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Hair, long or short for boys? THAT is the question....

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Ok, so I’m one of those Mommas who doesn’t worry about my 3 year old son having his hair cut a "certain way" or on a regular basis. Let it grow, I say. He’s got his whole life to worry about his hair, I say. He’s still my little baby, I say. I don’t know if you can really see from my profile pic, but my son’s hair is (was, until this morning) long, for a boy, according to…..everyone around me except for myself and my husband. I get it all the time from my MIL, comments like, “You need to cut his hair! He’s a BOY!” I’ve also perfected the art of replying to strangers in public who call my HE a SHE. It happens on a fairly regular basis.
Old lady in the checkout at the grocery store: Oh, isn’t she just the cutest thing???
Me: Thank you! We think HE’S pretty cute too!
This is usually followed by something like, “Oh, sorry, HE.” (Guess the Thomas shirt and the cowboy boots and the skull and cross-bone jacket didn’t give it away…save that one for later…I’ll get back to that, I promise)
For me, I think part of it has to do with the fact that I’m from Florida, but living in upstate NY. In Florida, for the most part, when it comes to boys and long hair, there really isn’t an issue. Maybe it’s the “surfer” lifestyle or whatever, considering that in Florida, one doesn’t ever have to drive too far to be at the beach. Or maybe it’s that Jacob was only 2 when we left Florida, so no one “expected” us to have taken him for a hair cut yet. I don’t know. I just know that from the moment we got up here, it’s become a serious sore spot with me, whenever someone (especially someone I know) makes a comment about how long Jacob’s hair is and how he needs a “good trip to the barber shop”. You know what this does to me? It makes me want to dig my heels in and say “NO! There will be NO haircuts for him PERIOD until he’s TEN!!! NO SOUP FOR YOU!” (sorry, I had to toss in the Seinfield reference because in my mind, it was funny lol) Of course, that doesn’t work. Lately, I’ve been doing the “Mom cut” on his bangs. I try and keep his bangs from annoying him. Whenever I see him brushing his hair out of his eyes with the back of his hand, I trim his bangs. But pretty much, the rest is just left to grow. Until today. Today, he was trying to eat his breakfast (scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast). He went to brush the hair from his eyes while holding a piece of the toast and I ended up basically having to wash his hair in the bathroom sink to get the peanut butter out. Since I could no longer trim his bangs and leave the back and sides alone without leaving my son looking like a small, blonde Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1988, I decided to take him to the barber shop for some help. I say I’m cool with any hair style, but in my heart, I want NO MULLETS in my home lol! Seriously, that’s LOL because if Jacob truly wanted one, I’d let him have one. (I’d also let him have a high and tight like Daddy if he wanted one of those.) But I’m a rebel and this is me: If Jacob wanted it and I could get away with it (like if it wasn’t against school regulations), my kid would start kindergarten with a spikey blue (or pink or purple or green) do…if that’s what HE wanted. I’ve always just looked at it like 1) IT’S JUST HAIR. 2) IT’S HIS HAIR . Whatever he wants to do with it is his choice. I’d never use permanent dye on his hair while he’s still so young, so no one get your panties in a wad about that. But we look at pictures of people all the time, in magazines and books and on the computer. And one day he saw a guy with a big, spikey, blue Mohawk and said “COOL MOMMY COOL!” My heart almost burst with pride. So now you see how I feel about his hair? It’s mine for now, curls and all, and only to be turned over to HIM. HIS HAIR. And really, aren’t there far more important things to worry about with my son? Like whether he’ll get good grades or not fight on the bus or what activities make him thrive? Does hair affect any of that? No. But because I needed help with him not looking like someone who had no skill with cutting hair (me) was cutting his hair, I took him to the barber shop my husband goes to. The woman who cut his hair actually asked me if this was his first haircut. It wasn’t. She did a good job. She kept talking about how “OHhhhhh it’s soooo long! How old is he? Are you SURE this isn’t his first haircut???” Really lady? I’m his Mom. I think I’m pretty sure I might possibly know that, from the time he grew IN me and spilled forth from my loins until now, this isn’t his first haircut. I let her take off a little over half an inch all over and it looks good. I like it. He likes it. Daddy likes it. Grandma saw it and I asked her how she like his hair cut and she said, “What haircut?”

Head / desk.

My questions:
1) So, now that you’ve patiently listened to me rant (thank you by the way), how do YOU feel about how boys “should” have their hair cut?
2) Do you keep your boys in short hair or do you let it be?
3) Is having a certain hair style for your boy a requirement in your house (like, it has to be above the shoulders or something like that) or do you just make sure your boy’s hair is clean and let them decide how they want it cut?
4) Why? As in, what influences you to keep your boy’s hair however you keep it?
5) Why do you think it's ok for a girl to have long OR short hair but for the most part, boys are expected to keep their hair short? (Kinda like why does it matter if a boy or a girl wears a Thomas shirt with cowboy boots and a skull and crossbone sweater.....See? I promised I would get back to that)
Thanks for the input!
I’m gonna keep keeping my son’s hair however I want it until he tells me how HE wants it.


Kate CP - posted on 03/04/2011




I think longer hair on young boys really does make them look effeminate. If you like that or aren't bothered by that then that's up to you. Personally, I think a little boy with a "little boy" type hair cut is just too cute! So when my son has enough hair to warrant getting a hair cut I'll have it styled short and "boyish".

It doesn't really bother me one way or the other how people have their sons' hair styled...but it can make for some awkward "Oh...HE'S got such pretty hair..." moments. :/

Jessica - posted on 03/04/2011




I love long hair on boys, of any age! My husband's hair is longer than mine, lol (and mine's past my shoulders). It looks cute on little boys too as long as its trimmed well (not ratty, in his eyes etc). My 20 month old's hair is still growing in but its on the long side. So far I've just trimmed it to keep it from being out of his eyes and turning into a mullet. I think mullets and rat tails are the only ones I'd say no to!

I find it incredibly annoying, but society tends to be more accepting of girls being boy-ish than boys being "girly." Not just with hair, but clothes, toys etc.

[deleted account]

1) Boys should look like boys. A clerk saying "she" about a boy should be a good indicator that this boy is not looking his gender. I would not want to wait for my son to get picked on, you can’t always be there…

2) My boy’s is a longer short. He has soft features and I don't like a buzz or military on him, but it never gets longer than 2 inches. I don't let it be.

3) No hair "requirements" in the house, we want it to look its best and he loves to comb it and style it.

4) Shorter hair is easier to comb, clean, style, inspect and shampoo. I don’t have to worry if he will wonder why I did it like that when they are older, looking over his photos either. Your kid is not YOU. He/she is an individual and might like different styles and even political views. If you let them truly have the freedom to speak their minds (not parrot you) you might be hurt, but surprised that they are different. I constantly catch my son trying to like things for my sake (he's 6). Parents really need to look out for this.

5) Whatever's practical for a girl. My niece has a great layered cut that falls around her little face. Girls who like long hair and can keep it brushed should be so. The parents who said they have bobs with curly hair, "CUTE". I had a really short pixie many years ago, it was a good cut, but it was a really hard cut to take care of for a younger kid.

Really, hair should be the last thing a parent or kid worries about. They have so much else to learn and do to have that distraction, especially if it gets overly noticed.

[deleted account]

I have a neighbor friend who's son has a long (down to shoulders) page boy. I told her ,"I'm sorry, but my son doesn’t understand that he's a boy, the hair confuses him, please don't be offended", because my son often calls him, "she", or "her". His Mom also so often complains that he is picked on everywhere he goes. Everywhere. She likes for my son (who really likes the boy) to go with him often so he can protect him (my 5 y/o is pretty burley).

I have openly said, "why don't you cut off all of his hair?" and she says her husband refuses to allow it as he is bald and he wants the boy to enjoy lots of hair while he has it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So this is an extreme of the kind for us to see. I don't agree with them, and I DO think they are doing the child harm by enjoying this vicarious experience through their son's cosmetic appearance. He should have a chance to choose his own haircut. He has no say, or he doesn't want to oppose his Dad.

It just makes me feel sick. But the boy is sweet and loving and I just adore him. I swear he's exceptionally smart, even gifted! I really like his Mom too! It's just that one thing is such a 900 lb. gorilla.

I've talked about it. It goes nowhere.

And yes, all the exclamation points are me yelling out my frustration about this subject, I am glad to vent for this poor boy. I also hope the Mom happens upon this post, she'll know who I'm talking about.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 03/04/2011




Well, I plan on letting my son’s hair grow up until he ask for it to be cut.
Even now with his short curly hair, he is OFTEN mistaken for a girl…so I can imagine how it will be when he gets older and his hair longer….LOL
For those that don’t know my son is Bi-racial, Black and Korean and so his hair will be thick, curly/wavy and long

Is see no problem with a boy who has long hair


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[deleted account]

1) I think that as long as the kid and the parents are happy and it's maintained nicely it really doesn't matter if it's long or short.
2) My son has had both long and short.
3) I wouldn't impose a specific hairstyle on my son as long as he regularly washes and brushes his hair
4) I let my son grow his hair for a year because he was afraid of the barber and liked his cousin's long hair. I also wanted to see it in braids (he is biracial and his hair is in between). It's recently been cut because both he and I got tired of the fight of combing it every day
5) I think it's just an old double-standard

Meghan - posted on 03/11/2011




J has really thick curly.wavy hair so he gets hard to manage sometimes. I cut it during the spring/summer-cute fauxhawk, and during the winter I just trim it up on my own.
Personally, I don't like long hair on boys, but I also don't like shaved heads or like military style buzzcuts- somewhere in between. But, who knows what the style will be when he is a bit older. I also think it is important to let kids develop their own style.
Girls...well, I LOVE long hair on little girls. I had really long hair and bugged my mom forever to let me cut it. She finally let me and I HATED it-took forever to grow back and I have some really gross embarrassing pics. But again, eventually they get old enough and need to develop their own individual style- And wait for them to one day tell me I was right

Sharon - posted on 03/11/2011




My son is 18 and we never made it too much of an issue. We kept it short while he was growing up and then around 8th 9th grade he wanted to grow it long. Problem was that it was thick so it grew out with alot of body. We would keep it trimmed nice and I always tried to convince him to cut it but everyone always told him he had beautiful hair. Funny story, at the end of his 10th grade year, he finally decided to cut it really short. He walked out of Spanish class and another teacher asked his teacher who the new kid was!

Audrey - posted on 03/09/2011




Hahahaha! that cracked me up and made my day! thank you! you are so funny! as for the hair cutting thing, my son is only 3 but he didnt get his first haircut til he was 18 or 20 months. he had beautiful blong curls all in the back and it was to his shoulders. it was so pretty. and even though he would be wearing a thomas shirt(yes mine loves thomas too) and jeans and boys shoes, people kept asking if he was a boy or girl. i finally got it cut because i was tired of correcting people when they called him a girl and his hair was getting in his way and was too hot. now, he likes me to buzz it like his daddy's. my mom likes to tell me often how much she doesnt like it buzzed but he isnt her kid so its not her decision. i agree, hair is just hair and it grows back so whats the big deal?

[deleted account]

1- I don't think there is any way boys "should" have their haircut, it is a personal preference (your prefernece when they are too young to have a personal preference). Long, short or mid-length go with what works for you and them.

2 - Ethan's hair is mid-length really for a boy it was described as surfer dude the other day at one of our toddler groups - I like that description. I don't want a really short cut for him because he is so cute with the slightly longer hair style, it is a few inches long with little layers in it.

3 - When he is older he can style it anyway he likes (as long as he is allowed the style for school) because I wasn't allowed to cut my hair for years - I wanted a bob, in the end my mom cut off an inch every couple of weeks until we got the desired length (so dad wouldn't notice, and he only noticed when my auntie commented on how lovely it looked).

4 - I like how it looks

5 - Society expects boys to look one way and girls to look another. Personally I think as long as the kid is happy with their hair then it has nothing to do with anyone else.

Oh and I have to disagree with those who have said that by having a shorter haircut people can tell boys are boys - my son's hair is much longer than many of his friends haircuts yet he has only been confused for a girl once when he was a very small baby, whereas his friends are STILL getting confused for girls AND they wear very gender orientated clothes.

Charlie - posted on 03/06/2011




I don't mind either way , I only cut my sons hair this summer because it was hot and he is one sweaty kid !

Sal - posted on 03/06/2011




my sons is aways short, just is, always has been, he does seem to get a bit shitty when it is long i don;t know if it annoys him on his face or in his eyes but a hair cut improves his mood immediatly, but having said that i don;t mind how it is cut along as there is no rats tail, and not an extreme mullet, i don;t make my girls grow theirs either, just before my little one turned 2 (she is now 4) she wanted her hair cut like daddy's, so off to the hairdresser and it was all cut off,
i am not a fan of long hair on boys but my nephew has not had a hair cut and he is a handsom boyish little boy, and short hair might mean less lice, but thats all

Becky - posted on 03/05/2011




It doesn't bother me for a boy to have long hair, but my husband is weird about that kind of stuff, so we keep Cole's hair fairly short. Well, it's on the longish side of short, not a buzz cut or anything. He has really thick hair and it grows really fast, so he's costing me a fortune in haircuts!
Zach's hair is almost long enough in the back now to put it in a pony tail, but it's still really thin and short on top, so it'll be a while before he gets a hair cut. He might end up with a mullet just because that's how his hair is growing, lol.

Krista - posted on 03/05/2011




I like the in-between styles for boys...still looks like a boy but not shaved! Of all the styles I see on boys at the elementary school where I teach, there's two that drive me crazy. I'm really not a fan of the completely shaved head...they look like little white supremacists to me! Then there's a family with 4 boys that all go to our school, and they all have these incredible down to their butts! Poor kids...

Bonnie - posted on 03/05/2011




A little long is okay. When my boys' hair starts to get matted or it's more and more difficult to get the shampoo out and they complain, I know it's likely time to take them for their haircut.

My 2.5 year old's hair still has curls in it, so when it gets too long, it gets matted easily. My 4 year old's hair is now straight, but thick. When it starts covering his ears, I don't care for it.

Rosie - posted on 03/05/2011




i dont' feel they SHOULD have it be a certain way, i PREFER MY children to have short hair.:)
if they want it long when they are older they are more than welcome to do whatever the hell they want to with it. like you said, it's just hair. who cares, as long as they like their own hair? i do try to get them to get mohawks sometimes, lol. they have to use the blade on the sides and back first, so when they do that the top is left long, and looks all skater boy like. i like that too, but they just want their regular little boy haircuts, a # 2 on the sides and back and blend the top in with the scissors.

[deleted account]

I have just given up trying to tell if people's kids are boys or girls. In our home we can tell that our girls are girls no matter what they wear because they have long hair. Ok, except for my 2nd youngest but it is still obvious that she is a girl because it is in a bob style cut. (trust me the curls are suzy Q style an HARD to get brushed everyday otherwise)

Anyway, since I don't have any boys running around I am sure most people would say I have no room to talk. However, I have lots of male cousins, and my friends have boys so deal with me. :)
Not all of those males have hair that makes them apparent they are boys. I have told them so and they agree that they do get mistaken for girls from time to time. Having an obviously boy hair cut should be for boys.

With all of that said. I think girls with those "boy" haircuts look ridiculous especially if you have breasts smaller than a C and wear baggy clothes. If I can't tell if you are a boy or girl then I have no problem calling you an "it" in reference or calling you "you" to your face. I also have no problem referring to your child as "your child" if I can't tell the gender of your child. It usually sounds offensive after the second time but if you haven't subtly told me what gender or their name I will continue to call them "your child" until you do.
Sounds rude but if you don't like it then look like your gender. Boys have had short hair for over 100 yrs and girls long. Now hair doesn't seem to matter per gender but what are we supposed to use to identify your gender or the gender of your child? All kids have high voices, all kids wear mix gender clothes. So what is left?
I do understand and promote that people look however they want as long as it doesn't offend anyone else. I find baggy pants that don't fit or that are intentionally hanging around your knees/butt/whatever, HIGHLY offensive and I will tell you or your child to pull them up so my kids don't have to see your nasty business. (ok, I will move that one for another debate. lol ) As I was saying. I have my ways of dealing with the unknown genders and I will stick with them just as everyone else does just don't get mad at us if your boy has long hair and mistaken for a boy or your 3 yr old girl has really short hair. Trust me 2 of mine were born bald and one didn't start really growing hair until almost 1 so she got mistaken for a boy. Couldn't put a wig on her though so we dealt with it until it grew in.

Jenn - posted on 03/05/2011




I didn't get my son's hair cut until it was getting in his eyes. His hair is generally cut in a buzz cut in the summer, and then in the winter I let it grow longer (not long but it's long enough that it actually has to be brushed). I personally am more of a clean cut kind of person and like to keep his hair shorter, and my girls hair is always neatly brushed and possibly in pig tails or barrettes in it (it's hard to keep it in sometimes - they'e only 2). But, when my son gets older and shows more of an interest in his own physical appearance, I will let him decide how he wants his hair. If he ever wanted to grow his hair long, I would have no issue with that - just like I wouldn't care if one of my daughters wanted to shave their head. When I was a teen I actually had the hots for guys with super long hair - owwwww!!!!!

Stifler's - posted on 03/04/2011




However they like. But until they can tell me 'Hey mum can I grow my hair long" he can have it short coz I think short is cute.

JuLeah - posted on 03/04/2011




My G-Grandfather had hair clean down his back that he wore tied with twine type stuff. He had a long hair on his face too.

My Grandfather wore a his hair shaved, or an 'army cut' and was angered by men with long hair. He told his son, my father, to shave everyday or don't come home.

My father had 'long' hair like the Beatles - to the bottom of his ears almost... ohh he wore the long sideburns too, remember from the 1970's? What a look ... lol

Remember the fros from the 60's and 70's? Look at your folks's school year books, or even yours if you are over 30 - it's a crack up ... why people get so worked up over a fashion that is gonna change before you can blink is beyond me

Mrs. - posted on 03/04/2011




I don't mind shaggy hair on a little boy. If it gets like Celine Dion's kid's hair was, it starts to look a little creepy. I mean you could tell, even with him, as soon as he got to the age he could get any adult to take a pair of scissors to his head, he went behind Celine's back and chopped that Barbie-do off. Now, he has no pictures of himself until the age of like 7 that don't look like he's a pretty girl. Thank God that woman had a daughter.

[deleted account]

I don't personally like boys w/long hair, but it does look good on some... Derrick is 4 and hasn't had his hair cut since July, his friend got lice and we shaved it! No choice w/that one!!! If I can cut your hair and not treat it, guess where I'm going w/that!!! He prefers his hair long. He refuses to get it cut now!!! Actually he's refused cuts for a long time, since 2 I think... and has only had his hair cut a handful, literally, of times in 3 yrs. So long as he washes it he can do whatever he wants to his hair! I don't want him to dye it really but he can use all the colored gels he wants! I did his hair part normal and part red for his 2nd yr pictures :) It was very cute! That was his last prof. cut! I suppose I should mention that his hair curls and stays out of his eyes, the back doesn't get long really either? Its right at his neck line but thats because he's got some cute little curls keeping it all up ;) His dad and all his friends make fun of him for his long hair though! Derrick just tells them, "NO, I wash my hair!" LOL I don't have girls so I don't know where I would stand on that one? Jakob is 18 mos and has hardly grown any hair so its maybe a half inch longer then he started w/'ll be a while before I worry about that one :)

Ez - posted on 03/04/2011




I think it's all down to personal preference. Personally, I'm not a fan of long hair on little boys. They get dirty and scruffy enough without adding long hair into the mix. I can't imagine dealing with food and mud and god knows what else in long hair!

If I had a boy, it would be kept short until he was old enough to express a desire otherwise. If or when that happened, he would be welcome to grow it as long as he kept it clean (my brother once went over a month without washing his hair - GROSS!!). But to me, it's really not a matter of right or wrong, only opinion.

Nikkole - posted on 03/04/2011




My sons hair has always been short (easier to deal with) but he recently asked if he could have a Mohawk a blue one to be exact lol (hes 3) so we cut his hair like he wanted and he LOVED it he walked around for days showing it off we are putting blue in soon but just the tips of his hair. My daughters hair is long for her age (she is 7 months) its starting to get curly and she just had her first hair cut her bangs were bugging the crap out of her but i will let my kids wear there hair however thy want its just hair it will grow back!

Krista - posted on 03/04/2011




I keep my two year old son's hair's wavy so it looks cute (he's a little Alberta surfer...miles away from the ocean!) His hair grows like crazy so he's had a ton of haircuts (usually by my mom). I make her keep it kinda long, but if she cuts the sides too short and he loses his little "wings" above his ears, it makes me kinda sad! My MIL babysat for a few days for us while we went on vacation and she said she just about took him to the hair dresser to have it cut short and spiked...OMG I would have killed her!! She's lucky she didn't try it!

Merry - posted on 03/04/2011




1i think they should be cut as the parents see fit, until the child expresss interest in styling it differently, then I think the child should be allowed within reason to choose how they wear their hair.
2 my son has a longish style, but still without allowing anyone to think he is a girl. It's out of his eyes, halfway down his ears, and the back is level with the bottom of his earlobes. As he gets older and looks more masculine I'll try to keep it longer, I adore long hair on boys as long as they still look boy like. But right now my cutie is only 2 and put him in a dress and no one would think he is a boy!
3 I don't think there will be many rules, no dye, no weird things shaved into patterns :) no dirty hair, but other then that style is likely going to be the kids choice, and we will just try to influence them in directions that look nice.
4 my dad always ma my brother have buzz cuts, and most boys in my church all have buzz cuts. And the private school my brother went to has strict hair rules for boys. All short rules. So I always hated the short hair, husband has his pony tail length normally, sometimes a nice layered shorter cut, but usually long.
I just like long hair, boys and girls alike
5 I think it's old stereotypes. And the armed forces. And Christians. (I'm a Christian so I'm not bashing them, but in general Christians are so into the clean cut look it gets disgusting)

So in conclusion, do your sons hair however you like it, and dad likes it, until he says he wants it differently, and then guide his preferences in kind ways! That's my goal, and I think it's only fair. It is their hair after all. :)

[deleted account]

Sharon, so your daughter wants to cut her hair and you're not letting her? But your boys like their hair shaggy and that's ok? You know I love ya girl, and maybe it's because I don't have a girl, but I TOTALLY think that's a double standard. I remember being told that my hair was my "crown" and that the only reason kids picked on my long hair was because they were jealous. Actually, they picked on my hair because it was BRIGHT FRICKIN' ORANGE for awhile there during my 'tween years.....but it was always MY choice as to how long or short I wanted it. Now, with color, I never even thought of coloring my hair, and I grew up in the '80's, with Boy George and Cyndi Lauper on my walls...but I was never allowed to color treat my hair. And to this day, I'm glad I wasn't allowed to....but that's because back then, even temp dye could damage your hair. Plus, once the orange in my hair tamed down (around 18ish), I was in a salon once and the woman in the chair next to me said, "I want HER color!" and pointed at me. My hair at that time had calmed down to a nice strawberry blonde. It cost that lady over $100 to get nowhere close to my color. Yeah. I started appreciating my hair color after that, and the fact that my aunt and uncle wouldn't let me ever dye it. Today though? Temp hair dye, even permanent hair dye, is so mild compared to how it used to be. I mean, the stuff is still a chemical but it's just nowhere near as HARSH as it was then. I remember once putting blue hair paint in my hair for a party and my hair was stiff for a week after, even though the blue washed out that night.

Medic - posted on 03/04/2011




My four year old tends to keep his hair long and shaggy.....usually once a year he gets it in his head he wants it spikey so we cut it all off (much to my dismay). People usually can tell he is a boy, he has very red strawberry blonde hair and our daughter has bery blonde strawberry blonde curly hair. Every now and then we hear stuff from people and from my step mom but she just wants it trimmed and long not to cut it all off. I also let him used colored gells in it just to freak people out and he LOVES it.

Sharon - posted on 03/04/2011




When they were young and didn't care - I had their hair cut the way I liked it. NO mullets, lol. My oldest was incredibly cute with an 80s preppy style. But he was cute with his shaggy curly hair too, until it got to be unmanageable and virtually blinded him.

My younger boy - has stick straight hair and not that cute with shaggy hair. to fine, to limp, but he was ADORABLE with a skater cut.

But like you - now that they're older - the decision is theirs. Which makes their father spazz out. They like shaggy longish hair.

My daughter on the other hand... omg she's as lucky as I am with blessed long hair, thats strong and multi hued. I want it to STAY long. She has no idea how blessed she is. She gets frustrated and wants short hair like some girl at school (it changes from child to child) but then she gets a compliment and loves her hair. So um I'm double standard there. She's not allowed to cut her hair until she's like out of my house!

Krista - posted on 03/04/2011




I'm with you about no mullets or rat tails. Other than that, do what you want with your kid's hair until they're old enough to have a preference. At that point, you should respect that preference. My mom always cut my hair short, because it was easier to deal with. I was often mistaken for a boy, and I remember being about 7 and being REALLY upset at being mistaken for a boy yet again.

Basically, as long as it's out of their eyes, I don't care. Our kid has had a buzz cut, and right now, it's quite grown out and shaggy. I tend to be dictated more by the weather than anything else. I keep it shaggy over the winter, because I figure his noggin could use the extra insulation. :)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/04/2011




I mullets or rat tails! I don't care about the length of my sons hair for the purpos of others....for me, I like it short ONLY becouse it is soooooo much easier to wash!

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