Hubby working away? Dangerous job?

Jenny - posted on 07/07/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My partner is a tradesman. He is also union which requires alot of travel when the economy is slow. He's been working out of town alot lately which requires extended periods away from home. On Monday he was flown up to Whitehorse in the Yukon for a stint. I lost my father young and think about handling a tragedy all the time when he's away (which is probably not healthy lol). I know many of you have military spouses and such. Do you have arrangement for the future such somethnig happen? I'm making us an appointment to get a will done up ASAP, we have pensions and a few other backups. Do you have anxiety when they are away? It sure sucks but we make do for the family.

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Stifler's - posted on 07/26/2010




My partner is in mining and we have life insurance in case a high wall falls on his dozer. It's a lot ($93 a month) but worth it if he died or I died at least we'll have the funds to take care of ourselves and Logan and pay expenses.

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My hubby doesn't travel too far for his work, but he's a painter and he and his business partener specialize in restoring old victorians in Downtown Sacramento, so he is often on 30 foot and taller scaffolding and ladders. There was also one time where his partner ran over his foot with a 5 ton scissor lift (fortunately, my hubby was standing on soft dirt, so it just bruised all the bones in his foot, but didn't break any and he wasn't wearing steel toed boots, so he didn't loose any toes).

Saying that, we do nat have wills made up... yet. We have an appointment for next month to go get all that done (so it's kinds funny that this thread came up now since we've been talking about it).

Charlie - posted on 07/08/2010




Jamie is a fisherman , its very dangerous the seas are volatile and unpredictable not to mention up the road there is a huge rock wall dedicated to the many fisherman lost at sea , personally our families fleet has lost a boat along with two of the crew so i do fret about Jamie , unfortunately its one of the few great paying jobs here he goes out to sea between one and 4 days .

We have all our insurance and superannuation in each others name but have yet to make a will up .

Rosie - posted on 07/08/2010




my husband works the night shift and works with big machinery. it kindof scares me that something could happen to him at work, but i'm not to paranoid about it. a couple months back one of his coworkers got scalped by one of the machines, gahhh, gives me the willies just thinking of it! he was in a car accident a while back and broke his right ankle and left hip. i'm completely paranoid that another old lady will hit him again. i think i have some type of ptsd from it myself. i petrified that people are crossing the center line, even though they aren't. i also worry alot about his constant pain from his ankle and hip. i worry he will slip and won't be able to catch himself and break something else again. basically i want to wrap him in bubble wrap and put him at a desk, lol!

we have llife insurance on each other and a little for all 3 boys. i recently got my yearly statement for out life insurance and i was looking at it wondering if $100,000 would be enough. now you got me all worried sara, lol!! we don't have a will, and i do worry about that. most of my worry was about my oldest who is not biologically his. i was terrified that if something were to happen to me his bio-dad would get legal custody of him. he's never met him, his bio-dad doesn't want him, and i don't want to put my son, or my husband through that. so i had his parental rights terminated last year. but that's as far as i've gotten in the will department. need to work on that.

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My husband is a night nurse in a prison clinic. Guards are always present to handle any situation that may arise, so I don't really worry too much. But I do get anxious when I'm by myself at night. My trick is to keep myself busy until I fall asleep from exhaustion. If I lay down and try to sleep, my imagination goes a little wild.

About the legal stuff:

I think it's always a good idea to have a will and life insurance (on both partners) in case something should ever happen. Accidents don't have to happen while they are away or on the job. Something could happen in your own home. He could come down with a terminal illness.

We have life insurance on me and hubby. We actually have a very small policy on our daughter, but it would only be enough to cover funeral expenses. Gosh, I sound so morbid, but in the event of a tragedy, the last thing you want to worry over is how to pay for the funeral.

Hubby's life insurance is enough to cover me for a few years expenses, but we are thinking of increasing it in the near future. We took a financial course recently and learned that a life insurance policy should be 10x a person's yearly income. That way, when the spouse gets the money, it can go into a high interest rate savings and the spouse can live off the interest. Forever. And if you ever need a large sum of money for any reason, well it's in the bank. Even though I don't have an income, we have a policy on me because if something should happen, husband would have to pay for child care and a house cleaner.

Andrea - posted on 07/08/2010




My partner is a a Repossesion Agent in other words he repo's your cars. In his words he steels your cars preferable when your not looking. He usually on the road 3 to 4 day a week. He tend to turn down orders to repossess in the more dangerous neighborhoods. He use to all kinds till him and his cousin were shot at in Chicago which was before I met him. I worry a little bit people are crazy. I have been with on some repo's with him and people tend to say and do some really stupid things. I also worry about the amount of time he is on the road. He is usually in his truck all day and most of the night. I think the more time you spend in a vechile the more time you up your chances of an accident to happen. He's also really bad about driving when he's to tired but the easiest and safest repo's are why they are a sleep.

We don't have a will but we should.

Joanna - posted on 07/08/2010




We need to get a will drawn up, or something of some sort. My husband does have life insurance though, but that's about it. He doesn't work THAT far away, or in a dangerous job. BUT, he does work where he's needed, which is all throughout southern California. Right now he's working up in LA, right next to a ghetto (there was a shooting in his gym while he was there during his lunch break). Plus he has an hour and a half commute, ON MOTORCYLE, on the busy freeways. He's already been in a n accident where someone changed lanes without seeing him on his bike and knocked him off his bike across 3 freeway lanes... luckily people saw him and stopped and helped, he walked away with just a minor concussion and some scrapes. But it could always be worse, and that's what I Worry most about.

Lady - posted on 07/08/2010




My hubby doesn't really work in a dangerous job most of the time but sometimes they do trial work where he can either be on a plane or a boat or working with heavy machinery and I do worry - he has a works pension that pays out either double or triple if he gets killed at work so I suppose that's a comfort lol!! And he had set up that some of the money will go into trusts for each of the children to get paid out when they turn eighteen. We drew up wills a while ago but they need updated as we've had two more children since then.
I think it's just natrual to worry especially if you've had a tragedy in the past - both my hubbys dad and my step dad went to work one day and never came home so it is on my mind that some day that could happen to me!

Amie - posted on 07/07/2010




My hubby's a miner. He works a kilometer underground. It's dangerous, he's been stuck in refuge during a fire twice (which is not the same as a fire on surface), he's been in a back fall (roof of the mine tunnel collapsing) three times, he's even been stuck underground a few times due to power outages, he's been carted off to the hospital a couple times due to work related injuries.

I deal with it by not thinking about it. When I get a phone call from the mine when he's at work I always brace myself. He's always been fine but all it takes is once and he's gone. Refuge saved him from the fires, his quick reflexes and his knowledge from years of working underground have gotten him to safety during back falls, power outages you can't do much about until it comes back on so they can get back to surface, same with work place injuries. Thankfully his have all been fairly minor. One of the guys on his crew was on leave for almost a year after working in the shaft. A cable snapped and almost took off his leg, instead it busted his femur which broke clear through his skin, busted up a few ribs from the force of being thrown and was in the hospital for awhile.

All of our paperwork is in order though.

Tanya - posted on 07/07/2010




I agree with you Krista. Justin was talking about being a cop I said now way. first off starting pay for a cop here is 27,000 a year just not worth it.

We actually don't have a back up plan yet. Our son is only 5 month and we have been home owners for 3 months now. I have been looking at life insurance for the last week. I know that we have to get some. His job is not dangerous, but it does require a lot of driving. I do worry about that because we have some of the worst drivers in the country.

Krista - posted on 07/07/2010




My husband doesn't work away, but his job can be dangerous. He's a stonecutter, and works around explosives and heavy machinery. For the most part, I don't worry about it too much, because that's no way to live. But there have been times that he's had a close call or two, and it makes me nervous.

Honestly, I have no idea how women can manage to be married to military guys, or cops, or any other profession where the odds are high that someone will deliberately shoot at your spouse.

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