hey, im new to the group, im heartbroken at the moment as my 17 yr old son has decided to move in with his biological dad


Erica - posted on 01/07/2014




Hey there! I don't know what your feeling inside but I wanted to give you some support and maybe an outsiders perspective. I can only imagine how heartbroken you feel, but you also have to look at this from your teenage sons view. Has he been with you for awhile? Do him and his dad have common hobbies? Maybe he is just trying to get closer with his dad. He's at that age where he is growing up and wanting to make changes...at this age most kids are getting ready for the big 1-8 when they can officially move out on their own if they want! Maybe him moving in with his biological dad is, in a way for him, growing up and having a different experience. Also, kids tend to have more fun with the parent they don't spend a lot time with because there isn't usually time for discipline, its all fun and games and when they go back home, it's the same routine and chores and discipline. It's not fair but thats how it is. Once he stays with his BIO dad for awhile, and realize its not all fun and games, and he really really really misses his mom...he'll be begging to come home to you. :)

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