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Charlene - posted on 10/10/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Okay, so Gracie woke up last week with a runny nose.. not a big deal. But as the week progressed, she became more and more congested and now she has a wicked cough with it and at times, a slight fever.
Our doctor is not available until Tuesday, due to the holiday, but since I think it's probably a cold, he probably won't have much to offer.
Anyway, I was in Shopper's tonight and asked the pharmacist for ideas on what to do to help her, since cough syrup is a no-no for children under six. (Gracie is 14mos.) She suggested Homeocan Cold and Cough. It's a homeopathic remedy that states it is safe for ages 0-9 and she said a lot of people swear by, herself included. When I got home with it, I realized that it had only been less than 3 hours since I gave Gracie some tylenol, so I tried calling to see if it was still okay to give her the new stuff. Of course, I couldn't get a hold of the pharmacist at the same location, so I called the other one in our city and I got completely conflicting information. I asked her about it and she said that they couldn't find it on the shelf and since she didn't know what it was, she had to assume it was cough syrup and said that she couldn't recommend it. She then suggested Tylenol, vicks and a humidifier, all of which I have been doing... to no avail.

I guess what I am wondering is if anyone has used this or knows anything about it. I am not a good 'googler' and all I could find were sites with ads for the stuff, so obviously they were going to say good things about it. :P

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to ease her cough? I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but this is the first time she's ever been sick so I've never had to deal with it before and I trust you ladies the most!

Thanks for reading my ramblings.. .


Krista - posted on 10/10/2010




From their pdf, it says that there is no risk of negative reaction with another drug:

Usually, that homeopathic stuff is just a very mild tincture of the active ingredients. I use the Boiron stuff for Sam, which also works well.

Have you tried calling 811 to see if they can help you? They're RNs there, not pharmacists, but they might be able to help.l

Meghan - posted on 10/10/2010




there was some sort of "cough medicine" that I bought for J when he was about 15 months...there is no actual medicine in it and I think the main ingredient was honey? Hylands has one and I cant remember the actual brand I bought.

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C. - posted on 10/14/2010




NOT a stupid question :)

Baby Vicks is good, if you're into that stuff (I am, just don't know if you are). It's a lot more mild than regular Vicks and helps break up the congestion really well. A few nights of that stuff and my son was good to go when we had it available (he was about 18m when we had it around). We can't find it out here, so his last cough was treated with Triaminic Children's cough syrup. Took it like a champ (maybe b/c his Daddy called it his 'special juice that makes him feel better' lol).

I've heard about tea and cough drops for adults, but not LOs. Other than the couple of suggestions I already mentioned.. I got nothing :/ Hope she feels better soon!

Charlene - posted on 10/11/2010




Ah, thanks for all the helpful tips!
I called her doctor's office today to leave a message and the nurse was in to answer phones for the day. I mentioned the problem and the Homeocan and asked for an appt. for tomorrow. She told me that she uses the Homeocan with her kids and that she found it worked great. She also managed to get our Dr. to call me back. I read off the ingredients and the amount of each and he told me to use it if I felt that she was having a painful cough (which it was) and to bring her in tomorrow to be checked for an infection.

So I tried it after talking to him and it seemed to help her right away. Even if it's temporary relief, it's better than nothing until her appt. In the meantime I still have the humidifier running, the vicks rubbed on her feet, and her feet propped slightly higher than the rest of her. Thanks again!

Unfortunately, Serena, PEI doesn't have Urgent Care, other than the ER and they were sending away anyone with Flu/Cold symptoms. We are pretty behind when it comes to the health system, which is quite unfortunate.

@Nikki... this brand also has a 'Calm' mixture available. I joked to my MIL that if this Cold&Cough stuff worked, then I was going to buy 100 bottles of the Calm mixture. In all seriousness though, do you find it actually helps at all?

Dana - posted on 10/11/2010




My mother made some weird onion and honey concoction that we drank. It tasted good and seemed to work.

Serena - posted on 10/11/2010




Does she sound congested or does it sound like she is wheezing? I know my children always start out with a cold and then it always turns into a respiratory infection, marked with wheezing. Not trying to scare or anything but the RSV season and whooping cough are in their prime now in many places. Good luck though and I would just check with the doctor tomorrow or do they have urgentcare open today?

Louise - posted on 10/11/2010




Sorry not heard of the medicine but try putting two books at the feet of the cot to raise it up slightly and use Karvol or Olbus oil on a cloth near her head but not in reach. If you have the heating on then place a small bowl of water ontop of the radiator to put some moisture into the air. Try and get an appointment as soon as you can with the doctors to make sure she has not got a chest infection and requires antibiotics.

Nikki - posted on 10/10/2010




I use lots of homoeopathic remedies for my daughter, teething, calm sleep and cold and flu. I am in Australia so they are most likely different brands but I am pretty sure if it is completely natural (which they should be) they are fine to use with paracetamol. When my daughter is teething badly I use a combination of the natural remedy and paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Charlene - posted on 10/10/2010




I'm in PEI.. I'm not sure if 811 works for us?
Healthlink is probably the only thing I miss about Calgary at the moment.. :P

Charlene - posted on 10/10/2010




Ah.. I completely forgot about Honey.. Thank you! I will definitely be trying that if she gets another fit tonight. She's sound asleep right now, with a cough thrown in every once in a while.
I am probably going to take this cough stuff back, I just googled a couple of the ingredients and it has Cochineal in it.. aka Carmine. ICK! I knew I had heard of Cochineal before and I couldn't remember where...

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