he is just not that into you

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this is for all those desperate women out there....we have all shook ur heads at somebody that could not have been chasing a man more if she was in a track meet...i am a little different as i had many male friends and my female friends were few, i got along better with guys....i just did, and have been told by guys that i was one....lol..(in thinking anywho...)...lol///

Now...what are some things that let you know that a guy is just not that into you.

1. if you have been screwing him for months and dont even know his mother's name, let alone met her(unless she is far away)...or she does't know about you..guess what???

2.if he never answers his phone and only text you...if you couldn't pick his voice out a voice line up--...guess what ladies????

3. does he only come over when the sun goes down?....i don't wanna be the one to tell you...buttttt.....

4. Is he not "ready for a relationship"...and it's him not you????? well baby girl...you can hang that up...

What are some other ways you ladies can tell he is just not in to you...and spread the word because this is just getting crazyyy...;p


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Charlie - posted on 10/19/2010




LOL im sure a couple of my ex's could have said that of me but hey when i say " i dont want anything serious : it means i dont WANNA be your girlfriend just friends with benifits .

Damn there are some needy guys out there too .

one of my ex's ( if you can call him that ) before i met my fiance i only ever texted him and only ever after dark for a booty call *what , what ? * lMAO .
I told him it wasnt to get serious because i was just not ready for that , a year later i still didnt know his last name let alone his mothers sheesh in fact i didnt know his last name until he wanted me to be his friend on facebook !

I know im a bitch but im pretty sure i made the rules clear in the start so not my fault if he wants to get his nickers in a twist because i didnt fall in love .

To be clear i was ONLY sleeping with him for the entire year its not like my alterior motive was so i could sleep around .

Bonnie - posted on 10/19/2010




I appologise if any of these are repetitive. Did not read all responses.

When he can't ever remember your phone number
He doesn't introduce you to any of his friends or family
He never talks about the future or with you in it
Sometimes he will go weeks without seeing you
When you go out in public and he runs into a friend of his he introduces you as his friend or doesn't introduce you at all
He flirts with other women too much
He always makes up excuses
You have broken up and gotten back together more times than you can count

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Dana, they are definitely common sense. But some people have no common sense when they're in 'love'. I think they just find reasons to justify the other person's actions or behaviour because they're niave or desperate or an emotional train wreck. Before I offend anyone here we've all been young before and we've all made mistakes. I'm referring more to those women who do it over and over again to themselves.

Jenni - posted on 10/19/2010




Anytime you talk about taking the relationship to the next level he avoids the conversation or has excuses why you should wait.

He doesn't introduce you or rarely brings you around his friends.

He never has 'meaningful' conversations with you. All small talk and shallow topics. "Mmmhmm... uh huh... that's nice. Ok, foreplay is over let's go!"

He doesn't get to know "you". He has no idea who you are and doesn't seem to care to get to know you either.

When you're out at a club with him he flirts with other women as though you weren't even there.

JUST BECAUSE HE GETS JEALOUS when you flirt with other guys does not mean he's "into you". It just means he's possesive and you're his possession.

If he tells you he wants to break up but is still having sex with you. That does not mean he is still into you!!! He's a man! If you're still giving it up he is still taking. (I don't know how many women I've actually known who believe their man still wants to be with them just because they're having sex with them).

If he doesn't do anything for you! Like take you out to eat (Mc Donalds doesn't count). Go for walks with you just for the heck of it. Take you to the movie you wanted to see. Go out and buy the book he remembers you mentioning you wanted to read. Just the little things that show he cares about what you want and your happiness not just his own.

If things haven't gone to the next level in about a year. Whether it be moving in together or just meeting his family. That topic about the mistress at the mining accident reminds me how many women out there are, sorry but, STUPID enough to believe a man saying he is going to leave his wife for you! If he hasn't done it yet! IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. So either accept the fact that you're always going to be the 'other woman' or move on! Try dating divorcees instead you'll probably have better luck if you're looking for a real relationship.

If he says all the right things but doesn't do all the right things.

I probably could think of a million more... maybe i'll come back later when I come up with some.

[deleted account]

He can't remember your name under pressure.

He has absolutely no interest in finding out what motivates you, what you're passionate about, or even what your favourite colour is.

He goes out of his way to hit on other girls right in front of you.

He doesn't want to see you outside of your place or a bar.

He's been "busy" for WEEKS, I mean every day and every night for the past month, he can't even spend 5 minutes on the phone with you....if he even picks up.

He has an online dating profile.

He untags himself from anything you attach to his profile on FB. - This according to a friend lol.

Dana - posted on 10/17/2010




Ooh, I do have one, it's a personal story.
He's just not that into you when....You walk into your house (that you share with other roommates) only to find your boyfriend and his female friend in your bedroom, she's sitting on the bed, he's got his pants unbuttoned and tucking his shirt in. BUT, they're only sitting in there for privacy to talk about her boyfriend troubles and "why are you home from work so soon".....

Ugh...yeah, needless to say, I wasn't so into him anymore.

Charlene - posted on 10/17/2010




If you've been 'dating' for months, but you've never met his friends and he doesn't have any interest in meeting yours...

You've never been in public together!

He only wants to meet up at your house.

I'm sure there are more! :P

Dana - posted on 10/17/2010




You would think that these are all just common sense things but, obviously not to everyone...they're funny as hell to read though. ;)

Johnny - posted on 10/16/2010




When he tells you he wants to see other people...but he doesn't really want to break up.

Unbelievably, a close friend of mine put up with that for 6 years (of a 12 year relationship) until he finally dumped her. For no one. He's still single. So is she. Duh! Sweetie, for the umpteenth time, he's just not that into you!!!!!!!!!

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