How to Kick a Man Out of a Room

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I thought of you ladies yesterday. I am on a National Creditation Committee for my school and partnered up with a math teacher. A female teacher-mom of 6, and a few grandkids. Well my classroom, lately, has been the teacher 'hang-out' place, but my partner & I really needed to get some work done before 4 pm. 2 male teachers were just NOT leaving my room: the enagged 28 year old, & the one in the mid-50's. So I turned to my colleague and said "Helen did you hear about the mom kicked out of the store who was breastfeeding her baby?" And then she & I had started a great conversation about nursing in public. The 2 guys split...pretty quickly!

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LOL I love that. :) I just intentionally nag my DH about something small and he runs to his man cave. :) If I am ever in some situation like you I just start with the birthing stories. Like, "Did you know my DH actually caught my 3rd daughter when she was born?" and go from there. I have a story for each kid and I will keep going. Most men split quick but the occasional one will need an extra story or two. :)

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I went to a kidless wedding last night and by the time we sta down for dinner i was in pain. My breats were hurting os bad for being away from my son and not being able to feed him. The bride came up to me and we had a quick conversation and she asked about the kids and i told her in a nice way about my problem. The Groom left very very quickly! LOL

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Well they were just not wanting to be part of this conversation! But the next morning I asked the 28 year old if he buys tampons for his fiance' and he said he would but has never been asked!
I even repeated a comment I posted here on this board: In the high school setting, we see way too much teenage boob as opposed to a discreetly nursing mother!

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LOL That is just too funny! I have to remember that one! I know one way that works, or at least it does with my 19 year old nephew, is to share labor stories. They leave pretty quickly.

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Some men find a breastfeeding conversation too graphic, even though it is natural and some get overly interested because they are sex fanatics. At least this is what I have noticed.

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