how well our husband pass the words to our child?

Dee Dee - posted on 02/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




D ccalled satuday that she was on the way home. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. my husband came in and told me the phone call. I was going to cook more food for dinner. So I ask M to bring the big bag of "too small clothes" from D's room to the living room. i ask M to ask D to check the bag before we give to good will, so I don't give away the clothes she wants to keep. if D has time , go thru the bag, then the bags in the sunroom, then the cloothes in her closet. take the unwanted clothes to the garage, so I can take to the good will. If she doesn't have time this weekend, she can take the bag to sunroom and go thru them next weekend when she has more time. Did you get it, mike? When I turn around , D was in the kitchen with M. Mike said , "yes" So, M told D . " mom told you to go thru the too small clothes pile." D laughed. "and......"
M said " take the clothes to the sunroom." D shaked her head, " Dad, I heard the whole thing. Do you want to start it over?" it took him 4 times, M finally got it right. Am I alone on this? M regularly pass the words " not what was said" but "his translation what was said". unfortunately, his translations sometimes are very different from what was said. :-(


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I guess I'm not sure why you couldn't relay this to your daughter yourself? It sounds to me like she was in the house when you were giving the long explanation to your husband...

But, to be totally honest, I don't see why D couldn't have taken her own clothes out of her own room, rather than you sending her dad to take care of it, since it sounds like D is grown (or at least a teenager). Either that, or tell your hubby to tell D that you'd like to speak with her regarding donations to good will.

Any message that I want to give to my kids, I give them. I don't send it through their dad. Granted, if I did, he'd write it down so that he gave them the exact message, but that's because that's his habit. If their dad has a message, he gives it to them.

We've found that it saves hassle to eliminate the middle man.

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