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Last night in my dream I was in a car with my brother driving and we were headed into a major accident where several cars were already piling up. I was frantically trying to put on my seat belt and couldn't get it snapped into place before eminent impact. I saw it coming, remember bracing myself, and woke up. I always wake up before I die. I have had all kinds of dreams in which the outcome would have been my dying. I've fallen, been shot, stabbed...you name it. But I always wake up before. I remember hearing in my youth that if you die in your dream you die in real life. What do you make of that?

I am throwing in this second part in as a bonus only because it is dream related. When loved ones that have departed earthly life appear in your dreams, do you consider it a "visit"? Are they communicating with you through dreams?

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I also dream alot about being chased and having to hide. I dream about family members that I was close to. I never seem to get a clear shot of there face but I know it is them by what they are doing or mannerisums.Mind you in my dreams I am also a perfectly slim well groomed lady which in real life is pushing it a bit. I enjoy dreaming and can often wake and go back into the exact same dream. Just lately I have been dreaming alot about my childhood and the friends that I am no longer in touch with maybe this is a sign I should look some of them up!

Jessica - posted on 10/07/2010




I have some of the most F**ked up and freaky dreams!!! I am pretty sure they are down to my insecurities, but I often wake up and just remembering the dream can upset me! :S

Krista - posted on 10/07/2010




I don't know if I consider it a "visit" if you see a departed loved one in your dreams. But if it's a nice dream about that person, then I do consider it a bit of a gift, to be able to "see" that person again, even if it's not for real.

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I think dreams often serve the purpose of relieving the stress of our day and our fears. If you have a fear of dying it might just be that.

If someone visits me in a dream, I don't automatically think it is a visit, it really depends on the kind of dream. Sometimes, I dream and don't see my grand-mother in it but the whole time I am dreaming I am thinking about her and can hear her through my own thoughts..(Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I've given up on logical dreams). This to me feels more like a visit than actually seeing her in it.

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