Happy Mother's Day/What Your Mom Did Right

Mrs. - posted on 05/13/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

As we all know it isn't an easy job, even if you are Ann Romney ;). I was thinking today might be a good day to just mention one thing you think your mom did right.

I'll start:

My mother always made a point of correcting us when we had done something that was not above board and would say things like, "I'm a bad girl", or "I'm so stupid." She would say to us, "You are not bad, you just made an unwise decision and you can choose to make a different one next time." It is something that I'm glad I grew up believing, that a person is not inherently bad or stupid, that it is all about the choices you make and everyone can choose differently if they want to.

It is also a sentiment that my husband missed out on and loves that I often say the same thing to him and my daughter. It leaves a lot of room for forgiveness and unconditional love.

How about you?


Johnny - posted on 05/13/2012




My mother figured out how to show love to a child.

My grandmother's mother died in childbirth and my grandmother spent her youth being shuttled from one wealthy set of relatives to another. They all treated her with kindness, however, it was a very "stiff-upper lip" formal sort of upbringing where kids were not shown love and affection, particularly not those that were there for "charity". She had 5 kids of her own, and was both physically and emotionally absent for much of their childhoods. She traveled extensively on business with my grandfather and was not the "maternal type". She was gone for over six months of my mom's first year. She was left with a housekeeper. My mother, and 3 of her brothers have quite severe ADHD, and my mom, her sister, and one brother have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression. Their therapists all feel that this stems from being almost totally emotionally neglected as babies and kids.

So my mom (and my aunt) both put a lot of effort into learning how to be loving parents. They read books, took classes and talked a lot to their husbands about it. They purposefully chose to break the cycle. I see people saying on here all the time that these things are just "gut-instinct" and "not something you can learn" but I benefited greatly from having a mom who didn't come with that built in, she had to learn it as an adult.

So I am forever grateful that they realized that they needed to do that, and took the time to learn how to be affectionate and openly loving. My mom gave me the unconditional love, the hugs, and wiped the tears that her mother never did. To this day, my grandmother still can not give a hug, won't let a child sit on her lap, or say that she loves someone. Watching my mom cuddle my daughter today, rub noses, and whisper secrets, I can't help but be thankful that whatever her own problems, she chose to make that change. It has absolutely made my life what it is.

(oops, sorry for the book)


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Tracie - posted on 05/17/2012




My mom was/is silly! She would often walk into a room, grab me and start ballroom dancing with me to the music in her head. She loved/s to play games with us, go places with us and tell us how awesome we were/are. I definitely get my joie de vivre from her. Thanks mom!!

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The best thing my mum did was keep the lines of communication open through our teen years. She took me out every week for a coffee and a chat on the beach. I got a fancy coffee and she got to hear all about what I was up to. Say what you will about McDonalds, it could be the reason my brother isn't a degenerate today. He had a pretty tumultuous home life when he was in high school but my mum discovered he would open up to her if she took him to McDs. Ha. We didn't have junk food at home so it was exciting for him. They went every week, just the two of them.

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my mother gave me to my great grandmother. i wouldn't be me nor would i be right in the head if my actual mother had raised me.

but my great grandmother did a pretty good job of raising me, i think. we didn't always agree and my mother has my great grandma thinking that i hated her for all the stuff she wouldn't let me do - which is completely NOT true - but i knew even when we didn't agree that she was just looking out for me, which can't always be said about most teens, lol. she taught me to be independent (which she doesn't so much like anymore because i'm being independent of HER too haha) and i plan on teaching this to my children in time.

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It's hard to decide! My mother did so much right that I cannot narrow it down--I honestly think she did everything right.....yet I still came out flawed ;)

I guess I would say the biggest thing, the thing that has made the most impact in my life, is that she taught me to decide what I want, and not to stop working toward it until I had it, no matter what stood in my way. A BIG part of that was deciding what is worth wanting, what is worth working my ass off to attain. She taught me how to decide what was not worth wanting, and how to be happy without it--how to stop wanting it. (read the writings of Gautama, aka the Buddha)

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The best thing I think that my mom did for me, and it certainly wasn't an easy task, was to teach me to be tolerant of people who are different from me..... except stupid people. She never did manage to teach me to tolerate them! lol

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My mother was just awesome in general. I think the best thing she did for me was instill a love for learning and to encourage my curiosity. It's something I am trying to do with my children as well. I love my mom!! She rocks!!!

Ms - posted on 05/13/2012




My Mom is a strong in inspirational part of my life. She encouraged her children to do their best not just enough to get by. She always said that a free ride last a short while, but something you earned will always be a part of you a long while.

To All The Mother's on Mother's Day...

Enjoy many more...

Happy Mother's Day!

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 05/13/2012




If my Mom did anything right, it was showing me work ethics. This has helped me a lot, as to me it is very important to be self sufficient without reliance on someone else.

I do pass this down to my kids. They see me work very hard at my job and they know I believe being independant is very important to a person inner self (well my son doesn't realize this yet but he will...;) ).


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