help; 18mnth old WON'T EAT

Diane - posted on 06/07/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




hi Ladies,

I put my baby into creche 3 weeks ago and since then her appetite has steadily decreased to the extent that she now refuses to eat a thing. This past weekend she only ate meal replacement shakes or her formula; but refused any solid food.

She was sick a couple of weeks back and on antibiotics; the doc checked throat, ears etc and said she was fine. BUT what do I do about the refusing to eat?

any suggestions; most welcome!


Charlie - posted on 06/08/2010




Children go through stages where they seem to live on air one day and then eat non stop the next , My son does this if he isnt hungry and will only pick at food then i let him pick when he is hungry i he will ask , children wont starve themselves :D

Do they make meals at creche or do you send her with food , it could be she is eating at creche ?or perhaps she is still getting her appetite back , i get Cooper really involved in shopping and cooking , i let him pick which fruits and yogurts he likes and when i cook i try and involve him whether its putting veggies in a salad or just mixing ingredients he really enjoys it and seems to eat more when he has helped , he is 18 months old .

I hope things get better for you :D

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Diane - posted on 06/08/2010




thanks Loureen,

she gets food at creche, but the last couple of days she won't eat. it seems the only person who can feed her is the nanny in the afternoon and that's not always the case.

the teachers at creche reckons she's pushing her boundaries and its all about authority?

i'll keep trying though; i make sure there's fresh chopped fruit on the table and juice so that when she wants to snack she's got food in front of her.

I think the biggest problem is that i don't eat at night; so we don't eat dinner together (i usually cook her meals and then freeze them) cooking for one (me, that is being single) is no fun.

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Stoneyfield YoBaby yogurt is fabulous! It's made with whole milk and has real fruit puree mixed in. They also make a whole milk yogurt with fruit and vegetable puree mixed in, but that is harder to find in my area. For a time, it's all my daughter would eat. Well, bread too. So we just let her. She was getting fruit and veggies mixed with her dairy and whole wheat bread so it wasn't a bad diet. Kids just go through phases when it comes to food. Kids will not let themselves starve if there is food present!

Marabeth - posted on 06/07/2010




god my daughter loves popcorn. if there is popcorn she will eat nothing else. we joke about having to be careful or she's going to work in a movie theater when she grows up just for the smell.

Diane - posted on 06/07/2010





thanks for your post; to answer your question; she's always had a healthy appetite. she refuses to touch porridge; sausages; sandwiches, wholesome cooked meals; the only thing she will touch though is yoghurt, her bottle with formula and popcorn! crazy!

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