Does driving have to be expensive?

Nicole - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 13 moms have responded )




Does driving have to be expensive? Or are there ways to cut the cost without compromising safety?

Edit to add a question:

Is it worth it to get a newer car (made after 2000)


Becky - posted on 01/31/2011




My first car was an 88 Civic and after the first year or 2, I found it was cheaper to buy a new car than keep the old one. Well, maybe not necessarily cheaper, but more affordable, if that makes any sense. I'd just gotten out of university and started working, so I still had a lot of debt and was trying to get on my feet financially, and I was paying for a lot of repairs on my car - $500.00 one month, $800.00 the next. When I was just starting out, I couldn't afford that. It was easier to budget for the monthly payments than for unpredictable repair costs. Plus, if ou're talking a much older vehicle, then a new one is probably going to be more fuel efficient.

Amber - posted on 01/31/2011




our vehicle is expensive, but worth it. don't really know how you could cut costs though...we bought ours brand new [it is a 2010 mitsubishi outback] and the benefits, to us, are pretty awesome. it's safe beyond compare, it's incredibly fuel efficient for an SUV of it's size. my husband commutes so we have to have a reliable vehicle, and i think buying new really gives you that guarantee. plus, it's only ever been yours, that's nice too.

Bonnie - posted on 01/31/2011




New or newer vehicles can run into problems as well which could add services fees. As others have said, newer vehicles cost more in loan fees/monthly payments. I think the only way I know you can cut costs for sure is to purchase a vehicle that is known to be reliable and have lower fuel consumption.

Jenn - posted on 01/31/2011




Yeah, I'm not sure how you can really cut costs - other than to not drive. If you get a newer car, you might save on repairs, but it costs more to buy - so in the end is it really cheaper?

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Here, in Canada, insurance is mandatory and quite expensive. You can do things like raise your deductable (ours is 1000, the highest our company allows) which lowers your rate a TAD, and don't get collision (but if you hit a deer or pole you are not covered) and have the basic of the basic. Both my hubby and myself have clean records are over the age of 30 and have "discounts" from having our house insurance and second vehicle insured with the same company as well and still pay 880 a year for a 1998 4 door Neon.

Our second vehicle we bought was only 2 years old and have more insurance coverage on it. It has served us well over the last 3 1/2 years with very little maintanence, only requiring oil changes/lights/wipers KNOCK ON WOOD. But the neon is reaching the end of her life with the next big repair making her a right off.

So, not sure it is more cost effective to go older, get a slight deal on insurance but obviously more likely to need repairs. Or pay for newer, possibly get a warranty to cover repairs and pay more for insurance with the thought of actually making a claim on something that may be worth it. Mind you if you make a claim your rates usually go up....Grrr I hate insurance companies LOL


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I have a 2005 chevy cobalt that was my first and currently my only car haha it will be paid in a couple months and we just have basic basic insurance we only pay 52.00 a month. Gas is where we spend the most money and i dont kno how u can cut down on that. I guess just have a budget of how much a week your gonna spend on gas and dont go over. if its to much just buy a buss pass. Gas over here is already like 3.00 on average. so yea its gettin up there. Once the car is paid off we most likely gonna buy a new one if possible

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I agree with Bonnie. My Corolla had one door seal come off and had had an exhaust mount replaced by the time I sold it! Then the Commodore got a flat tyre the week we got it!! Low profile tyres are expensive. Insurance was about $800 a year too on it. Even though it was the most "economical car".

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If you're buying new used, I'm not sure it would be worth it, BUT you might see some short term benefits to buying brand new with a warranty so that you don't have to pay for any repairs or servicing intitially. I do think it's possible to buy newer used and not compromise safety!

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If you have children in car seats, I would not go with a car more than 10 years old because of the LATCH systems for car seats. In my area, driving is not expensive--you can buy a fairly new, used car from around $8,000.

You can cut costs on insurance by keeping a good driving record. Also, older cars, cars with 4 doors, and sedans have lower insurance rates here. You can also get discounts if you are in college, own your home, or have multiple policies with the same insurer.

You can cut costs on gas by purchasing a fuel efficient car and lumping errands to make the best use of your time on the road.

You can also cut costs on property taxes by getting an older car--taxes on a 5 year old car are nearly half what they would be on a new car.

Repairs will be a little higher on an older car, but not much, if you budget $1,000/ year for repairs on a $10,000 5 year old car, you will still save about $15,000 over 5 years, compared to buying a new $30,000 car, plus you still have to pay for maintenance on a new car.

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i know our car isn't the most fuel efficient on the market (here in aus they have a fuel comparison on new cars) but a car of similar size and better fuel efficency was way more expensive and doubt that we would of saved the difference in cheaper fuel costs. the only way to save money driving i know is to walk!!

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I used to have an 08 Toyota Corolla. $120 service every 6 months and I think I filled it up about once every 3 weeks even when I worked for about $60. Insurance and rego weren't cheap though, if you have a new car you'd want full comprehensive insurance. I think new cars are worth it just for the fun of having a new car. Especially if they're manual.

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I suppose that purchasing a vehicle that has lower fuel consumption and good repair reviews might help to lower costs. Also practicing fuel economy friendly driving habits and doing your own maintenance/oil changes. But otherwise, not really.

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??? Not a clue. You have costs everywhere when you drive. gas, up keep, kids safety seats, etc. Not sure how you would "cut costs"

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