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Ashley - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




all you lovely mommies out there advice on how to calm a child when she falls and cuts her leg would be great ... its almost the 3rd world war to just even look at her leg and to clean it is a whole bigger battle so anyone with tricks would be great

she screams and runs away when you try to clean it and acts like she is being killed HELP!!



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How old is she Ashley?

My son used to behave like this - but well beyond the age at which it could have been acceptable. He's 10 now but only about a year ago he would still scream the house down if he got hurt. It was totally out of proportion and embarassing for such a big kid. I tried everything but eventually I'm sorry to say I became very blunt with him and told him I was embarassed, and so were his friends.

He's getting better now but you could never call him stoic!

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when our baby girl falls we try not to make a fuss about it. we say "uh-oh!" and help her up if she needs it but honestly we stay out of it unless there's blood or broken skin. that's how we grew up and we lived, haha. we don't freak out about it and neither does our daughter. if it hurts or she's just in a bad mood and she's upset anyway, we give her hugs and kisses and then she moves on.

then again, she's barely two, so i have no idea how she'll be in another year.

Elfrieda - posted on 09/02/2012




I don't know either, I'm posting so I get notified of any ideas. My son is 2.5 and just started the risky behaviour that results in blood and tears. He freaks out and waves his legs around and screams because he doesn't know how to handle the pain. I've been trying to tell him to breathe deeply, and to hold him if he allows it, but he doesn't want me to blow on it or a bandaid or water or anything. Maybe it's something that they just get used to... "Oh, my knee is scraped but it's not the end of the world." Who knows? Right now I'm pretty sure he believes he's dying. (he's very used to bumping his head, but he's much calmer about that. If it's not bad he just comes over for a kiss and if it's really bad he cries and bucks and tries to bury his entire head in my lap or chest and I rock him a bit until he feels better. It's never overly dramatic, as soon as he's over the first pain he goes back to playing. But scrapes where there is actual blood that he can SEE is just another story.)

Also, I wouldn't worry about cleaning it right away unless the wound has pieces of glass sticking out of it or happened in a manure pile. I'm pretty sure a bit of dirt imbedded in the first layer of skin won't harm anything.

Roxanna - posted on 09/02/2012




I am the mean Mommy in the group! My youngest was and still is a major drama queen...a paper cut was and still is a catastrophe! Whenever she would get hurt, blood or no blood, I would try the nice routine and try to soothe her, when that didn't work I would go to the tool box and get the handsaw. Why? Well, if it hurts so much, shouldn't we cut it off? Quick negative on her part! The more extreme I get, the sooner the giggles start, so after a few minutes, cleaning it up is not so bad! At nine, she still complains abut little things here and there. She hurt her ankle a week before school started & hobbled around in a brace for a few days, groaning and moaning, yada yada yada! I told her one evening that if it didn't get better, we would have to amputate it...Her eyes grew so wide! "But them I wouldn't be able to walk!" She yells, and my husband, God Blees him, said "Ah yes, but the Gods saw to it that you would have two feet, so you can hop on the other one." Suffice to say, no more complaints.

BUT...I also try yo not make a big production of it either, no matter the circumstances...

Beth - posted on 08/23/2012




I started telling my son that "if we don't clean it, the germs can get in and that will make it hurt a lot more than it does right now." I also mention that it will feel better faster if it gets cleaned. And offer and show her a band aid, a lot of kids like band aids because then everyone can see they got a boo-boo. Hope this helps a little!

Momma (MeMe) - posted on 08/23/2012




I should mention my daughter has severe ADHD, so even at the age of almost 14, she still freaks out. There is nothing you could do, to keep her calm or enable her to allow me to clean her wound. Although, she is old enough to understand, SHE must clean it, now. If she doesn't, she knows it can get infected. A 3 year old, doesn't get that nor do they care, when in the moment. Back in the day, though, she freaked, even when I looked at it.

I am not sure how severe your daughters reaction is but for us, throwing her in the tub, worked well.

Tracey - posted on 08/23/2012




How do you react when this happens, if you make a fuss she will make a bugger fuss, if you act like it is completely unimportant then she might calm down. We used to clean it, put a plaster on and say to the kids hurry up you have still got x minutes of play time left .

Could you distract her by giving her a stopwatch and see how quickly you can clean it, if she sits still and you can deal with it in 30 seconds or under a minute something good happens.

Momma (MeMe) - posted on 08/22/2012




I had the same problem, so I solved it by putting her in the bathtub... ;) She still screamed bloody murder but at least, the wound got clean and she was confined to the tub.

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