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I'm interested to know what everyone thinks about homeschooling?

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A lot of people think if you are home-schooled you get a lack of education and social life, however I was homeschool through a lot of my childhood and never found this a problem. When I started to go to school aged 12 I found that I was just as intelligent as the others! I didn't have to catch up or feel like I was stupid, I came top of the class in English, history and drama! Also I used to always get the question "but how on earth did you make friends?", you DO get friends in home-schooling, my cousin who is my age was also homeschooled, and through my cousins in school I met many other people and had a great social life. When I Did go to school I already knew a vast majority of the students (a huge school of 1000) and only really made one strong friend through school, the rest I already knew! All my children are homeschool except the oldest 3 who attend a highly sporty and arty private school near where I live (they do not board.) my younger 4 stay at home with me :)

Bonnie - posted on 06/05/2011




I don't do it, but it is a lot of work. The children don't get much socialization either.

Minnie - posted on 06/05/2011




There definitely are parents who homeschool in order to brainwash and shelter their children. I've seen it first-hand. But there are plenty of families who homeschool in order to give their children an individualized education.

Jenn - posted on 06/05/2011




On the whole, I'm against, but I do think it works for some people. One of my cousins home schools her kids, and she does a great job of it and her kids are well-rounded individuals with excellent social skills. But I think there are a lot of people who do it and shouldn't because they don't know what they're doing and/or the kids don't get to socialize much and turn into awkward outcasts.

Minnie - posted on 06/05/2011




We're also going to be homeschooling to 7-8 years like Loureen.

My five year old's socialization is fine. We're part of two groups that get together with their children, she goes to ballet every week, and I'm also part of a local homeschooling network.

The idea of sending her to kindergarten to do basically what would be remedial work for her boggles me. She's reading at a second grade level, and if she was in public kindergarten would come home announcing they learned about the letter A!

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Loureen I think your idea about homeschooling just for the early couple of years sounds good. Especially if the kids are exposed to a ton of socialising at the same time - that's really vital.

[deleted account]

I am torn between thinking that homeschoolers are the most amazing dedicated imaginative mums in the world... and also thinking that there is a some crazy stuff going on with parents that want to home school to make sure they get maximum brainwashing time with their victims, I mean, their kids.

Oh - but those of you that are creating a fantastic broad education for your kids at home... I really admire you.
My sister in law was a good example of all of the above - she was Hare Krishna and homeschooled her son in complete isolation of the Real World. He's now 20 and can't get a job or cope with the world (as I predicted would happen about a decade ago). My sister in law died of breast cancer because she didn't "believe in science" and didn't go to the doctor.

Petra - posted on 06/05/2011




You hear a lot about the kids who were homeschooled by people who weren't actually attempting to provide a well-rounded education. What you don't hear about is the rest of the home-schooled kids who do just fine - and who even excel, academically.

I have no problem with it, other than perhpas there need to be more guidelines about monitoring/unbiased testing.

If Tara lived in my town, I'd send my boy to her, rather than a public school. She's an amazing homeschooler and her kids are the recipients of the kind of education you could never acquire in the public system (which is far, far from perfect).

Ez - posted on 06/05/2011




As long as the parents are equipped to do the teaching, and haven't just made the choice to control (ie, limit) the information their child is exposed to, I am fully supportive of homeschooling.

The concerns for social skills of homeschooled children really is a non-issue.

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I'd like to try putting my children through public schools so they would grow up as normal as possible. However, if the schools fail even close to as badly as they did for me my boyfriend and I agree that after trying all we can to help them in school and out of school and it still doesn't work? We'll homeschool. Because at a certain point public schools quit working and it's much more harmful to keep them in than out

Charlie - posted on 06/04/2011




I am actually considering homeschooling until around 7 years .

My children are very socialized , they have excellent social skills and I encourage that aspect of learning in their lives and while I have not made my mind up about it as yet and I have a few years to go to decide it could be said that I already do a form of unschooling , both my youngest and eldest sons have child lead learning experiences at home and many places of inspiration and provocation which include the outdoor enviroment and the indoor enviroment , one room in our house has recently been set up as a creative learning space and it has become a hit all while learning through play .

I am trying to find a way to merge unschooling into homeschooling and eventually giving them the full school experience because I DO think it is important however I do feel children in Australia are forced into school too early to their own detriment.

I guess time will tell :)

Elizabeth - posted on 06/04/2011




My almost 16 year old daughter was homeschooled until midway through last year. In public school, she is on the honor roll (twice the 4.0 honor roll) and she quickly made friends there (she had friends before public school.) She is actually one of those rare people that does not fit into a clique is welcome in any and has friends in each. She had no trouble adjusting to public school. Her teachers said that they were worried but that if they hadn't been told that she was homeschooled, they would have never known. They were impressed that she was able to fit into a group and yet keep her identity. I am all for home schooling if it is done right.

Becky - posted on 06/04/2011




I don't think it's for us, because I don't think I'm disciplined enough to make sure my kids are actually learning what they are going to need to go on to post-secondary education. But in general, I have no problem with others who choose to do it. I used to be kind of against it too, because in Africa, the other missionary kids who were homeschooled - as opposed to being sent to the boarding school I went to - were always kind of wierd. They just hadn't been socialized much around other North American kids. I think they had a harder time adjusting when they came back to North America too. However, now I know a lot of people who homeschool, and I think they do a really great job of it. They make learning fun for their kids and they make sure they are well socialized. And they don't make their girls wear dresses and have weird hairstyles, lol. Although the majority of them are Christian, which probably does have something to do with it - wanting to choose what their children learn rather than leave it up to the public education system. On the other hand, I also worked with a couple of kids who had been "homeschooled" by their paranoid schizophrenic mother and in grade 5, they were functionally illiterate. I don't think they ever were able to fully catch up in school. So it's definitely not for every family!

Mrs. - posted on 06/04/2011




I used to think it was just for strange religious folks that made their girls wear puffed up mulletts and long skirts...

However, I have learned that there are some homeschoolers who are totally qualified to teach their children, use the resources needed to supplement what they might not know and involve their kids in organized sports/arts programmes that help them socialize with their peers.

I do not think this is everyone, but some people are the latter.

Lacye - posted on 06/04/2011




I don't think it is for everybody. Now if the person was around more people who homeschooled and they had a great network to support each other, it wouldn't be too bad. But for me it wouldn't work. I procrastinate way too much and my daughter would never learn anything.

[deleted account]

I have a general 'against' feeling towards it. Not that I think it is automatically wrong though. I know several different families where homeschooling fits them well and is in the best interest of the kids.

I have always supplemented my kids educations though. I was their first 'teacher' and they learned a LOT from me in the beginning, but I would never in a million years have the patience or ability to do it full time.

Mel - posted on 06/04/2011




I definately do not agree due to the fact that all the home schooled with I know didnt know how to socialize with others and had trouble when they did go into the real world. I think it cuts off thier chance for a normal experience with school and other kids. I would feel very robbed if I was homeschooled

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