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Karen - posted on 11/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im married to a cop feel so neglected I know he has a tough job but really saying he admires his female colleges when I work 40 hours a week and raise a family just want some love is that to much to ask ???? Or am I being selfish x


MJ - posted on 12/01/2013




That's not too much to ask at all. My husband owns his own real estate company, commercial security company, and two restaurants, so I get NO time. We have three children all together: our 4month old daughter and his 5 and 2 year old. I am only 26 and now a SAHM with a newborn and two stepchildren. I had my career and was working on my master's before I got pregnant. But now my job is taking care of kids, husband, and house. One thing I realized, is that parenting affects the woman more than the man. He still finds time to hang with the guys and play his video games, yet I struggle to just get in the shower before noon. We decided that every other weekend we would devote to just us. I told him I was feeling neglect and this was our solution to have alone and quality time. The kids go to their grandparents and we plan our weekend. It's been a couple months and this has really helped. Do you have anyone that could watch the kids twice a month? This way the kids can spend time with their relatives as well. He needs to stop talking about other females. How would he feel if you started talking about other men?!

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