Grandparents rights in Canada

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Hi i have a question for my friend . Her and her husband are married they have 3 children 2, 4 ,8 years old her husbands mother has never met the children short story when she met her husband him and his mother did not speak for 5 years his mothers boyfriend kicked him out at 15 so they don't get along the way they should anyways his mother has never met the children she asks her son all the time he ignores her or says no . He has only seen his mother few times over the years his wife wants his mother to meet the children it literally tears my friend apart that her children cant have the bond her mother and father have with the children . She spoken to her husband many times about it when they had the first baby her husbands aunt called childrens aid saying he shouldn't be a father he did pot as a teenager she also made up he was abusing his wife well obviously childrens aid called them stopped the worker had no concerns he blames his mother because he shouldn't have told her they had a child and this call wpuld have never happened. My friend still tells him he should let his mother see the children my friend read alot on google about Grandparents rights but she only found situations where Children know the grandparents. Any advice would be great can his mother get access?


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If the grandmother is so horrible, why would you want your kids around that person? Her husband has the whole story on his parents, and wants to save his kids the grief of knowing her. It's not your friend's place to force a relationship with her husbands mother. Is it sad that won't have that bond? Maybe. But if they don't know what they're missing, they won't miss it. It's HER hang-up and she needs to get over it. Again, don't force the relationship and cause stress for her kids and in her marriage.

As far as grandparents rights, different areas treat it differently. All in all, if the grandmother takes it to court, it would be up to the judge to determine if the relationship would be in the best interests of the kids. And the parent's feelings are a factor... so if the kids' dad doesn't want it, the judge would consider that.

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