Fast Food Fury. (More of a rant, but also looking for opinions)

Charlene - posted on 08/03/2010 ( 31 moms have responded )




Recently, I started back to work, part-time at Wendy's for the summer.
One of my good friends, who also happens to be a manager was telling me about an incident that happened Friday night.

At around quarter to one in the morning, a car came through the drive-thru and since it was so late, they had nothing of what he ordered made. The crew cooked all the food and gave the man his order, knowing that everything was hot and correct.
About ten minutes later, the kitchen door flies open and the man from the car storms in, screaming at everyone in the kitchen, shouting about his food being cold. My friend calmly told him that he couldn't be in there and that she would be happy to talk to him in the dining room, which made him even angrier and her lunged forward and started screaming in her face.
She tried to calm him down and offer solutions, but nothing was working. She asked him to tell her again, exactly what was wrong with the order and he changed the story, saying that he got an extra burger.
In order to get rid of him, she replaced his order and then he asked for her name because he was going to call our boss to make sure she got fired.

The thing that troubles me is that things like this are NOT a rarity here.
They aren't always this extreme, but people do get pretty angry.
I get called stupid on a daily basis, even if the mistake had nothing to do with me and almost always when the blame should fall on the customer.

What I want to know, is an extra burger or cold food really that enraging?
Do you get really upset when a mistake is made when you are at a restaurant?
And do you believe that you are better/smarter than a fast-food employee?
Do you talk down to them?

Personally, I think if people got HALF as angry about things that really matter, then the world would be a much better place.


Brandy - posted on 08/03/2010




In one aspect, it's not like you are ordering quality food so why expect quality service? In another, people deserve to get what they paid for. In any aspect, there is no need for rudeness. He should have gone in, politely pointed out the mistake and waited for it to be fixed. Why he complained about the extra burger, I don't know. I went through a Tim Horton's drive thru a while back, ordered a hazelnut iced cappucino, they accidentally gave me butter caramel which I cannot drink because it is just too sweet. After waiting in the drive thru for 15 minutes, I had to go to the parking lot, unbuckle and pack my 4 month old and 2 year old into the store after just having surgery, then wait in line in the store for another 15 minutes to fix it and I still didn't get mad at anyone.

Jodi - posted on 08/03/2010




I don't know about in the US, but I have seen the level of service in the fast food industry in Australia absolutely plummet over the years. You used to get polite, easy to understand young people serving you, and they actually seemed to care. These days, you get a shruggy kid who mumbles at you and really doesn't seem to give a fuck. I see them standing around chatting about their Saturday night, or whatever night it was, and they see you, but continue their conversation and attend to you when THEY are done. It does get very frustrating.

I am not saying this makes it okay to be rude to them, because it isn't. I'm just saying that the attitude of staff here could certainly make a difference to the customer response.

And it is all over a $2 burger? It's not $2 in this country. We can't walk out of a McDonalds with change from $50 these days for our family, so we very RARELY eat fast food. For my $50 I expect them to get my order right, and I expect better service.

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Janet - posted on 08/04/2010




I've always said that you can tell A LOT about someone by how they treat their waitress, or anyone else in the service industry. You can tell how patient, kind and considerate they are amongst many other qualities. Mind you everyone has bad days, but quite frankly RELAX, life is too short to freak out about an extra burger (idiot) and cold fries!

Lea - posted on 08/04/2010




and I would say to those guys if you want to hit on a girl go to a titty bar or hooters this is a respectable place and thats sexual harassment imagine if I was your daughter/sister

Lea - posted on 08/04/2010




my mom used to pull all kinds of crap like that screaming at people to get what she needed when she had no money

Charlie - posted on 08/04/2010




Sharon i agree with you on the chicken thing , we have a take away store who always try and sell us old , cold chips and fill a chicken bucket with wings GRRRR if i am paying good money i want to receive equally good product , pretty simple !

I find kindness gets you more when i do need to complain but i usually go in there and tell them exactly what i want : fresh batch of family chips , 2 wings , 2thighs ect .

Even when i was served raw chicken when i was pregnant , it was so covered in sauce ( parmigiana ) that i didnt notice until i had already taken a few bites , i returned it nicely they returned my money and i ate for free !

I used to work in a take away store when i was 15 and my first night i had every psycho in town come in one woman made a HUGE order , i wrote it all down , handed her , her food , she then went outside put it in the car ( one of the other customers saw her do this ) returned and SCREAMED at me saying i hadnt given her the order ( I DID ) with several witnesses , she went berserk at me , a 15 year old girl , then at the manager who also knew she had taken her food , she was offered the food AGAIN just to get rid of her and stop her abusing people , i was out the back in tears , well she got her burger with extra's , YUP the manager and the dish guy spat in her burger .

That is why i NEVER piss off the people making my food .

Tanya - posted on 08/04/2010




They only thing I will ever get mad about it if they pass food over my baby. I put him on the back side of the table for a reason.

I have worked in fast food and as a waitress. I have also been a hostess. I have been cussed out so many time. I will tell people that it is a 2 hour wait and they come u every 15 mins and yell at me. So stupid. You wanted to wait.

We have a lot of golfers here who treat the women in restaurants like strippers. When I was 15 I had a man come up and say (as he was licking cheese cake off of his spoon) " I would like to eat your cheese cake."

I said, " Thats gross I am only 15."

No lie he said, " Old enough to bleed is old enough to breed."

I don't know why people think that they can say anything to you because you are giving them service. `

Charlene - posted on 08/04/2010




Thanks for all the input!! :)
I get that cold food is always annoying, it bugs me too. We have set hold times for our food and once they are up, they are supposed to be thrown out. But of course, there are always those employees that just don't care or pay attention to them and then also managers that are too worried about their waste for the day.

These days, you get a shruggy kid who mumbles at you and really doesn't seem to give a fuck. I see them standing around chatting about their Saturday night, or whatever night it was, and they see you, but continue their conversation and attend to you when THEY are done. It does get very frustrating.

This even bugs me a lot too. I understand when people get frustrated over a worker lacking a shred of desire to be there, because even I do, but to get outraged over it like I've seen from some customers, is just silly IMO.

A lot of people though, assume that we all are like that and they automatically talk to us like we're complete imbeciles.
But like others have said, we end up having to give them what they want, so it just continues their rotten behaviour.

Kill them with Kindness, that was always my motto.

We always get a kick out of doing this. It usually makes the customer a little more irate. ;)

To answer Amie's question about the door, it's the one that connects the dining room to the kitchen and it doesn't have a lock on it. Our dining room is open until 12, everyday during the winter, but we're on summer hours now, so it's open until 1 Fridays and Saturdays.

Jessica - posted on 08/03/2010




Ok no, most burgers aren't $2, but that wasn't the point ;) You can get aq burger from McD's dollar menu, and most of the rest are like what, $4-$6, depending? My point was, you aren't paying for a 5 star meal here... its just fast food.

Tara - posted on 08/03/2010




I am always polite to anyone who works in the service industry, been there know what it's like.
I do not make a big deal out of small errors in my order. I usually don't do anything, it's to be expected to a certain degree. It's not five star dining after all.
I do not believe I am better/smarter than a fast food employee. I have a friend who works the drive through at a fast food place,she has a PHd, she chooses this job right now because the hours suit her life.
Kill them with Kindness, that was always my motto. I was a telemarketing manager for years, I always told my staff, be polite at all times, even if you are gritting your teeth while you do it, do it anyway.
My saying is "If you must choose between being right and being kind, choose being kind." Being right all the time is over rated anyways.

Stifler's - posted on 08/03/2010




HAHA Once I had to drive up to the collection window and yell to get their attention because their sensor wasn't working and there was a huge line of cars waiting and no one came to serve us. But I wasn't rude I just told them there was heaps of people waiting and no one was there.

[deleted account]

To answer the questions:

1.Cold fries are annoying but I've never complained about them. I don't think I've ever been lucky enough to receive extra food.

2. When the order is messed up I just ask for it to be corrected. I do get upset when I have to get out of my car and go in, but don't take that out on the person behind the counter, because that is not the person who made the mistake.

3. I do not believe I am better or smarter than fast-food employees.

4. Nope, don't talk down.

But let me tell you 3 short know that had to be coming. =)

1. Our local Wendy's sucks. Sorry, it does. My husband went through the drivethru, and couldn't even talk to the girl because everyone back there was screaming and throwing food at each other. They got his order completely wrong. He just took it and called the 800 number posted on the window to complain.

2. Again, at Wendy's, I had a late night craving for ice cream. I went through the drivethru at about 10:00. Our Wendy's drivethru is open 24 hours. I sat at the speaker for 2-3 minutes. Pulled up, no one was at the window. Blew my horn, knocked on the window and no one came. I went to Sonic to get my ice cream. And I also called the 800 number.

3. At McD's I asked if she would repeat the order back to me just because there had been a little confusion in placing it. She said, "I GOT it, geez!" Well she didn't have it. Not one person in my party of 5 had their order correct. I went in to fix it, and the nicest high school boy employee helped me carry my corrected order back to my car. The only reason I bothered posting this one is because the drivethru employee was rude to me when I was trying to make sure it was correct, then it wasn't.

Those are my 3 bad experiences. I wasn't rude, but you bet we called to complain on the first two!

[deleted account]

If someone messes up my order in any eating establishment... I modify it myself or deal w/ it the way it is MOST of the time. Sometimes I will need to go back and kindly say it was wrong and needs to be changed. If it takes a long time, etc... I am frustrated, but never irate and never mean/rude to any of the employees. That's just wrong.

Complaining about an extra burger? Idiot didn't want free food? ;)

Stifler's - posted on 08/03/2010




Mc Donalds always stuff my order up, like charge me for large and give me a medium or small. It's lame and I just tell them politely that I want my large and no I'm not going to pay 50c extra.

Julie - posted on 08/03/2010




stressed out people + easy target = you don't get paid enough!

I hope your manager has policies in place to protect yourselves and some training in what to do. Around me, no place has the dining room open past midnight, only drive through. Personally, I would've called the cops when he invaded employee-only space ranting like a lunatic.

Sharon - posted on 08/03/2010




I'm wracking my brain trying to remember if I was ever treated this badly when I worked at Dairy Queen. I don't think I was. Even when our soft chocolate machine was down, which was often because our shop was old. Yeah some people got snippy but not like what you guys experienced.

[deleted account]

I don't get how people think they can be so ignorant... Just ask politely and you will get what you need... ask for a manager if need be and explain POLITELY what the problem is. No need to be abusive... Honestly, it is much easier to get what you want that way and much safer. Sharon has a point: Don't be rude to people who handle your food...

I have always worked in customer service and I know people can get stupid over something that is not worth fussing over. I had a full laundry bag thrown at me over the counter while I was checking in a guest... The client was "right" of course and got his backside kissed for the whole time he was staying at the hotel... Moreover, the dumbass had called another employee stupid, sworn at a valet driver and hung up the phone on SEVERAL front desk staff... Seriously?

what has the world come to? I agree with Amie, this strongly relates to manners...

Barbara - posted on 08/03/2010




I think it should be the management's responsibility to protect you from being abused by your customers!
I worked at a natural foods co-op (essentially a community-owned grocery store) until a couple of weeks ago when we moved out of state. There, it was absolutely known that if a customer insulted a staff member they would be asked to leave immediately. Swearing at or physically touching a staff member would get you banned from the place permanently.
That being said, the customer service in the store is legendary. The people who work there are passionate about their jobs despite the fact that they don't make much money, and excited about helping people. I think that comes from being treated with respect, and I think we're all intitled to respect, no matter how big our paycheck is!

[deleted account]

I find that sort of stuff extremely stupid..they have an excuse if there on drugs,drunk or mentally unstable..but most are not those things i have mentioned and that's when its stupid and silly and the need to get a life.I got sent a youtube clip of a woman in America who rang 911 to make a complaint because she got a wrong food order and the lady from the fast food place was being laughed so hard.

Sara - posted on 08/03/2010




You know what has always pissed me off about people like that? They act that way and then get their way, so it just encourages them to act that way even MORE. Ridiculous. They should be ashamed of themselves for acting that way. In customer service you really have no other choice but to try to make the person happy so they'll leave and stop acting like a lunatic, but in my mind I don't get paid enough to put up with abuse like that. It's bullshit.

Jessica - posted on 08/03/2010




See Toni, THAT is the kind of service you get upset about. Not something minor with your meal at McDonalds. Though personally *I* wouldn't care if they just re-cooked my original chicken, but that's just me... still, it seems like that whole ordeal was handled poorly.

Oh and I remember so many stories from being a waitress. The people who would eat half their meal before complaining something was wrong with it and requesting that it be free.. even though we SPECIFICALLY always checked back with customers within 2 minutes of serving their food to ask if it was ok, for that reason.

[deleted account]

First up it always baffles me when people complain about getting something for free - I once saw a lady placing an official complaint in a supermarket because they were advertising a CD for £6 but when it went through the til it was £3 - I bit my tongue to stop myself from saying 'Are you stupid it is £3 CHEAPER stop complaining!' because the manager was dealing with it - IDIOTS!

I do not see the need to be rude to people in any industry - if there is a problem with your order then tell them and get a new one don't be rude. I am no better than anybody else and nobody is better than me.

The only time I have been a little curt with somebody was in a pub because I had ordered a meal with friends (there was about 15 of us) and everybody elses had come out, so I waited 5 mins and then pointed out to the waiter that I was still waiting he was very apologetic and said he would go check on it, 10 mins later it was brought out. I had Cajun chicken but it was huge so after tasting a bit, which was the nicest most tender piece of chicken I have ever had I asked my hubby if he wanted half and proceeded to cut it in half - at which point I find out it is RAW - I sent it back only for them to re-cook the SAME piece of chicken (seriously WTF). I sent that back basically saying that it was unacceptable for them to re-cook a piece of chicken that had been cooked and sat and I wanted a fresh piece, which I got and it was over cooked. When I was told that as an apology I could have a free dessert I almost laughed in the waiters face (I didn't though) I told him I would take the free dessert but there was no way I was paying for that main course of raw chicken! I think I was justified in being curt (although always polite).

Rosie - posted on 08/03/2010




god i dont miss it, not one little bit. i worked at a hardee's for 2 years when i was 16-18, and then i started working at a mcdonalds while i had another job as well. i worked there for about 6 months. i was continually amazed at how stupid, rude, and ignorant people were ( i still am, i work retail now, sigh).
people blaming ME when they spill their pop on themselves, freaking out when they didn't get enough ketchup packets (couldn't just ask for more), or god forbid there's too little or too much ice in their pop.
i've seen video of a man who was convinced he gave a cashier a $20, when in actuallity it was a $10. there wasn't even any twenties in her drawer!! anyway, he freaked out went over the counter, started digging through her pockets, and completely lost his frigging mind!! i can guarantee if he was a a bank or some place more "respectable" (couldn't think of a better word) he wouldn't of dared. people in the fast food industry are not respected AT ALL, and it irritates me to no end.
people are rude assholes. people have to prove themselves to me now because of all the crap i've experienced throughout my working years. just the other day our store had a power outage, and while the power was back on, the credit lines were down. so nobody could use a credit card, instore credits, and we couldn't make instore credits. one ASSHOLE sat there and told me flat out i was lying to him so i didn't have to do his return. really? cause that's my whole goal in life- to deny perfectly acceptable returns so i can piss people off. i fucking live for it!! my company has found that pissing people off by "claiming" acts of nature, when in actuality we just don't want to help them. what an asshat..... sorry rant over.

anyhoo, (lol) i feel for ya, i really do!! :)

Jessica - posted on 08/03/2010




That man sounds like he had other problems... like he was on some kind of drugs, or drunk. I can't believe that someone would get that crazy over fast food. If someone barged into the kitchen of a restaurant at 1 am and lunged at me I'd call the cops.

I worked at a McDonalds one summer in college and to this day that has been the worst job of my life. And it wasn't only the customers- the managers and co-workers were some of the most miserable people I've ever met, and tried to make everyone else as miserable as they were! One time a man came through the drive through, and I don't remember what the issue was exactly but he came back in and was upset about his food, They did whatever they could to placate him, and he left, still pissed for some reason. Well on his way out of the parking lot, he stopped, got out of his car, TIPPED OVER A TRASH CAN, then left. He was a grown man in his 40s, well dressed, and this was in a "nice", upscale neighborhood.

I honestly can't believe how bent out of shape people get over fast food. Its a fucking $2 hamburger. Get over it. Period. People are so entitled, if you couldn't tell it makes me really mad.

I've never had a mistake at a restaurant so bad that I've gotten that mad... especially not at a fast food place. At most I've politely told the waitress about it and gotten it replaced. I've worked in food and customer service and know how hard they work and how much shit they have to put up with on a daily basis. So I try to be polite. The only times I've ever *really* gotten upset are when the service is outstandingly poor or the employees are rude.

ME - posted on 08/03/2010




I worked in a Deli while I was going to school...I was never treated so poorly in my whole life. I was treated this way by my boss, by the was degrading, humiliating, and at times, scary! I was once the victim of a screaming fit by the mother of several small children over what amounted to about 75cents. She lost it, or dropped it, or something, and came back to accuse me of STEALING from her. People spoke to me like I was a moron on a regular basis...(while I was working on writing my masters thesis)...hungry people in a hurry are not nice!

Sharon - posted on 08/03/2010




1. cold food pisses me off and has the potential to be a health hazard. Food isn't supposed sit around getting cold.

1.a. an extra burger? asshole should have THANK YOU.

2. I do NOT get THAT upset when a mistake is made. I was pretty pissed off at our deli when I ordered 16 pieces of chicken and got 3 drumsticks, 1 breast, 6 thighs* and the rest wings. FUCK - yeah I was pissed. I didn't find out till I got home the next day since I bought the food for my husband to serve as dinner for the kids that night and lunch the next day. He opened the second bag the next day, discovering all the crappy wings.

3. I am not better or smarter than a fast food employee but how stupid do they think "I" am for accepting whatever lump of shit might be served to me (going back to the cold food thing)

4. I NEVER talk down the people hiding behind walls with my raw food. DUH. lmao.

edited to change a word to "thighs"

Iris - posted on 08/03/2010




Some people get a little cranky when they are hungry, but this is taking cranky to crazy.
I personally do not get upset by a mistake like this. I've never had a problem with the fast food staff if I come back because something is missing or because my fries are cold. They apologies and give me what is missing or new warm fries, I smile and say thank you, no need to be rude and get the blood pressure up.
No I don't consider myself better/smarter then them and I don't look down on them. Many are teenagers working to pay for school, others are people respectfully working to provide for their families.
Bottom line, people that freak out over wrong orders and talk down to them get no respect from me, while I admire how smoothly many of the restaurant workers handle situations like that.

Amie - posted on 08/03/2010




This ties back to the manners thread.


Just because someone is a fast food worker, or works in an other less than "desirable" job, does not mean it gives ANYONE a license to treat them like crap!

I've had my order mixed up. I'll let them know and they're always apologetic and fix it.

There have been times I've messed up but they've always just tacked on the extra (even if it was drive thru lol).

This isn't just fast food workers either. I've seen people treated like crap in almost all service industries. What goes through some people's heads? Do you honestly think that treating someone like dirt is going to get you better service? /:)

On another note, why isn't that door kept locked?

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