Hollywood-Preferential Treatment?

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I suppose more of a vent. I just read that Sandra Bullock's divorce was granted. She filed in April, and it was granted on June 28th. Yet in most other instances, at least in most of the states, I can't speak on behalf of ALL states....there is a waiting period before a divorce is granted. Even in uncontested divorces, there is a waiting period that requires both parties to apply for formal separation first, and then go through a series of legal paperwork. I have never heard of a divorce granted in just 2 months! Is this Hollywood preferential treatment? Why did Sandra Bullock's court petitions get to the front of the judge's desk for signatures over the common person? This makes me mad! I have a friend going through a nasty ugly divorce and I just wish she can get those papers signed and be done with. But noooooo.....there is a formal procedure of parenting classes, legal separation, counseling, and a specific time frame that is required JUST IN CASE of a reconciliation. It's taking a tragic emotional toll on her and her children. So why can;t this Hollywood double standard be applied towards the common person who simpyl wants the divorce done and over with? I know some of you went through the divorce process and I'm eager to hear your comments about this.


Meghan - posted on 07/03/2010




I know that in BC Canada, you have to be seperated one year before you go through the divorce process. I guess the reason is because a lot of people where getting divorced for tax reason then getting back together..doesn't really make sense but that is what my lawyer told me. Also in BC, if there is proof of affairs or abuse you can get divorced sooner than the year mark.
I totally agree with you though. My divorce seems like it has been dragging on and on and NOTHING is getting close to being done..and I JUST hit the one year mark on June 21. There was NO way in hell we where going to reconcil and the custody and access part of the ordeal has been VERY stressful on everyone!

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