happen....i am sure time would have been all they needed, but it was kinda the same thing as they went and fostered/adopted some children asap...Now i think it was a very noble thing, but they started doing that like 2 years into their marriage because she felt some type of way about not having children with him since he had one with me...he confided some things about that also....after only a couple years i would have had fun just with trying for awhile...but i'm happy for them...she does sydney's hair so thats a plus....

[deleted account]

I will add though that other than what you all witnessed on here... I haven't had any contact w/ her whatsoever in about 2 years. Well... she was w/ my ex the last time he came to see all 3 kids (first weekend in April), but other than simply seeing her... no contact was made.

Amie - posted on 10/14/2010




I've only met my ex's fiance a half dozen of times. We get along fine. I doubt we'll ever hang out but we get along fine.

She's a decent person who really only wants what's best for the kids. She gets jealous that she doesn't have kids with my ex yet but doesn't let that bubble over to affect the kids in anyway. She knows they will eventually. She didn't even mind waiting almost a year to meet them. That was something we all agreed on though. My ex barely knew the kids at the time though, so they needed to get to know him before they got to know 'them' as a couple. (they only became engaged to this past summer so before that she was just the g/f) It's working out fine though. It may, one day, go down the crapper but I don't see it happening as of right now.

[deleted account]

My first ex's wife, we get along but don't like each other. We do what we have to for the kids. My other ex's wife, we have no problems with each other at all.

Jodi - posted on 10/14/2010




Never met her. The first I heard about her was when my son came home and told me that dad had a new girlfriend moving in with her daughter from interstate. But I don't talk to my ex either (or rather, he won't talk to me), and my son is 13, so as long as he's happy, I'm not fussed. As far as I can tell, my son really likes her, and she looks after him, and since she's been on the scene, my ex has paid his child support (which is a new thing), so thumbs up I think!!

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