Father jailed because his daughter didn't get her GED!!

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I copied this topic from my other debate community.......just wanted to get ur thoughts?

A juvenile court judge in Ohio ordered 40 year-old Brian Gegner to make sure his high school dropout daughter earned her GED.

But when teenaged Brittney didn’t hit the books hard enough to pass the test, the judge threw the book at Brian Gegner, ordering the father jailed because the daughter failed.

Should a father be responsible when his 18 year-old daughter can’t do the math?

Yes, said the judge, who did the math like this: 6 months in jail for Brian Gegner for contributing to the unruliness of a minor by not following the court order to make Brittney get her GED.

Brittney—who lives with her mother, her one year-old daughter, and her boyfriend—started skipping school around fifth or sixth grade. It’s “ridiculously wrong” she said of her father to be jailed because of her failings.

Her mother volunteered to be locked up instead, noting that Brittney is almost 19. “She’s an adult now,” said Shana Roach, “and it’s not right to rip an innocent man from his home.”

But the judge stood firm, saying that the court retained jurisdiction because Brittney was a juvenile when the truancy case began.

Outraged child and family advocates urged supporters to call the judge and the governor of Ohio to demand Brian Gegner’s release from jail. Under the judge’s logic, they argued, the mothers and fathers of more than a million high school dropouts across America should all be jailed as well.

Within a week, the judge relented and released Brian Gegner on the condition that Brittney take classes to complete her GED by the next scheduled court date in July 2008. And the judge issued an ominous warning: if Brittney doesn’t attend classes four days a week, he’ll send her father back to jail.

Brittney’s step-mother is worried that jail time will cause Brian Gegner to lose his job. They tried to keep Brittney in school, she said, but “You’d take her to school and she’d go out the other door.”

Tell us what you think: What are the limits of a parent’s responsibility in educating a child? Does the lesson of jailing a parent get an A or an F?

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Shelley - posted on 03/17/2010




What a stupid call from the judge maybe his dad should go to jail for creating such a drop kick
although this is clearly wrong. When children are 13 or 14 and not going to school i think parents should be held accountable not go to jail but something

Karissa - posted on 03/13/2010




haha take him out!! not what I meant at all!! I want everyone to know that I'm not advocating the practice of putting bad judges on a hit list. I simply meant he should not be re-elected. :) Although I guess if 1 judge gets "taken out" for being stupid other judges will wise up. :)

Karissa - posted on 03/13/2010




That's crazy!! You would think that if that judge is willing to adopt the practice of sending parents to jail for their children's wrongdoings then not only should every murderer be in jail but they should be bunking with their mom! ?? If that was the case when I was in school I probably would have purposely failed. I would have used it as leverage against my parents. "If you don't let me go out Saturday night I'm skipping school and you'll go to jail!" Come on!! AND the girl is 18!! Isn't she legally an adult? and if she doesn't want to get her GED she doesn't have to? What kind of logic is this? This is the type of person who is judge? Isn't judge an elected seat? If so I hope some well minded citizens take him out.

Sharon - posted on 03/13/2010




I wonder if this dad or the parents let something slip within the judges' hearing that led him to believe they didn't care if she got her GED.

I mean, GEEZE, she's living at her mothers' house w/her boyfriend, and apparently there is no accountability for her actions.

If I had skipped school in the 5th or 6th grade and been unrepentent about it, my parents would have broken their hands on my ass.

Kelly - posted on 03/13/2010




WOW! That's a record I think! Sharon agrees with me, and on another post Sara Butler agreed with me! Holy Crap! lol

Patricia - posted on 03/13/2010




CRAZY STUFF.....We can put a father in jail for his daughter not getting her GED (which by the way is her job) yet people that do actual crimes....we'll just let them run free..and if the girl was failing...why didn't the school step in? What's next, being jailed because your child didn't get a drivers license? Ooops, I better watch what I say, wouldn't want to give anybody any ideas..LOL

Tah - posted on 03/13/2010




i absolutely do not beleive that the father should be punished, if the truancy started when she was a minor the courts should have addressed it then. I do believe that sometimes drastic circumstances deserve drastic measures, if she was leaving out the other door, maybe someone should have sat in class with her. I also understand that parents have to work, She will suffer the consequences of her own short comings when she tries to get a meaningful job to make a better life for her child.

Kelly - posted on 03/13/2010




This baffles me. First of all, the only one that should be punished is the girl not getting her GED. And lets face it, she will be punished her whole life by not being able to get a job. Some fast food places won't even hire you without a diploma or GED if you are old enough to have one. If any parent should be jailed, it should be the one with primary custody. Why on earth should her dad be held responsible when he has no influence on her day to day life? This girl isn't exactly the poster child for being responsible, no education, baby out of wedlock, teenage mom...... not exactly what I strive for with my kids.

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