Fortune and Fame?

Sara - posted on 11/30/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




So, for those of you who are unaware, I am a huge Twilight fan. With the new movie coming out, there's been a lot in the news (gossip) about the young co-stars of the movie. I saw Robert Pattinson on TV last night being followed by a hoard of reporters and it got me you think the way that celebrities have no real privacy is fair? I think there's two camps when it comes to this: One camp thinks that this is what you get if you want to be a successful actor and get paid millions, it's a trade off; the other camp thinks that people deserve privacy. Which camp are you in?

What I saw on TV made me feel sorry for little RPatz...I mean, your early 20's are the best time in your life (at least, they were for me) should be free to go out where ever and with whomever you please. This kid doesn't have that freedom. He can't even go out to dinner with friends without it being a major scene. Sure, he makes millions, but it just seems so isolating...I feel bad for him in a way...success seems to come at a high price sometimes.


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I think it depends on the celeb and their behavior too. And I think that if a celebrity REALLY wants the privacy they can set their own boundaries. There are plenty of famous people who make sure their family life stay private and their career is the only focus.

If the celebrity is being a knob they deserve whatever is comin at em. If the celebrity is a genuinely 'normal' person in everyday life then leave em be - they have to know they're going to have their picture taken no matter where they go but the reporters need to stay at a distance. But like celebrities that are dicks, or out partying and doing drugs and driving drunk... their bad behavior should be out in the light and people telling them they are wrong and bad. But then again - any publicity is good publicity it seems.

Police officers get harassed by the general criminal population on a daily basis...... abortion doctors get harassed by pro-life protesters on a daily basis.... celebrities get harassed by paparazzi on a daily basis.... Obama gets harassed by reporters and critics on a daily basis..... if you choose the career you choose the pros and cons that go with the career. If you don't want the the fame and the paparazzi but you want the fortune and the privacy.... stay out of the limelight and be smart... start a business, build an empire... there's people that are worth MILLIONS all around the world and I can gaurentee that they might be in the local paper but they don't have paparazzi chasin them down the the street to get a picture of them with bed head and no make up.

So in closing, I don't really care lol

Dana - posted on 11/30/2009




There are plenty of celebrities that aren't in the news or on magazines that much because they don't frequent the "hot spots" or have the publicist call it in. I would say half the time it's usually wanted attention. I do think it's out of line for them to be swarmed or chased on the roads though.

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I do feel a bit badly for them...But then I remember that with those reports and that fame comes millions of dollars, huge houses, luxury cars, personal assistants, hairstylists, make up artists, chefs, and being catered to constantly-and then I instantly stop feeling bad for them. The only times in which I can have real sympathy are times in which something traumatic and personal (like a divorce or a death in the family) has happened and it's made entirely public. But as for the fans saying hello while the celeb is dining, the hordes of girls (and/or guys) wanting to date them, and the general annoyance...I feel like it's just part of the job. I wish that their children could be largely left out of the equation and be allowed to be normal, though-they didn't choose their parents anymore than I did.

Jocelyn - posted on 11/30/2009




Imo, they knew what they were getting themselves into when they decided to become an actor, therefor they have no right to bitch about the lack of privacy. But I do agree that the photogs should have some sort of rules, like Wanda said. I don't feel bad for the adult, but I always feel a little bad for the kids.

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I belong to the camp that believes the hoard of reporters comes along with the fame. You want the fame and money then put up with the reporters. If the celeb is out in public then they're fair game. BUT I think there should be a limit. These same reorters shouldn't be allowed to follow them onto private property and they should keep their noses out of the celeb's kid's lives (if there are kids). They didn't ask for it and so should be left outof it.

Esther - posted on 11/30/2009




I think it's ridiculous the way these people are hounded. I really do. I think that if they go to some public event they should be prepared to be photographed. I think they should be expecting to be asked personal questions in interviews and such, but I think the aggression with which papparazzi these days pursue celebrities is really out of control. Like the whole Tiger Woods thing this weekend. He ran his car into a tree. Nothing happened. They talked about it ALLLLLLLLL weekend long and were still talking about it this morning. All the speculation is insane to me. Maybe he is having an affair. Maybe he did have a fight with his wife and was so distracted that he ran his car into a tree. Who knows. What business is it of ours? I think celebrities should be conscious that they are role models for a lot of people and take some responsibility for that, but ultimately, I absolutely do think they deserve some privacy too.

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