HEY YOU! Where are ur manners?

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I'm frustrated! I feel that I'm always considerate of everyone elses feelings and I'm very careful HOW I say things to try and minimize anyone taking great offense to my posts......I find that there's a lot of women in these communities who aren't considerate and have verbal diarrhea.......there SHOULD be a difference between offering ur opinion or some useful advice/knowledge AND just attacking someone elses point of view! It's not WHAT some people say, it's HOW they say it! You don't think I would love to tell some people how I feel, no holds bar?! But do I? NO! And the reason I don't is because EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, whether I agree with it or not! Find a nice way to express urself or DON'T say anything!

Ladies, SOME of you need to try and be more considerate of HOW you're responding to some of these posts! Ask questions if ur unsure......stop assuming things and attacking someone's post before you even bother to ask for more facts! For those of you who are considerate, THANK YOU!

Happy Debating!

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Jess - posted on 03/08/2010




Ahem Dana !!!! If something shits me off, I re-read the post, I read the responses and when Im still not sure I ask ???? If their being a twat, I don't bother responding !

Its not just this community either, I was involved in a very nice but contraversal topic, which was going really well no one was rude until one lady misread my post and send a barrage of abuse at me..... despite all the "helpful, encouraging, nice and funny" scores it had ! So I told her where to shove her "how dare you" !!! If you make a gaff... delete the post, or make a very clear apology !!! We are never all going to agree on anything.... other than this topic probably, But we can all be nice about it and still have our dignity when we shut down our computers !

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I agree, that's my point! I don't take things personally and I'm always tryin to be concious of other peoples feelings; that's why, even though sometimes other peoples comments piss me off and my blood starts boiling I always try and take a deep breath, gather my thoughts constructively and then respond! And do you know how many times I just choose to NOT respond because I can't be calm? People either need to find a nice constructive way to make comments or NOT comment at all!

Sara - posted on 03/08/2010




People tend to take things personally in a debate, I know I have been guilty of that, especially when it's over something that is emotional, like abortion or your parenting philosophies. So I agree with you in part, but I think some times it's a two-way street and people on both sides need to calm the fuck down.

[deleted account]

Haha! Guess I was just ranting......I never did ask a question or pose an interesting topic for debate but I would like ur input?? Am I over reacting? Does anyone else feel this way?. ...Do I even make sense? LMAO!

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