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Becky - posted on 10/31/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Since we've had a few debates lately regarding sugar, junk food, etc, I'm curious about how everyone handles Halloween and the abundance of candy and sugar that comes with it.

Do you let your kids go trick or treating, knowing they'll come home with a lot of candy, or do you celebrate in some other way?

What do you do with all the candy? Do you let them eat it, throw it out, trade it for something else?

I'm not anti-sugar. In fact, I have quite the sweet tooth, although I'm trying to prevent my kids from having the same. Sadly, I'm not sure I'm doing such a good job. :( Anyway, we will be going trick or treating tonight, and I"ll let Cole keep his candy. Zach's only 1, so if he even collects candy - which he probably won't, since he'll be carried - it'll be mine. Cole is potty training, and we give him treats for going on the potty sometimes, so I'll use his candy for that. Usually, the halloween candy lasts us pretty much to Christmas. Then, anything left will get tossed.

Edited to add - we will get rid of gum and hard candies that are a choking hazard, because he's too young for those.

Also, if you are anti-candy, do you hand out candy on Halloween, or do you hand out something else? (or just turn out the lights and hide?)


Caitlin - posted on 10/31/2010




Halloween will be a bummer with Kaylas allergies.. We're pretty much decided she's gonna go out trick or treating, and then put all the candy in a self decorated box when we get home, and leave it for the "great pumpkin" and he's going to come exchange the candy for a nice treat (and some safe candy as well).. Figure that's pretty much the safest way to go about that for her.. My other daughter will do the same thing, because it's not fair that 1 gets to, and the other doesn't, though when they get older we will see how it works out.. Right now they are almost 2 and 8 months, so the only reason i'm taking them out tonight is to get a snack for when i'm at work...

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Logan's only 11 months old but when he is older I'd love to take him trick or treating! I loved it when I was little and would love for him to experience it too =]

Rosie - posted on 10/31/2010




my kids get to pig out halloween night-within crazy reason, lol! and then the rest goes in a bowl for EVERYONE (mom and dad included, lol) to snack on every now and then.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/31/2010




I usually don’t let my son have but one or two pieces of candy from the bag, but if he has had a good day then ill let him get 3-4 depending on how big the candy is…

Seattle, Washington was voted the best place to trick or treat! We will be hitting up the “Rich” neighborhoods…lol

We also have a dentist in our area giving money to kids. 4 bucks a lbs, $2 for the kid and the other $2 is donated :-)

Eliz - posted on 10/31/2010




We let them keep it but they don't get to have it all at once. After the night is up we put the candy in the cupboard and give them a peice every so often. usually last for a bit, except when daddy eats it all....lol

Jodi - posted on 10/31/2010




We do Jack the Magic Pumpkin in our family. Half-ish or more of the candy gets put in a plastic pumpkin and set on the back door step. Jack the Magic Pumpkin then comes, takes the candy and leaves something in return. This year it is big girl underpants (we're potty training), a coloring book and some crayons. We then keep the candy hidden and give it out for special things or long car trips. The half she gets to keep she can eat at will to a point...a few pieces a day until it's gone. But, we only go a block or two, so that means she's giving away about 10-15 pieces of candy and keeps 10-15 pieces...so it's not much.

Victoria - posted on 10/31/2010




My daughter is only 6 months but when she gets older she will NOT be celebrating HALLOWEEN. on the day we will find other things to make her happy and keep her occupied. I have 2 reasons for doing this, 1) she will not be eating any candy until she is @ least 5 and 2) I do not celebrate halloween in my family. Some may disagree but as a child I didnt taste my first candy until I was 5 and when I did I wasnt crazy for it and Im still not.

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We never have a set 'plan'. Last year all 3 collected a bunch. I sorted and ziploc bagged it all. They get to eat it fairly often, but when the girls behavior would get crazy.... a bag's worth would go in the trash. ;) It doesn't last long that way, so I may do that again.

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A local dentist is doing a "Candy Buy Back." He'll give $1 for every pound of candy you turn in. I plan to let each member of the family gorge themselves (me included!) tonight. Then tomorrow I'm turning the rest in to the dentist. My husband and I decided we'd take our daughter out for ice cream with the money. Yes, it's still junk food, but it's junk food that will last for 15 minutes then be gone forever!

Lyndsay - posted on 10/31/2010




My son is 3 and has a lot of energy, so we make it pretty far when we're trick or treating and he ends up with a huge haul. Waaaay more than I think is acceptable for him to eat... so I help him out :)

JuLeah - posted on 10/31/2010




I like parties where she can play games and win small toys. Nearly every year she gets candy, but really wants something else. This year she wants an American Girl Doll (spendy) so I will offer to buy her candy back from her. She is working hard to raise money and is thrilled with this plan.
At some point, she will have to make the call for herself about what she will or will not put into her body, beer, drugs, coffee .... I hope to raise her with enough self respect that she puts only healthy things in .... I'll let you know how my plan works out :)

Bonnie - posted on 10/31/2010




I have 2 boys. One just turned 4 and the other is 27 months old. I think I will let my 4 year old eat everything except for any of the gum or candies (other than lollipops). My 27 month old will eat the milk chocolate, chips, and maybe a lollipop here and there. We will probably limit them to two choices a day, but they have to be within reason (not right after breakfast) and i'm pretty sure we will do the awarding for using the potty as well.

Sharon - posted on 10/31/2010




I just found the kids bags from last year. Still about 1/4 of their collected candy left inside.

The kids get their candy, when we get home we sort out safe vs. unsafe. I don't care how much they eat the first night. They can gorge themselves sick, they never have but they can if they want to! LOL.

After that the bags go into my uppermost cabinets. They can reach them with a stepstool or chair or ask us to get them. But they'll have to work to get it.

Generally they don't have time to find the stepstool and dragging a chair to the kitchen gets noticed. So only during the afterschool hours do they have time to reach the candy. Someone is in the kitchen cooking after that so they can't get to it. They aren't forbidden their candy, they just can't have free access to it at any & every hour. "not now, you have to eat breakfast first." "not now, I'm cooking dinner" etc.

Jessica - posted on 10/31/2010




We are going out trick or treating! Someone is always going to try and wreck every holiday with something to bitch about. Candy can be done wisely ( like your potty training) without taking away the fun of trick or treating for the kids. :)

Amie - posted on 10/31/2010




My kids always get loads of candy. It's ridiculous.

They keep it though, and everyone shares. Friends and family included. haha.

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