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For the last few days we have been hearing the 'mews' of a little kitten on the other side of our fence, in the neighbours yard.

We caught a glimpse of him/her through the cracks in the fence. She/he looks like an 8-10 week old kitten. He has been desperately crying out for his mom and food, I imagine. We tried letting our neighbours know, but they haven't been home.

My husband gave the poor thing some water and catfood. And no, we aren't big on feeding strays but it's been so heart wrenching listening to the cries.

I'm guessing, by the age of the kitten, someone just dropped him off when he was weaned from his mother.

We are going to inform the neighbours today at a decent hour. But I'm a little worried that there is possibility that they won't want to be bothered with it, or just call the humane society. My husband especially is really against calling the humane society because of their 'kill rate'. Would a 'no-kill' shelter come and catch him? We can't coax him out because he is too scared considering his predicament.

I know there's a few animal lovers our there. What should we do in this situation?


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Yes, a no kill shelter would either get the cat or ask that you bring it in. I would do whatever it took to get that baby out!! If nothing else, call humane society and ask if they can help or what their procedure is. Kittens often get adopted, older cats don't nearly as much. Coax with some canned kitten food?


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Kittens are almost never killed even at kill shelters, unless it is ill. Just call your citys animal control and they will pick it up and put it where you want it to go.

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Call the no-kill shelter and ask if they have room for a kitten. Be prepared for them to say "no", though. Every single no-kill shelter in the entire city where I live is "no longer accepting animals" due to having no more room.

As far as luring him/her out... set the dish of food a little closer to your house every time until he/she is willing to come out of hiding. Only change the location very little at a time.

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Poor kitty! Now I want it..... I'd try to get it w/ food. IF I didn't live where I live (no pets allowed) I'd keep it. Otherwise... I'd bring it in to the Humane Society (our kittens here go fast). If I couldn't catch it.... I'd call them for it. That's part of what they do.

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aww no the poor thing Im so glad you gave it some water and food, this breaks my heart I hope you're able to get it out of there

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