Hey there anyone watching Sister Wives on TLC just interested on what everyone thinks.

Lisa - posted on 10/03/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wondering what every one thinks of Sister Wives on TLC

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Nikki - posted on 10/03/2010




ive been watching it and to be honest I have alot of respect for the wives for being so strong , because me personally there is NO WAY I could ever do that, i am way too greedy to share my hubby, and if i ever found out he ever thought about another women Id be pissed. After watching the families and the kids, they live in a very loving household, all the children seem very happy and to me that is what is most important. They have three loving caring mothers that make sure they are taken care of and they have 13 other siblings to grow up with and share their lives and a father who has enough love for all of them. He seems very respectful despite the fact he is sleeping with three women, for some reason watching this particular household it seems okay, the three women are very close and don't show any signs of jealousy or resentment towards eachother. Now bring in the 4th wife and the whole dynamic changes, this I dont really agree with, the other three have been there the entire time pretty much, also this is different for the kids, I see this starting a bunch of problems. If you were to ask me how I felt before I watched the show or got to know this family, I would have said how wrong and disgraceful and selfish it is, but I dont think that way about them at all..........There are so many families where there is fighting and abuse (drugs alcohol or violence) at home and where the children are not the main priority and it's so upsetting, but this family portrays the ideal loving caring and supportive family unit and the children have the best upbringing so Im all for it, for them. Still its not for me, Im happy with my husband he is my soulmate, my best friend and the love of my life and there is noone in the world who I would even consider thinking about like that, nor would I ever be okay sharing him, Im selfish so be it.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/03/2010




I did watch the first episode…its very intriguing to watch the dynamics of the family…
They are very modern, yet hold old world values…as far as having as many “sister wives” as one can…

I say more power to them, but im not sure I could share my husband….

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