Does anyone know about Group B Strep?

Lauren - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




My son was born on 29th march 2010 and two days later he was rushed to hospital as he stopped breathing. They done a lumber puncture and blood tests, they found he had a Sepsis Infection (blood infection) and they put a tube in his arm for anti biotics and we spent 8 days in hospital.

What narks me is that I was told AFTER we left he was close to developing Septacemia, which is bad. Also Sepsis which he had I was told is fatal in most newborns. I had rountine bloods done at my 32, and 27 weeks checkups, which came back clear.

I was told at my 6 week post natal check up that I have something called Group B Streptococcus, and some people have told me that they've had it and was picked up in their pregnancies. They were given anti biotics and their babies were healthy.

I find this stressful even 6 months later and I just want to know why they messed up and frightens me how this could have been missed.

They said he caught it either after my waters broke or coming down the birth canal. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it. But I somehow feel to blame. This has been a big factor in my Post Natal Depression.


Nikki - posted on 09/15/2010




I tend to agree with Amanda, while I am not into pointless lawsuits which waste time and money over petty things, I would seek legal advice if this happened to me, like Mary said get copies of all your medical and hospital records to get to the bottom of it. You need to let go and really accept that you were in no way responsible for this happening to your baby. Good luck with it all, I hope your doing ok.

Mary - posted on 09/15/2010




Yeah, someone REALLY screwed up on this one. A vaginal swab should be performed on all pregnant women prior to 36 weeks. If you go into labor before those results are known (it takes 48 hours), then antibiotics are given just in case you are positive. It is only a small percentage of babies that get sick with this, but unfortunately, those that do get REALLY sick. The only time a women who is GBS + or whose status is unknown wouldn't get antibiotics is if her labor progressed exceptionally fast, and she delivered within the first hour of arrival to the hospital.

Do you remember if this test was done? Most practicioners make it a point to tell patients not only that they are positive, but also that they will need antibiotics in labor. I'd highly recommend getting a copy of both your prenatal record from your doctor, as well as your medical record from the hospital.

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Many woman are carriers of strep b without any effects or effects to the baby after delivery.My friend only found out when she had slight bleeding at 5-6 months and she had a swab done..i think its a swab test that picks up strep b not a blood test.Only if you know you have it a drip of antibiotics will be given in labour before baby is born.Many who dont know the have strep b there babys are fine..research hasn't found why some babys become infected by it and some dont whos moms have it.The key is all woman should be tested before the birth of there babys.It has cut down many cases of babys being infected by moms being tested and antibiotics being given before birth.

I cant imagine how worried you must of been, its not your fault and weren't to so thankful for a good outcome.Which i am sure you are of course but try not to beat yourself up over it. ♥ Once a doctor is aware of a woman having it, then once baby is born there given round the clock care to watch for signs.Many woman would of had it unknown to the doctors and there babys turn out fine..its only when the baby becomes sick there then aware of what caused it.Your son was so lucky..a little fighter.:-)how are you and baby now?..also like another mom said..have you talked to someone about your depression.Please do if not.Your not alone many experience it and have gotten help.Wish you the very best.

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Lauren - posted on 09/16/2010




I had a horrific labour anyway, I'm meeting with the consulant on the 24th sept...but miraculously they've LOST my labour notes....pissed off. I've sent three complaint letters, and am thinking of suing as I feel let down by them. NHS in England, it's all about money, not the comfort of the mothers. This just adds to the pain.

Actually, they DID take a swab, I was leaking fluid at 37 weeks went to hospital and they took two sawbs, high vaginal, they said it was clear. But my doctor saidi definatly had it from pregnancy. So confusing,

Lauren - posted on 09/16/2010




They didn't test me for it. I didn't have a swab until my 6 week check up after the birth, I was complaining of heavy discharge and it wasn't sore or anything. She was reluctant but as I didn't usually get discharge, she took on, a week later she gaves me Amoxicillin for a week. Cleared it up. My problem I guess is I blamed myself for weeks about my son having Sepsis, which nearly killed him, he didn't drink milk for two days he had his first feed from the breast, but he never latched, he was floppy all the time, pale, jaundiced, frightening, there was no indication of it. I blamed myself and they thought I was on drugs or something (which i never was btw) made me feel like a bad mum.

It just baffles me how they never thought, I know it is common...but it's something important, I mean it can kill your child if it develops further....

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They dont test for this in Ireland on the public Maternity service..only if a woman has vaginal bleeding there sent for a swab..i think all women should be tested.Another lady i know didnt know anything until her healthy 9lbs baby became very sick and got serve pneumonia and nearly died.Its worth being tested for.Its great that its routine were you ladies live to have the test important.

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They tested me for it and told me I did have it and I would be given antibiotics before having him. I had a c section so it was a nonissue in the end. Honestly, I didn't ask about the effects on the baby if I were to not get the antibiotics, I really didn't think about it.

It's not your fault though. Stop blaming yourself, it's probably not the reason you're depressed but the depression is probably the reason you feel guilty. Its definitely NOT your fault. If they messed up, it is their fault.

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Wait so they told you at your 6 week PP check up that they knew you had it before you had your baby?? They do a swab test of the vaginal area around 36 weeks to check for it- do you remember them doing that? Normally, if you have it they then give antibiotics during labor and it prevents the baby from getting it. That's a pretty huge mistake if they tested you and knew you had it and for whatever reason, forgot to give you the antibiotics!

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Your OB is a schmuck for not giving your antibiotics during labor! Not your fault, honey. Your doctor SERIOUSLY dropped the ball here. :/

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I had the swab done around 36 weeks, but the tests weren't back yet when I delivered a week later. So we had to stay in the hospital an extra few days to be sure it was safe to let us go home. at the time I felt inconvenienced but better safe than sorry

Amie - posted on 09/14/2010




I had this. I was given IV antibiotics when in labour. As Nikki said, this is your OB's mistake.

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Here, they do a swab test around 36 weeks to determine if you have it or not. I've always thought that it was a relatively common and easy to deal with infection. My sister had it and was treated with antibiotics during the birth, no complications.

Nikki - posted on 09/14/2010




It's not your fault, if they knew you had group B strep you should of had a vaginal swab taken in your last trimester and antibiotics if it was still present, this was the mistake of your ob.

Have you seen a professional about your post natal depression?

How is your baby now?

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