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I know this is a debating community but hell its the best community on here so i'd love to share my story!!!

Had a Dr's appointment on Tuesday at which i was told that on thursday they would be inducing me. I wasn't thrilled at the idea as i wanted to let the baby come when it was ready but with over an hours drive to the hospital that they wanted me to deliver at and a previous very fast labour and birth, which happened at home because it was so fast, I reluctantly agreed to it. I was already 2cm and everything was "favourable".

Left home on thursday morning at 6am ( had already been awake for half the night ) Turned up to the hospital at around 7.30pm only to be told that they already had all their labour suits full and another women in labour in an examination room. We were told to wait for the Dr to see what he wanted to do. Dr turned up and said that he didn't want me to go home due to how far away we live. So i was booked in to stay until they could get me in and i was told i was priority 1. Then i was monitored for over an hour after the most painful examination ever.

So then it was a waiting game. A couple of times we were told that they were just cleaning up one of the labour suits and we would be going in. Then the buzzer would go off and another woman would walk in. Looked like we were there for the night. I was told that after 7pm they wouldn't induce as they didn't have access to surgery straight away as it was finished for the night except for emergencies. But i would be done 1st thing friday morning.

Hard as a rock hospital bed and being away from all family and support i had the worst nights sleep ever, thats if i got any at all. Only thing that made it bearable was that at 7am i would hopefully be going in.

6.30am i was woken by a horrible midwife who decided to inform me that it looked highly unlikely that i would be getting in any time today as i was no longer on top of their list they had other women who were higher priority. I lost it i sobbed and sobbed until my husband turned up and then i sobbed some more. ( stupid hormones and lack of sleep)

We decided to wait for the Dr to see what he had to say. He wasn't happy about the situation but not alot he could do. We then told him that if i couldn't get done that day then i would be going home but we would give it some time to see what was happening.

10am and i had enough so i went and told the midwives and the Dr that by 3pm if nothing had happened we were heading home.
11am i decided to try and get some sleep while hubby went to get himself some lunch.
11.30am the Dr came in and said looks like you wil be down there in a couple of minutes some women who called in saying their waters had broken havent turned up and one women is birthing.
I started to freak out as hubby wasnt back yet and the nurse had turned up to take me down there. Just as we were walking out the door he walked in. :) i was relieved!

12.30pm they finally broke my waters after trying for half an hour. We were told that they would give us around an hour to see if things would get started on there own. Slowly but surely after walking and walking and walking around the hospital they contractions started. The lovely midwife talked the Dr out of starting the oxytocin and brought me another hour to get it going. More walking and more walking and they were getting stronger but still far from painful.
Shift change new midwife and they decided to start the oxytocin, i wasn't overly happy about it. But i managed to get them to start it really really low.
By this time i had 3 drips in. 1) for the oxytocin 2) for the saline to keep me hydrated 3) for the glucose drip to keep my sugar levels up (stupid GDM).
Then i was told that i had to be monitored and stay on the bed, that i couldnt move. I was so cranky at this cause now everything i had wanted had gone out the window.
Anway with the machine they were using they kept loosing the heart rate as i had to sit straight during the contarctions so they had to do the fetal scalp monitor. Baby's heart rate was dropping during contractions. Midwife was so cranky with me at this stage cause i wasn't doing anything she was asking until i was ready.

Anyway by this stage i was managing the contractions fairly well and had become quiet through them and the midwife started to talk to me about upping the oxytocin when all of a sudden i started to feel really odd. light headed almost and couldnt focus on anything. I was at a point where i could no longer handle it and started asking for some kind of pain relief, I started asking for the epidural as i know that i was fine between contractions and therefore pethidine wouldnt work. Midwife was really good at this point and started questioning me about if i really needed and talking to me about it. She then said look i just have to check you to see where we are at before i organise anything and asked me to lie back. I couldnt i had this contraction that just wasn't ending.... and BAM i started to push couldnt stop. 5 mins 3 pushes later and our baby was Born!

Our new son was here finally at 6.30 pm and 5 hours labour. He was 7pound 11ounces, 51cm long and a 36cm head.
( my parents who had my other children were coming back from getting the kids some dinner and heard me outside as they were walking past the window where i was, My mum said i think that was Shannen my dad said No it couldn't be and my daughter turned to my dad and said "yes Poppy that was mummy". Apparently it was only 1 hour before when i was at 6cm so they weren't sure)

To all those mummy's out there who had big babies i feel for you!

Left the major hospital on saturday at 11am and came back to our local hospital to stay for just one night as the ped's at the big hospital didnt want me to go straight home. Lucky i did as our sons bsl's went through the floor. But thats another story all together!

Sorry about the novel i have written but i thought i'd share my story about our new addition and also why i would never ever by induced again. It way to restrictive labour should be as natural as possible not forced and timed like it was for me. This labour was the same as my 1st and yet i still feel like it was harder on me emotionally and physically.

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Thanks everyone. All is going well, sleeping beautifully and feeding well. I forgot how cuddly babies are :) but i'm loving having a newborn in the house.

Ez - posted on 07/12/2010




Congrats Shannen! I love the name too :) Sorry your birth wasn't what you had hoped for though. Having birth 'managed' like that is really hard. Hope you're feeling good!

C. - posted on 07/12/2010




Aww!! I had a teacher named Byron.. Love that name! Congratulations, Shannen! I hope you have a fast recovery!!!!

Johnny - posted on 07/12/2010




Great name. I really like that. Probably because I love the poet though!

Johnny - posted on 07/12/2010




:) Wonderful Shannen! Congratulations to you & your family. Enjoy! By the way, what's his name??

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