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April - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




Bring your research! How bad is car exhaust for you and your little ones? is it bad enough that you would consider getting rid of the family car and changing over to public transport? From what I've been reading, car exhaust fumes are only an issue if you're A) driving a car B) riding a bike or taking a walk near a road.

Also, do you feel like you are more likely to suffer from second and third hand smoke from someone's cigarettes or from the toxins your car emits? I live in an apartment complex and the apartments are really close together. The first thing I smell when I step out on my porch is cigarettes. I've even noticed that my apt smells like it and these guys have never stepped a foot in it. I'm gonna say the cigs are more harmful to my family!


Katherine - posted on 11/10/2010




Dr Giovanni Invernizzi, an Italian medical researcher carried out very interesting and very shocking research into the harmful effects of cigarette fumes versus car exhaust fumes. Which would you think was worse?

The experiment was set up, by having a 2 litre turbo diesel car locked and sealed into a garage and left idling for 30 minutes. What was measured was fine particle matter, which according to the researchers is the most dangerous form of air pollution for human health.

After the car was used, 3 cigarettes were burned one after each other for a period of 30 minutes. Every 2 minutes a measurement of the fine particle matter was recorded and what was noticed as that cigarettes have 10 times the amount of fine particle matter than a 2 litre turbo diesel engine!

The more information you begin to dig up about cigarettes, the more unclear I become as to why they are firstly legal and secondly, used by so many people. They should really have a list of ingredients on the back of each packet - never mind the death warnings.

Being more dangerous than car exhaust fumes just goes to show how power they are. People don't get enough information on what goes into a cigarette. I think that if they did on a regular basis that people would really start to think about what they are putting into their bodies.

If any other food on the market ever gets a scare of an unhealthy toxin in it, the entire batch gets recalled. The same with the motor industry. If something is found that has the slightest risk of causing harm, then it gets pulled and fixed. Funny how we don't care about cigarettes.

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Exhaust fumes don't worry me too much, maybe if I lived in a city but we rarely go to the city. We need a car for our journeys, I walk where possible but sometimes it is just not possible.

Nobody needs to start smoking, they may need to smoke once they are addicted but the initial need is not there. Making cigarettes worse IMO.

Amanda it may be unavoidable to have minor exposure for things such as cigarette smoke but it is controllable, if you have an issue with people hating smoking then do it privately where it doesn't affect others, how rude to suggest that they lock themselves in their homes to avoid disgusting cigarettes!

Amanda - posted on 11/10/2010




I don't think either of these things are avoidable. Your child is going to eventually be exposed to life and all that goes with it. Yes you have the oppurtunity to prevent them from seeing it young and keeping them away as much as possible but honestly I have 4 children my oldest almost 7 and my youngest almost 2, and they have been exposed to cigarette smoke walking into WalMart! It doesn't matter what you do your child is eventually going to see and smell things you don't want them to. I think both car exhaust and cig smoking sucks, but I am a smoker, not around my children but I do smoke. We also have a car. I'll quit when I'm ready, and I don't care what others think or say. It's my life. If you don't want to expose your child to anything dangerous stay home, indoors with your windows shut! :) I hope I don't offend anyone but that's my opinion!

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I'm going to say car exhaust is more harmful. I think all the talk about thrid and forth hand smoke is nothing more than fear mongering.

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Serena - posted on 11/11/2010




I agree with Kati if they could make these hybrids more affordable I would definitely buy one. If not for the benefit of the next generation but to save on gas, its seems to be steadily on the rise again.
I would love to give up the SUV but with three kids in tow I don't want to try public transportation.

Charlie - posted on 11/11/2010




When i was pregnant i lived on a very busy road in the city i could smell the exhaust , when i would go on holiday and return to sydney i would see a huge purple bubble of smog encapsulating the entire city , GROSS , it didnt help that when i was pregnant i read an article saying people who breath in heavy smog while pregnant can cause stunting in the babies growth !

Let me see if i can find it .

Isobel - posted on 11/11/2010




I live dead center of a very big city...I KNOW car and truck fumes (from the THOUSANDS) we see every day are causing my family more health problems than any third hand smoke my children might be exposed to if I forget to wear a jacket when I go outside for one of my 3 cigarettes a day.

Keep in mind folks that the gases that come out of a car are heavy...they don't affect you too much but they hover right around your kid

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The car exhaust when I am driving MY car does not saturate my lungs and clothes anywhere near as much as the cigarettes that my ex smokes saturate the clothes of my children when they aren't even near him while he smokes. Maybe 3rd hand smoke doesn't noticeably effect some people, but it effects me on a much more regular basis than any car exhaust that I'm exposed to. I only cough from those big, stinky trucks and machines as opposed to any regular car, but I cough repeatedly every time my neighbors smoke. I don't even have to be near enough to the smoker to SEE them, but if I am down wind from it and in public.... I cough. I can't help it.

Katherine - posted on 11/10/2010




I wish they had a tag for REALLY small font, because I'm a smoker and cannot believe that article!!! That's disgusting and scary and............disgusting!

Sharon - posted on 11/10/2010




Nope. I won't get rid of any of our 5 vehicles.

I rode the public bus a few times. It was nasty. I sure as hell won't subject my kids to the filthy homeless riding around all day on them. Or the weird crack heads who plunk themselves down beside me or my kids and want to chat.

I keep my vehicles up to date and clean and they pass their emissions test for their year of make.

I'd like to say that people who have vehicles that are literally burning oil due to leaky seals and blowing smoke should be fined but lets face it? If they can't afford a better car, can they afford the fines? No. So its a moot point.

April - posted on 11/10/2010




It doesn't matter if you smoke by yourself in a garden. if you come back inside and hug your kid...your kid is now breathing in the smoke on your clothes, your skin, and your hair. third hand smoke is also dangerous.

Becky - posted on 11/10/2010




Well, I would have said car exhaust is more harmful, simply because I would think we're exposed to it in a much higher volume than cigarette smoke. But the research Katherine posted is very interesting!
I wouldn't be prepared to give up my car just to avoid the exhaust fumes. Public transit has its own risks - germs, drunks, icky people... plus, it doesn't take us everywhere we need to get, at least not always conveniently or in a timely manner, and it's often late. I'm not standing outside for 20 minutes in -40 weather waiting for the bus, thanks!

Rosie - posted on 11/10/2010




on a whole i think car exhaust is more damaging to our environment, and the air we breathe, BUT it is something that is unavoidable right now. i would love for us to start making cars that release fewer emmission AND make them affordable. i don't think cigarette smoke holds a candle to all the pollution that cars do. however, cig smoking is something that is definitley not as necessary to live, and function in our society like a car is. you just really can't compare the two things.

Krista - posted on 11/10/2010




Interesting info, Katherine!!!

Well, we don't smoke, and I would definitely not allow anybody to smoke near my baby, so smoking isn't a factor in our lives at this point.

There is no public transport where we live, and I work a 45-minute drive from home, so biking/walking is also right out.

So, when it comes to pollution, I control what I can, and don't worry about what I can't control.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 11/10/2010




I believe they are both contributing factors…they both pollute..and depending on which you are around the most, can add to health problems..

But if I had to pick one that was more harmful…I would pick the cigss.

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