Homeless Success Story....Not really a debate, but wanted to share

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This girl's story is much like my own, except my mom was not addicted to drugs, only my father (he is clean now), but she was not around because she was kidnapped when I was 6--two years after we became homeless. We were reunited when I was 10, and got a house when I was a teen, though it didn't have electricity or water either. I still remember sneaking into the school to shower because I was too ashamed and afraid to confide in teachers or counselors. I had a job in cleaning too--taking the trash out for a row of high-end restaurants.

Like her, I also went to Governors School, and earned scholarship to college, but I became ill before I could go and was diagnosed with cancer--for a while there, it seemed like NOTHING was going my way! I know we've ALL had days like that, but when you are in the middle of it all, it feels like you are all alone, you know?

Eventually, with lots of help and encouragement from friends, I beat cancer, started a business, and by the time I was 22, I was a millionaire--I am finally able to give back to my community for everything it did for me, despite the fact that I started out as trash that no one wanted to see or acknowledge :)

Homeless, abandoned children often fall through the cracks for gov. aid because we have to go into social service to get help. The gov. means well, but for many homeless kids, this means being separated from the only family they've ever known, and often going into abusive situations or enslaved for sex. I would love to see more privately run charities to help homeless kids. If we don't help them, they become homeless adults and the problems just grow--they turn to drugs to escape the mental and emotional turmoil, and crime to stay alive.

We can be successful--I know she and I are only two examples, but I promise, for each of us, there are hundreds more who didn't make CNN, and thousands more who could accomplish just as much if they just had someone in their lives to say "I believe in you."

I think most of the mothers on here are pretty compassionate, but the world as a whole is not. Next time you see a homeless person, instead of walking by without making eye contact, try handing them a granola bar (I keep them in my purse) and telling them that you hope they have a good day. Just knowing there is someone out there who doesn't wish you didn't exist can change a person's life.


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That is an amazing story and an amazing young lady, thanks for sharing it!
Years ago, I worked in a coffee shop in central London. When our shift finished at 4am we were supposed to go through the stock and trash the dated stuff. Most of it was still fine and it really grated on a couple of us that it was being dumped, so we took it upon ourselves to bag it up and take it to the homeless. We'd spend many an early morning chatting and playing cards with the girls and guys living round there. They're human too.

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That story touches my heart in a huge way! It made me tear up several times. It is absolutely wonderful that she has been given a chance at life. She is more than determined to exceed. This is one amazing young lady.

I too, stop and take the time to have a quick talk with some homeless. We have a few down where I work. I will not give them money but if I have something, like an apple or banana, I pass it off to them. It is important to me to let them know, they are a person and they may be having a really rough go but there are people that do care about them. I wish more would do the same. I know it isn't always an easy thing to do but really, it is important, since they have feelings just as you and I.

Thank you for sharing the story, Kelly. It was actually very uplifting to see how far a person can go, when they have the hand to help them.

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