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Sally - posted on 04/09/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I was wondering, is there anything your child could do that would be a step to far and make you turn your back on them.

I know that if mine were to hurt a child as an adult,not playground stuff, id really struggle. Id be interested in what you think would push a parent to far.


Mrs. - posted on 04/09/2012




I think most will always love their children, however they may not want contact with them over certain issues. You can love your child and not want a relationship with them.

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i'm pretty lenient on that sort of thing...there's not really much that could push me that far. even if my kids killed someone, i don't know that i'd turn my back on them. i would be extremely disappointed and wonder what the hell i did wrong but they would still be my kids. then again, if one of them purposefully killed the other Cain/Abel style i don't know what i'd do. again, probably mostly wonder what the hell happened but that might be pushing me too far and yeah, i would lose all trust in the living child. if it was an accident then no, but on purpose, yes, he or she is out. go to prison, live out your term, and if i'm still alive maybe we'll talk. but by then i may have become too depressed and end up in a mental facility or suicide.

Janice - posted on 04/09/2012




I really dont know the answer. I see my beautiful babies right now and I cant imagine ever turning my back. But if they did something truly horrendous like purposeful murder or sexual abuse then maybe I would turn away. My cousin is in jail for sexually abusing his step daughter. I know my aunt has very little contact with him and she is also in therapy. I often think about how hard it must be on her.

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 04/09/2012




If my child became something evil, yeah, I just may have to. I would still love them in my heart. I would cry every night that they became such a person and hope for brighter days. However, I have more than just one child to look out for. I would have another child, myself and my husband. I could simply not allow one of my children to ruin the rest of everyone else's life.

I would hope for them to get better. I would do as much as I could, before going insane myself, to help them get the help they needed. However, if they weren't willing, yes, I would let go. As sad as it is, I would not have a choice. I have to be here for everyone, not just one. ;)

I would also have a very hard time with trusting them and allowing them in my home, especially while we slept.... **Shivers**

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/09/2012




If my child became a rapist, pedophile, or a murderer I think I would have some serious issues with still loving them with open arms.


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Sally - posted on 04/09/2012




I understand what you mean ,Jamie. Its a really hard one. I think id be the same but we do tend to condem parents who stand by their child when that child has done something really bad.

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