Jenny - posted on 07/10/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




I love documenteries, even the ones that rip your heart out. Please share your favourites. Here are some I'd recommend:

The Cove
Zeitgeist: Addendum
American Drug War: The Last White Hope
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
Food Inc.
The Corporation

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Krista - posted on 07/12/2010




My favourite documentary is "The Strangest Dream". It was produced by the Canadian National Film Board. It's the story of Joseph Rotblat, a Polish physicist who was the only person to quit the Manhattan Project, and who later became an anti-nuclear-weapons activist and one of the primary founders of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. His life was fascinating, inspiring, tragic and hopeful, and I really, really urge all of you to find a way to watch this film. I'm firmly convinced that if every single politician were made to watch this film upon taking office, the world would be much more peaceful.

Another one that was incredibly powerful was Shake Hands With the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda. It's the story of Romeo Dallaire, who was leading the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda when everything flew all to hell. It was amazing to see how western imperialism has led to so much strife and warfare in African nations, and to see this one man who tried so hard to save so many people, but could not. I've met General Dallaire on several occasions, and he is such a humble, kind person -- and an infinitely tortured one, after seeing what he saw.

Amanda - posted on 07/12/2010




I have issues with documenteries, they are extremely one sided. I feel if you are going to watch documenteries, you need to watch one from both sides of the story, otherwise you just get one extremist view.

Though there are plenty of very good documenteries, Micheal Moore not being one of them LOL! He is so full of it, I love it when he brings Canada into his documenteries, and gets most of the information competely wrong.

I also love Penn and Tellers Bullshit on HBO!! I will never waste money on organic food again thanks to them. Also the documentery, Food Inc, I will never buy another processed hamburger agian.

Jessica - posted on 07/12/2010




Oh yeah I watched the Great Sperm Race- very fascinating, however I thought all the people running around in white suites were hilarious!

Charlie - posted on 07/12/2010




OMG the great sperm race was EXCELLENT !!

Michael Moore
i watched a very sad doco about men with giant penises .
i watched an equally sad doco about men with tiny ( like millimeters ) penises .

Caitlin - posted on 07/11/2010




The Great Sperm Race (I think that's what it was called)

March of the Penguins (Great if you have insomnia)

Afterman (about what would happen if all human life disapeared)

ME - posted on 07/11/2010




Sharon, I watched a bunch of those...they were almost all very good. There's also a TV show now called's very good as well...don't know what channel, we don't have cable, and watch everything on the internet. The episode on the toilet crisis was eye-opening, and the one on gun cultures in the US was also very good. I was horrified by the episode on the treatment of Gay people in Africa and the connection that has to US Christians...all very interesting. I recommend the show to anyone who likes Documentaries...

[deleted account]

Oh! The guy that did Supersize Me-Morgan Spurlock? Then he had a series for 1 season called 30 days in which he documented certain people and situations for 30 days. I remember he did one on living on minimum wage for 30 days and one about forcing an extremely religious anti-gay person to befriend a gay person for 30 days.

LaCi - posted on 07/11/2010




Food Inc
Generation RX
Zeitgeist and addendum.
The Perfect Vagina
Genetically modified food
Loose Change

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

oh yeah- MOOSE ATTACK.

ME - posted on 07/11/2010




I like Ken Burns series too:Baseball, the national parks...

I also loved The Cove, and Food Inc.

No Impact Man is very interesting, but I kind of thought the couple doing the project were completely annoying!

Jesus Camp was kind of terrifying, but well done...

Jessica - posted on 07/11/2010




The first one that comes to my mind is the Business of Being Born. I honestly haven't seen any of the others mentioned. I like the Business of Being Born- it has good info and makes good points, I'd recommend it to anyone about to have a child! But, you have to be willing to weed through the sensationalism and one-sided tone of the film, and take things with a grain of salt.

Sarah - posted on 07/11/2010




I LOVE all the Louis Theroux documentaries. He's really good at what he does.
I like Michael Moore too.
I also like the ones about weird illness and stuff......there's a series called Bodyshock I think.
Ooooh and the series called One Born Every Minute where they showed people giving birth was good too! :)

*Lisa* - posted on 07/11/2010




I love them too! But I usually seem to walk in at the middle of them so have no idea what their names are!

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