Doomsday and Anti-Americanism

Mrs. - posted on 08/13/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




Just curious, has anyone noticed that the volume on fear, doomsday predictions, uber religious rants and nasty anti-American sentiments have upped online and in the media this last month like no other in years?

I'm the last one to be all up with America, I'm an ex-pat, but the whole wishing that a new civil war would happen and that ALL Americans deserve to suffer because of their sinning or warmongering...well, it's starting to ring a bit malicious and not taking in to account the wide variety of souls that live in the whole of the US.

I see it here on CoMs, but it is by no means isolated to these message boards or applicable only to any individual here.

So what do you think? Is all this panic, fear and anger towards Americans as a whole merited?

Personally, I think everyone should just take a deep breath and try to look at things with a bit of perspective, but what do I know? Maybe I'm misreading the mood, but it just seems so palpable lately. So much so that I worry for my well meaning liberal parents who live in Texas...

What's up in your country, if you don't live in the states...are you feeling it there? I can only speak for Canada cause I live here and I can say that I am feeling it here too.


Mrs. - posted on 08/16/2011




Well, Angela, in all the years I've lived in Canada, there were only maybe one or two when people were happy to hear I was American. When Obama was elected everyone was all, "Isn't America evolving!" and right after 911. Other than that, I wait quite a bit to "come out" as an American.

Now, if it was ANY other country or people, this would be considered very un-Canadian. I try to be understanding, but it does seem that whatever lunatic group is the loudest in the states - you are automatically assigned that identity. As if, ALL American are pro anything. It is damned hard to get that many people to agree on anything unless it is a totalitarian state.

It is the life of an get used to it, but it always makes me feel a bit sad.

Angela - posted on 08/16/2011




I live in The Netherlands and I felt it since I moved here 5 years ago or so...
I am not sure why people feel it is acceptable to hate an entire culture but they do.
I had just arrived here and was taking Dutch language classes, a Chinese woman came up to me and said hi and I was all cheerful and happy and said hi back. She said you are an American? I said yeah and before I could ask where she came from she stated " You are all going to burn in hell for voting for Bush" I was so taken aback and was speechless!
What burns me the most is a lot of these people have a love hate relationship with America, they love the cars, the music, movies and imitate the USA a lot but at the same time they put USA down for the very things they do themselves but some how it is okay for them to do it. Hell much of Europe is in debt and having trouble...But all i hear about is those greedy awful Americans. When I first arrived here Bush was in Office in his second term, the war was going on strong and so many were anti American and anti war, but they failed to realize their own countries allied with the USA and many were had their troops on the battle grounds. It gets so negitive that I am tired of meeting people and hearing their hate and bull come out of their mouths. They seem to forget I am a person first not an American first!

Johnny - posted on 08/14/2011




It does seem like everyone is focusing on the negative. Although I'm not so sure it is just outside America. I would agree that there is a bit of an increase in anti-Americanism, but I see that being reflected even in the American media. There is such great polarization and anger that no one sees all the good things they have in common any more. The vitriol is so strong it almost physically hits you. The right says the left is "un-American" and vice versa. The rest of the world just thinks they are all a bunch of self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing twits. Not a lot of good feelings going on.

I remember after 9-11 when most of the world (with the exception of some places where people had suffered too much from American foreign policy) were united in a desire to want to help and support. There was a sense of unity and purpose to prevent our world from falling prey to extremism. Unfortunately, that was co-opted by all sorts of other extremists, and we all got exactly what we feared. It is scary and terrible. And very wrong.


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Danielle - posted on 08/17/2011




Here is what I say as an American: I just want to live with my family in peace. No, I don't watch the news, no I don't read the papers, no I don't care to talk politics...why? because no matter how I vote, no matter what I say, some crook is going to get into office. I'm not an Obama fan, but I do respect that he's (supposidly) doing what he thinks is best for our country. If wanting to live my life with my family is naive, then so be it, I love the thought of what America represented, but now? Our OWN television shows make us out to be rude, ungrateful...embarrasing. Yes, there are some people like this, but there are many who try to help others, and more who just want to live their own lives. Call me/us ignorant, it's ok.

Then again, my husband and I are different from most 21 year olds. We live on a farm, we (try to-sometimes it doesn't work lol) grow our own food, we only buy fast food if we know we won't be home in the next hour (and our son is hungry), we work our butts off. We don't go out & party, we have our family & our hobbies (which tend to be productive for our family (again the garden or scrapbooking our family for later generations)). We don't have a credit card & don't want one. We punish our kids if they do something wrong-actually only our son right now-but we don't "beat" them. We are going to teach them that life isn't fair, that hard work pays, the "golden rule" etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to give our point of view, I hope that I could be considered the average (granted usually older) American.

Angela - posted on 08/17/2011




@Rebecca Three
I guess I got a tough skin now, I do avoid some subjects because it is pointless really. I discovered some people want to get to know me and some just want to rant about something... the later I usually ignore. If someone really ask me a question about my country, culture and government and really wants to know something and talk I am up for it! However more often than not it is just a rant.

Lady Heather - posted on 08/14/2011




Sometimes I think people just like to see the winners fall. I'm not going to lie and say I love everything that's been done in America's name since its "discovery", but anti-Americanism is about as stupid as being anti-anyparticularthinglinkingagroupofvariouspeople. I'm sure there are some Americans I really wouldn't like and wouldn't agree with (well, I know there are because I see them on the tv), but I also know that by and large most people everywhere are just everyday regular folks like myself who just want to do a little good, have a decent life and that's that. Why we would demonize a whole nation, I've no idea.

[deleted account]

I think we've brought a lot of it on ourselves but I do think that we get picked at unreasonably as well. There's no crime in national pride and I see other nations doing it too but only we get called on it. We do a lot of humanitarian work, could do more (all nations could.) I think we got rich very quickly and did some bad things (Native Americans, resource stealing) but those bad things were done by a lot of other nations too so I guess I don't know why we're tagged as the worst these days.

Tara - posted on 08/14/2011




Well... yes and no. I think there is a lot more attention being paid to the downturn of the American economy than has ever been paid throughout history, largely because their economy has never before been so completely wrecked.
I also believe that more people are aware of political, financial, economical, and international issues than previously.
I don't watch television and get my news online but when you start reading foreign publications, than search the same story from an American Republican source and you will find some glaring differences in the style of reporting, a lot of what is fact in international news in left out of national news.

I don't feel it more in the last month, but I can see how it would be more palatable in light of the riots in the UK and how that has left many speculating on similar actions in the US.
A lot of US news is based on fear, fear is about control. There's a lot they need to keep under control right now.

Rosie - posted on 08/14/2011




i feel it too, and honestly, i get rather irritated with it. my government is what it is, and i feel we have been misled, tricked, and lied to at every turn. i don't know how to change that. everytime somebody brings it up, the nutters come out of the woodwork, and make their voices heard, and that's it. no more listening. besides why would they want to listen-they'r making to much money.

basically, i see my government as something that is seperate from the people,even though elected by the people. our representatives only have america the world power in their plans, not americas people.

i'm rambling and probably not making much sense, lol. but i truly don't understand how people can't see that what the media portrays about america is for the most part not true or deeply exaggerated....kinda like fox news, and the rest of the world is like republicans eating that shit up.

[deleted account]

You know, when that idiot predicted that the zombie apocalyps was gonna happen just a couple months ago I was terrified! Im an agnostic and it scared the crap out of me so bad that for three weeks I could not sleep or be in a dark room by myself. All these self made prophets make me want to puke, they are all about putting fear into people and I honestly think its for monitary gain. I dont think ALL americans need to be punished, after all it is not every single americans fault that we have fallen over the years. Im not what you would say, anti american... but I do believe that the people that got us into the mess were in right now should be the ones that pay not everybody else. Americans are not very well liked by other parts of the world, and why would we be really? We stick our nose in everybody else's business, we are lazy as a society in america, we are self entitled brats honestly, its how every american is raised generation after generation...... I dont know, my husband and I are always talking about this lately and it gets me so mad. The great american dream is not what it use to be, america the great is no more, its really sad to see what this country has become. But like you, what do I know, right.

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