Harmful restraints and seclusion rooms in school, is this real?

Louise - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




What are seclusion rooms? 7 year old died by being pinned to the floor by staffers? Am I reading this correctly? Isn't harmful restraints illegal already? Where are these schools at? I read in one of the comments that they hit kids with paddles!



Rosie - posted on 03/07/2010




this is just absolutely crazy, and unfortunately i'm not surprised, as it sort of has happened to my child. he has adhd, and was diagnosed his first grade year. he's not violent AT ALL, and he doesn't talk back, he just makes weird sounds, and gets up and walks around when he's not supposed to. at a parent teacher conference i found out that she has his desk moved in the corner away from everybody else, so he doesn't disturb the other students. i was pissed. how does isolating him teach him anything about appropriate social interaction? i switched schools and his 2nd grade teacher was nice, but his 3rd grade teacher was awesome. she really worked with him, and had people come from different agencies in our city to assess him, and give her ideas on what she should do with him. she found simple gum chewing helped with his talking, and to get him to sit down, she had a little lap weight- that she asked me about using- that she put on him, as a gentle reminder that he needed to sit down. it worked perfectly and he hasn't had any problems since. i wish more teachers would be like her and actually give a shit about what some of these children are feeling, and give helpful alternatives to keep them behaved other then just isolating them.

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~Jennifer - posted on 03/10/2010




ok, Tah - I have to chuckle at '"fat free strawberry MILF" - I know it's a typo, but it made me spit tea.

Thank you!

as for the article.......for once - I have no words.

Tah - posted on 03/07/2010




ok...i have a question, and i know, i have asked it before..and will likely ask it again....AM I BEING PUNKED?...ASHTON...I THOUGHT THE SHOW WAS CANCELLED...you mean to tell me that they held this girl down in a prone position because she blew bubbles in her milk..well let me put my fat free strawberry milf in the trash because goodness me, what the hell will happen if i blow a bubble, and let me send juciy juice to school with my kids instead of milk money in with their lunches from home, because, what if her and friend want to have a little lunchtime fun.

Those who voted against it need to have their children and grandchildren put in a frikking closet and or held down in a frikking prone hold...I am saddened that this is allowed to go on...what in theeee world....

JL - posted on 03/07/2010





In all honesty I went to a school when I was in junior high where paddling was OK. They changed the rules right after I went to highschool.. I specifically remember sitting in a classroom hearing the sounds and whimpers of a kid down the hall being paddled by a teacher. It made my stomach churn after of fear and disgust. It was barbaric but parents did have to sign off on permission for their children to be paddled. MY parents SAID HELL NO. They did not give their permission for paddling.

One of the reasons paddling was dropped because most parents were not giving persmission and many went to the school board demanding the practice end.

I had a history teacher who would bring out his paddle whenever anyone was acting up. He named his paddle the Equalizer and every kid he had ever paddled he had signed the paddle and he would proudly wave that thing around at us. It was just fucked up.

The fact that kids are put in isolation rooms, restrained, and paddled as if they are convicts disgusts me. Schools are not Supermax prisons where isolation techniques and restraints are reserved as means of punishment for the worst criminals. Corporal punishment and zero tolerance policies have NO place in the school system. I taught kids with behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Pre-teens and teens on their last line and we never went to such extremes and some of them were violent kids.

Shame on the Republican representatives. However I am not surprised by them refraining to vote on the bill. There has pretty much been a pattern since Obama came into office for Republicans to stand against any bill the Democrats favor.

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