Hand Sanitizer- NOT a Debate

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For those of you who like the mini hand sanitzers from Bath & Body Works, the new Halloween line is in. 8 mini bottles for $5! So kid friendly with cool names like Vampire Blood (plum) Zombie Tonic (Marshmallow) Skulls (apple) Batty (bubble gum) Ghost (chocolate cherry) Scary Cats (black cherry) Haunted House (sour drop) Bat Bite (green apple) Pumpkin, & Candy Corn.

My son & nephews LOVE hand sanitxer and while some of the scents are actually kinda gross and way too sweet fo rme, it's pretty kid-friendly.

Oh, another Deal of the Day. At JC Penny, the back to school section is on clearance and Jan Sport backpacks (normally $55+) are on clearance for $7.00!


Krista - posted on 09/27/2011




I've seen the mini ones at the BBW in my region. Thanks!

I think the concern about little kids is that in some cases, the parents/caretakers were not insuring that the child had rubbed in the sanitizer well and let it dry, before touching their mouths. I think I recall hearing a story about a little girl who actually got alcohol poisoning, because the daycare worker just put a blob of sanitizer in each kids' hand, expecting them to rub it in themselves. The girl ate the entire blob.


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I can tell you that I have inadvertently gotten hand santizer in my mouth! It's usually after lunch, and I eat in my classroom. I use hand santizter, then pick something out of my teeth. It's all non-toxic anyway, but I don't suggest drinking it!

Here's a link to the Halloween line of products. It looks like there are some places in canada- but not sure exact locations.


Ashley - posted on 09/27/2011




thats cool .. are there other brands that are kid friendly .. i was told a while ago that hand sanitizers were very bad for young kids if they were to touch you after you used it and then put their hands in thier mouths it could make them very sick ... i am sure this was just for certain brands but i have stayed away from it just because of this .... plus im in canada so are these mini ones even here?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 09/27/2011




Thanks for the tip! Most of them give me a raging headache...I usually stick to the basic type...I will check it out since I need one for my sons back pack.

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