How often to bathe babies and kids

Merry - posted on 06/29/2011 ( 20 moms have responded )




What's the right amount of times to bathe a baby or a kid?
I've seen a range from twice a day to once a week here online.
I've seen moms say anything less then once a day is disgusting, and on the flip side I see some say more then once a week is awful for their skin.

How often do your kids and babies bathe, and why


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Katherine, I HAVE to wash my hair every day. If I don't... my head itches so bad that I can't sleep. The last time I went over 24 hours w/out washing my hair was the day the girls were born cuz I couldn't get out of bed yet. Learned my lesson w/ that and showered before going to the hospital w/ my son.... even though I had to be up at 4am to do it! ;)

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Tara, we have video of the girls in the shower at 10 months. They were having a SUPER cranky day, so we stripped them down, stuck them in the shower, shut the shower door, and turned on the video camera. They laughed and clapped the entire time. :)


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Kerrie - posted on 06/30/2011




i bathe my daughter roughly 3 times a week unless of course she needs extra.
how on earth do people have time to bathe their child twice a day???

Ez - posted on 06/30/2011




Every second day when she was a newborn. We're Australian and she was a summer baby. She got too sweaty to leave it longer. I quickly ditched the Johnson & Johnson stuff though. That stuff is shit! Much too harsh for baby skin. Once I switched to Aveeno I had no problems with dryness.

I started bathing her every day around 5-6 months. She was mobile and eating solids, so was getting dirty. I actually can't imagine sending her to bed now without a bath (she's almost 2.5yo). Maybe if we lived somewhere cold where we couldn't go outside and she didn't sweat. But here, with our lifestyle, she definitely needs a bath every day.

Ella - posted on 06/30/2011




newborns should only be bathed once a week or so because of thier skin. I bath my kids every day or every other day now

Vicki - posted on 06/29/2011




I don't think there's a 'right' way. When he was a tiny baby he only had a bath every week or so, or after a big scary poo. Now he has a bath every other day. Sometimes every day if he's gotten dirty. His nappy area starts to pong if I leave it more than two days even though I clean him every time I change his nappy. During the summer it was mostly every day as he was outside getting dirty more.

Stifler's - posted on 06/29/2011




Logan is 18 months so every second day at least because he plays outside but when he was small it was every 3rd or 4th day. I only shower at night, every night before bed because I don't like getting into bed dirty. I have my whole life.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 06/29/2011




oh and just to add my son takes showers 90% of the point in sitting in his dirt

Katherine - posted on 06/29/2011




Everyday for a while. Now it's every other because their skin was getting scaly. When they were babies every 2 days I would just sponge bathe them. But sometimes I had to give them a lot of bathes because both of mine had acid reflux and would spit up so much, they HAD to have a bath.

I don't think it's good to do it everyday. It is hard on their skin. In fact they recommend adults don't wash their hair everyday. I have to because of oily skin, but that's what the "people" say.

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I bath the three year old every night. Were we live it's very hot, and she loves playing outside. So by the end of the day she's sweaty and stinky. It also helps relax her at the end of the day so that she falls asleep very easily.

I bath my three month old 2-3 times a week. She doesn't really get dirty...but again it's hot and she'll sweat.

Joanna - posted on 06/29/2011




My 8 month old we bathe 2-3 times a week... She has sensitive skin, plus isn't mobile so she doesn't get dirty. My 3 1/2 year old is every day, though in the winter we skip a day here and there. She had sensitive skin and excema as a baby so when she was little it was every 2-3 days.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 06/29/2011




My 8 year old just about every day!!! if he does not come in the house smelling like a grown man..stinky and musty from playing sooooo hard and loooong, or he smells just like our im so serious...I let my son play outside as long as he wants...or until 8oclock hits in the summer because the sun does not go down until 9.

my 15month old every other day, unless he is dirty from the park or food...ect

Tara - posted on 06/29/2011




Hmm...I think I probably gave this a lot more thought with babies # 1 and 2, maybe 3. But after that, I bathed them when they were dirty or when they wanted to get wet.
After baby # 4 I came across a poem that had this line in it:
If they are crabby put them in water.
:) works like a charm for my kids.
Currently the girls will shower every other day or so, Riley however loves going in the shower with Steve every morning and so he does. He only gets washed when necessary though.
So really unless they have a dermatological issue such as eczema than I don't think they can be too "wet" on a regular basis.

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I forget when the girls were young infants (my ex did all the baby bathtub/sink washing), but as soon as they were old enough to crawl around in the shower w/ me.... pretty much every day. They NEED it every day now or they stink like crazy. There is the occasional late night that they don't get one, but that MIGHT be once or twice a month.

My son didn't get his first bath til he was almost 2 months old. I babywiped him off and stuff before, but since I had never done a baby bath w/ the girls.... I was scared. Once he got a bit older.... every day. He doesn't use soap every day and I only wash his hair 2-3 times/week, but he needs a rinse every day cuz he gets DIRTY.

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My babies i bathed every night as part of their bedtime routine.
My kids during summer need a bath every day because they are always outside getting really dirty. During winter every second or thrid day depending on whats going on and if we are busy.

Mary - posted on 06/29/2011




The first few months, Molly only got a bath about every third night, although I did wipe her down with a damp wash cloth every morning. I would have loved to have bathed her every night; from day one, that girl has loved the water, and she always sleeps better after a bath. However, she was a winter baby with dry skin and some mild eczema, so a daily bath was not possible. After about six months, the advent of summer, and finding a lotion product and regime that worked well for her, we went to every other night, unless she really got dirty ( or - more likely - got food in that unnatural head of hair).

She's two and a half now, and since about May, we have been bathing every night. Between playing outside every day, and swimming, she just flat out needs one every night. Once winter returns, and we are outside less, and her skin gets dryer, we'll probably go back to every other night.

Kylie - posted on 06/29/2011




Every day or second day is good, bath time is fun for the kids. My son went six weeks without a bath once. He was extremely afraid to get in the water so i just wiped him over with a cloth each day. I'd put him under the shower spray once a week while he clawed and screamed:/ He didn't stink too bad but it was a big relief when he got over his fear.

Rosie - posted on 06/29/2011




for babies, unless they are filthy, every other day, or every two days. i've always been told it's to harsh on their skin by their doctors to do it more than that. plus, unnecessary. it's not like they walk around in filth all day. :)

Lady Heather - posted on 06/29/2011




Oh, and I don't really have a why. It just seems like a normal amount of bathing for a relatively clean individual to me.

Lady Heather - posted on 06/29/2011




Unless she's been out in the mud on an off day or something, every two days. She would probably prefer five times a day. Or all day.

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