I don't believe it...oh its real.:-o

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We were not able to find anything good lastnight to watch on tv.I came across a comedy show.It was so funny.They had utube clips on it.I was laughing so hard with my partner.Well until this clip came up.Now i know the baby came to no harm.I just think this is not right and damn right shocking.

If i were to do this.In my front garden.My baby would be taken.Half(all) i should say, knowing this lot of neighbours.They would best the crap out of me.For doing something like this lady did.

What y'all think lol.Am i right for being so shocked.:-o


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Ashley - the lady with the baby on her chest is a new mom of preemie twins who is just now holding one of her babies for the first time. They had her watch the video to get her reaction as a new mom. The doctor was talking about how it takes just seconds for activity such as that to cause brain hemmoraging (like shaken baby syndrome). They also said in the video that the baby was just 2 weeks old when that video was taken (and the video was taken 2 years ago).

I actually saw the video on YouTube a couple weeks ago and I was so appaled I actually turned it off after watching about 30 seconds (maybe even less). It's horrifying and disgusting to me... :(

Alexis - posted on 04/04/2011




Even if the strain on the childs body was 'safe' the possibility of dropping the child or twisting one of its arms\legs or hitting him on something is huge! Where is the motherly instinct with this woman!

Minnie - posted on 04/04/2011




I've seen the still of this video over and over. And I've yet to have the guts to play it. Just the still disgusts me.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/04/2011




I hate this video. I have seen it up many times, I think it should be taken off of utube. I was only able to get through 11 secs the first time I saw it. It makes me livid.

Dana - posted on 04/04/2011




I didn't realize the baby was even real at first. That's really messed up! It doesn't even seem possible to do that without ripping it's arms out of it's joints or breaking them.

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Omg Holly its awful.I can't believe any parent would allow that.

They were clearly not in there right mind.

How were they to know she would not drop that little baby.There little 2week old baby.

I find in hospitals they handle them a little abrupt at times,which gets me upset but this sort of shit is not right.That woman should be locked up.Baby yoga my tit.Child abuse is more correct.:-(

If i ever came close to that woman or that childs parents i would deck em.

Jenni - posted on 04/03/2011




WTF? Idiot. I have no other words.

Oh ummm Doctor says potential shaken baby syndrome.... ummm duh!

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Ladies also..my sound is broken so let us know what the expert doctor thinks.Also what was the woman with the baby on her chest saying lol.

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