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His cartoons showing the asinine Texas trans-vag law have been blocked by many newspapers as being offensive due to language.

Well if it's offensive in print - its' damned offensive to have it as a LAW! There is NOTHING in the strips that hasn't been said in the public forum. They just don't like it being shown for the deliberate attempt to shame women that it is.

And Gov. Rick Perry's response:

The decision to end a life is not funny. There is nothing comic about this tasteless interpretation of legislation we have passed in Texas to ensure that women have all the facts when making a life-ending decision."

—Gov. Rick Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier, commenting on this week's strips


[deleted account]

I'd like to see Rick Perry get an ultrasound wand stuck up his asshole before making an informed decision.


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Krista - posted on 03/15/2012




I agree with you, Jen! If it's too offensive to print, then it's too offensive to have as a law! Nicely said!!!

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