Evangelical Christian Pretends to be Gay for a Year

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Here's a link to the article. What do you think about what he did?

Would you feel betrayed by him, or would you recognize his desire to understand a lifestyle he has no access to as a quality? Do you think his experience will help him better understand, identify with, or accept the LGBT community?


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Denikka - posted on 12/03/2012




You know. I really respect this man for doing this. There was a group he felt disgust towards, prejudice against, maybe even anger toward. Instead of letting those negative feeling dominate, he questioned his own moral, his own beliefs and got as close to that community as it's possible to get to understand them, and more importantly, himself, better.

I've heard of people who are rich or well off going and pretending to be poor or homeless for a year (or other period of time). There's a show called Undercover Boss that chronicles a CEO bigshot of a company going down to the bottom level of the corporation, entry level jobs, and doing that work for a period of time.

We say, in many different circumstance, that if you haven't been there, you can't know what it's like. That applies throughout everything. If you haven't fallen in love, you can't imagine what it's like. If you haven't had children, you can't imagine what it's like. If you haven't lost someone close to you, you can't imagine what it's like. If you're not gay, you can't imagine what it's like.

He chose to deal with all the prejudice, all the general crap that a gay man may experience. He essentially put everything he knew, all his friends and all his family, on the line to be a better person. And he's happy with the result. He didn't hurt anyone. So what if someone flirted with him under the wrong assumption. Or told him something assuming he was gay.

What does being gay have to do with the person you are? Absolutely nothing. I'm assuming that he was truthful about the rest of his life. So how does the term *gay* or *straight* even apply to any kind of *real* deception. So he hasn't spent his life facing the same problems. How is that ANY different from someone who doesn't admit that they're gay, and lives a hetero life, until later in life.

This man needs to be applauded. There are so few people in the world who will put everything the have on the line for their principles. This is one of the VERY few stories that I feel is worthy of being shared with everyone I know. All I have to say is GOOD FOR HIM!!!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/03/2012




WOWZA! I have to applaud him. This quote really stands out to me "He was welcomed under false pretenses, acting like someone who understood the struggle that his LGBT friends faced,” she wrote. “He did not.”

But he is certainly TRYING to understand. That is the point. This fundamentally changed his life....for the better. It took off his blinders. He is a very brave and compassionate man for doing this. I can sort of understand why the LGBT community could be slightly erked by this, but if they see the results, and see someone who was bound by religious belief to persecute LGBT community, they should honestly be flattered that this man cared enough to go against everything he has been taught in life to see for himself how people can be treated when they are considered different.

I am impressed, and will look for his book. I would like to really see what he went through, and how he experienced his family looking at him differently.

I think this experienced has completely changed his life. If I knew him as a gay man and found out it was an experiment....I would want to know more about it. And what he learned.

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