Guns and Children

Sara - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




So, i recently discovered a website called "" that has funny pictures, status updates, etc from the world of Facebook. There are several picutures featured on this site of people posing their small babies and toddler with guns...machine guns, hand guns, rifles...personally, I think this is ridiculous. Why would you do that? I don't care if the gun's not loaded, it just doesn't seem appropriate...and then posting it on your facebook page? That just adds a whole new level to it for me. What do you guys think? Is it irresponsible parenting to pose your small baby or toddler with a gun? Would you post a picture like that on Facebook?


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Krista - posted on 02/21/2010




I love Lamebook. And I agree -- it's just really sort of irresponsible and tacky to pose your baby or toddler with a gun.

Mind you, I don't have much room to talk, as we made a joke photo where my husband was pretending to feed our baby a donair...

Dana - posted on 02/20/2010




Totally ridiculous. I'm not anti-gun by far ,but no way in hell would I do that nor do I think it's funny or cute. I all can think is white trash,lol.

JL - posted on 02/20/2010




I personally find that it sends the wrong message. Guns are dangerous and should be owned with the upper most responsiblity. Taking cute funny photos of your young child with a weapon doesn't put across a message of responsiblity. Might as well also take pictures of your kid holding a lighter with a cannister of gasoline next to them... so dumb.

Rosie - posted on 02/20/2010




i have a hard time with this one. my father took me out practice shooting when i was young, i think i was around 10. he taught me to be safe around a gun, how to shoot it, and to never touch it unless he was there, and gave me permission. i loved these moments with my dad, and he did it in a very responsible way.

on one hand i see how it can be disturbing to have a toddler or baby posed with a gun, and it does kinda make me cringe, but on the other hand if these parents are taking all the necessary responsible precautions, then they may not be seeing that what they are doing is irresponsible. all in all, it creeps me out though.

[deleted account]

Guns are dangerous and we have them in the house so there is no way we will be making them out to be "fun" or a "toy". I was taught how to shoot at a young age. The lessons included strict safety guidelines and techniques. My kids will be taught to shoot because their dad loves to hunt. But safetly will be the number one concern. Guns are not to be taken lightly, which is why a baby should never have access to a gun.

And that is just as bad or worse than these people that pose their children with beer cans and cigarets. Really? You think that's funny? It's disgusting.

Ez - posted on 02/19/2010




Ok that is just ridiculous. I am anti-gun at the best of times, but to expose a young child to a gun in this context is irresponsible and dangerous. What sort of message does that send? To me, it says that guns are fun and a joke and let's muck around and take some photos. Ummm no. It's bullshit.

Amie - posted on 02/19/2010




That's beyond ridiculous. There is no good reason for it, it's not cute or funny.

We do own guns, our oldest (9 1/2 yrs) is a part of a range club that practices gun safety and shooting. Our younger three know they are not allowed to touch or be near any of our guns. This includes the BB gun/air rifle. When they are older we will teach them gun safety and put them in range as well. For now, it's completely off limits. Loaded or not, it's not a toy kids do not need to be around them.

Jenny - posted on 02/19/2010




No I don't think it's appropriate. Guns are tools. We will be purchasing some for hunting but I've made it clear they are to kept in our storage locker and not our house. Sounds like these people are using guns to make up for other lacking areas.

I do not post anything online I would not want a future boss of my dream job to see. If it's on the internet it's forever, people forget that.

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