getting my daughter to sleep in her own bed

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Ok, we switched our 20 month old daughter from crib to toddler bed in Feb when she was 14 months old. She made the transition very easily and we had no problems. Her bed time was at 10 o'clock. She was so used to that schedule that she would even crawl into bed herself. Or she would grab her pillow and a blanket and curl up on the couch and lay down til bedtime. But the problem started a few weeks ago now when (I'm assuming she had a nightmare) one night she woke up screaming coming down the hallway into our room. Which of course was fine, but I went to get up to get her pacifier from her room, and she wouldnt let me into her room. Every time I tried to move into that direction, she'd grab onto my leg and pull me back. I had to wake up her father to go in there and get it for me. Since then, she hasnt taken nap or slept at night in her own bed, and if she does, its not all night. I not only want a good nights sleep again, but I want our bed back lol. Any suggestions or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank everyone soo much!


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I'm no help at all because in my family, I don't care WHERE you sleep! Since we all need a good night's sleep, especially during the school/work week, I pick my battles. Sleep is not a battle I pick anymore. My son is 6 and does start off sleepin gin his bed. But sometime throughout the night he wanders into our bed. He needs comfrt-plain and simple. I'm the parent, and it's my job to comfort my kid. If he crawls in to snuggle up with me, then so be it. That means he can go back to sleep and not be a cranky monster in the morning. If I had to walk him back to his room several times anight in order to force him to remain in HIS bed, what would that really accomplish? Especially during the work week when my alarm goes off at 4:30 am and hubby sets his for 6:30. Seriously-I'll be a cranky bitch! Yes, we keep lights on for him, but the simple fact is that he needs the security of his parents. He doesn't turn over and put himself back to sleep. Sometimes my husband will carry him back to his own bed, sometimes we play ring aroudn the bed- but for now, think about yor daughter's message. She is scared, and she wants her mother to comfort her.

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A pretty horrible storm came through here a few weeks ago (actually its been storming a lot lately, but this one was intense). My son woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to sleep with me. I allowed him to that night, but when he tried to do it again the next night, when there was no thunder or lightning, I brought him back to his bed and told him to go to sleep and I'd see him in the morning.
The only recommendation I have for you, is every time she comes into your room, get up and put her back in her bed. I know it'll be a pain, but its the only way (that I know of) to break her of the habit.
I hope this helps and good luck!

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