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Ez - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




There's been a bit of controversy here in Aus this week following the national tour of Lady Ga Ga. She has come under fire for telling her audience to get their 'cock out', among other swearing and sexual content.

Now the issue has arisen about who is responsible for protecting children from such things? Some media outlets called for the tour promoters to issue a warning, similar to that which appears on the CD cover. The promoters refuted this, saying it was impossible for them to issue such a warning when so much of what goes on in a live show is ad-lib, and that it is parents' responsibility to be aware of the music their children are consuming, and what is likely to occur in a live setting.

I completely agree with it being up to the parents to control what their children are exposed to. Lady Ga Ga is not the first artist to spark controversy for 'offensive content' at a show with children present. I saw a Pink show here last year, where she did a cover of The Divinyls' 'I Touch Myself' (while she, and her dancers, did! lol). There were MANY children at the show I went to, some I would estimate to be as young as 8 or 9. Now I'm sorry, but you would either have to very dense, or live under a rock, to not anticipate some M-rated material in either a Lady Ga Ga or Pink live show. When you consider their explicit lyrics, music videos, skimpy clothes and general attitude, it should be no surprise that they're not singing about puppies and rainbows while wearing a paisley smock /:)

So what do you think? Who needs to take responsibility for this? The artist? The promoters? Or the parents?


Tah - posted on 03/21/2010




and who..please tell me, is taking their young children to a lady gaga concert expecting her sing party in the usa..she is not hannah.....look at her outfits and listen to her lyrical content...i mean please, i only use that language in private if ya get me....it's up to the parents for sure, promoters promote and want money..they do not care if your lil princess is in the crowd when lady gaga tells someone to "take their cocks out"...take them to see cheetah girls or jason bieber, taylor swift.....not lady gaga...come on now...

Charlie - posted on 03/21/2010




It is completely the parents responsibility , if they choose to take their 8 , 9 year old child to a concert they should at least know what they are taking them to , would they take their child to a Marylin Manson concert ?? Tour promoters have no idea what will happen at a live concert , what language will be used so how can they give it a rating .

I think the people complaining are ridiculous and should be a litytle more attentive to what their kids are into , especially if they are going to buy the CD's and tickets .

As for Lady Gaga , well look back into music history and all the most famous performers of their time were branded as bad influences and overtly sexual from Elvis Presley to Madonna and the rolling stones just to name a few , this is great publicity for Gaga and has probably seen her sell thousands more CD's because of it .

Krista - posted on 03/21/2010




I see your point about awards shows, Cassie. The funny thing, though, is that oftentimes we'll hear people get upset about explicit lyrics or lewd dancing during awards shows, because they're on during prime time. And yet, you look at something like CSI, which is on during prime time, which often shows bloated bodies, people being killed, dismembered body parts, etc. etc.

I never hear people complaining about that. People lost their mind about Janet Jackson's mostly-obscured nipple, or Adam Lambert kissing his bandmate and yet char-broiled bodies are just fine.

That just seems really weird to me.


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Lea - posted on 03/22/2010




Get a TIVO and put on PBS Sprout and relax (or get housework done). Thats what I do!

Lindsay - posted on 03/22/2010




Completely falls on the parents. If they aren't looking into what their children are into that their own issue. It's not the promoters job to babysit. It's a live show and anything could happen. Parents need to understand that and quit trying to push blame on other people about what their children are exposed to...

Krista - posted on 03/21/2010




That's why I love having a satellite dish. I can just turn on the guide and see what's on, scrolling through the channels without having to actually see the content on them. So my baby can be spared from bloated cadavers and David Caruso's cheesy one-liners, and I can be spared from ever having to watch one nanosecond of Barney.

Cassie - posted on 03/21/2010




Oh I completely agree Krista. I have issues with A LOT of shows on television before 8 or 9pm. I only brought up the awards shows because they so closely relate to concerts.

I have major fears about what will be deemed acceptable prime time television in the next ten years as our kids are growing up. :(

One example of a show I was SHOCKED watching at 6pm a few weeks ago was the movie "300" (which I have seen many times, love, but don't think is appropriate for children) on a network here. They showed the sex scene in almost full detail, and the death scenes weren't edited at all. I would have been upset if I had been watching tv with a 5 yr old, for example, and had flipped to that channel during some of those scenes.

Lady - posted on 03/21/2010




When buying tickets for concertsI have often seen age restriction warnings for children under the age of 14 always for bands I would expect that from because knowing the lyrics to the songs you can't expect them to edit them when live. Surely parent know the music of the person who they are taking the children to see and have to either expect there to be some explicit content or simlpy just don't take your children in the first place - take then to something that is aimed for them, not dor adults!

Cassie - posted on 03/21/2010




Well, I think there are two ways to look at this. I wholeheartedly agree that it is the parent's responsibility to monitor and control what your child takes in through media outlets. It is ridiculous to think that it would be suitable to take a child to a live concert of almost any singing group that is not specifically child intended such as the Disney singers, etc.

One thing I do have concerns with though is in regards to live shows on television such as award shows that have musical acts throughout the event. I believe that if the awards show is being aired during prime time television, there should be some responsibility of the network hosting the show, the show itself, and the groups or singers performing during the show to be aware that children could possibly be flipping through channels and see what happens during these shows.

I honestly have never watched any of them (the awards shows) but I have heard of some outrageous performances made by artists that have left people feeling shocked. It seems to me that artists are so focused on pushing the bar in their theatrical performance of their music that they sometimes go too far during these live awards shows. I think less focus needs to be put on "shock and awe" and more should be focused on the artist's actual singing ability. This would most likely remove a lot of the issue of appropriateness on network television during a live award show.

This was just to bring up another issue in live shows than simply looking at concerts.

Lisamarie - posted on 03/21/2010




OK, I'm gonna start by saying I cannot stand Lady GAGA. she just annoys me! LOL. Anyways, that being said, it is totally the parents responsibility. Some music is not aimed at young children, Eminem, for instance, and it is down the the parents to decide what music they think it suitable for their child. Too many parents expect everyone else to raise their children, it shouldn't be down to the media to protect their child, just like it's not down to the school to teach their child sex ed! You (general you)are the parent, you make the choices, you raise your child!

On a TV show I saw, in the UK, I think it was Jamelia talking to Lily Allen, Jamelia wasn't very happy because Lily refused to send Jamelias daughter a "child-friendly" copy of Lily's album and I do not blame her in the slightest. Lily's music is not for children, talking about drugs, sex and violence sometimes, if she had to make a "child-friendly" one, most of the lyrics would have to be changed! It's her music, she wrote it, if you don't want your child to listen to it as it is, buy a CD that is aimed at your childs age group!!! Take some responsibility here parents.

Jessica - posted on 03/20/2010




There was a TV show that started a few years back (I think) in UK with Billie Piper starring. The name of the show was "The Secret Diary of a London Call Girl" and I shit you not, there were several complaints about it's explicit nature concerning their children watching the show! They stated that because she had starred in a childrens Dr Who show before this that they thought it would be suitable for their children to watch! I mean COME ON PEOPLE! The clue is in the TITLE!

Krista - posted on 03/20/2010




Anybody who takes a child to a Lady Ga Ga concert, and then gets offended about language and sexual content is an idiot. The woman DOESN'T WEAR PANTS! What the hell do they expect?

If you've got a kid who is too young for that stuff, take them to a Jonas Brothers concert -- I somehow doubt they're exhorting their audience to get their cock out. There are plenty of musical acts that are geared towards kids, pre-teens and young teens. It's the parent's responsibility to research the performer and their lyrics beforehand to get an idea of what to expect, and then make a judgement call.

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