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So this might be a little long, but my now husband just had a baby by someone else who he got pregnant I found out about her 5 months ago and we didn't believe her only because she was not showing me proof of anything she was saying so we figured she was just after him because he is military. Well 3 months ago she contacted his command and thats when things got serious because she then decided to show us the proof of everything but he wants to do a DNA test to make sure its his. So we tried meeting up with her several time to figure things out and come up with an agreement, she bailed on us plenty of times we offered her money for child support she turned it down, we told her he would do his best to be part of the babies life if it turns out to be his but we are expecting as well so he explained that he has a family and work so he can't be a full time father to the kid, we told her we want visitation with the kid she never answered us on that. But everything we have tried she has turned it down and it has caused us to fight and almost call it quits she has been nothing but drama to us about a week ago she texted him when we were out having dinner that she was in labor and thats when I started getting more hurt and emotional about it then the next day she texted me a picture of the baby and it just made things worse, he texted her and told her he wants to do a at home DNA test because we are trying our best to keep it out of the courts she made a big deal about it and called his command and lied to them says that he was not trying at all which was a lie they finally agreed to do the at home test and I told him I don't trust him with her at all so I am going with him which is tomorrow when we are going she told us the doctor told her no driving for 3 1/2 weeks (which I don't believe it) so we are driving about an hour and half to her and paying for the test ourselves so my husband is more then willing to work with her she on the other hand is not. My question is should I just keep to myself and let them handle this or should I put my input on it? Should we just suck it up and pay for a lawyer and take her to court? Also he said if the baby comes out to be his then he is going to sign the BC and try for full custody has anyone ever had to deal with this?


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Stop trying to keep the court system out of it. It is his only protection, that and the military courts.
GO THE LEGAL ROUTE. Do EVERYTHING through the courts. That will offer better protection and results for all.

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