I got my periods back last month and for this month I am not getting my periods back although my husband is abroad so what could be the reason


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Becky - posted on 01/17/2013




That is normal. It can take awhile for your period to go back to its normal schedule after having a baby. I have had 3 babies. After my first, I got my first postpartum period when he was 9 months. The next month, I missed my period, but, surprise, surprise, still ovulated and got pregnant! With my second, I got my period at 15 months postpartum and it was irregular - skipping up to 2 months at a time, until I got pregnant again. With this one, he'll be 1 in a week and I'm still waiting... So, what I am saying is that it is nothing to worry about, unless you are having other symptoms that concern you.

Cecilia - posted on 01/13/2013




i'm not sure i understand your question.

"I got my periods back last month"
trying to say that you recently had a baby, correct?

"I am not getting my periods back"
You havn't gotten a period yet this month?

my husband is abroad so what could be the reason
Are you asking if stress over your husband be why you havn't had a period?

If i have that right, just because you had bleeding last month does not mean it was a regular period. Even if it was, your period can change after a baby. You might have been on a 28 day cycle before and now you just end up on a 30 day cycle. Your body will be a bit wonky for a bit after the baby. It will eventually even back out.

Can you miss a period due to stress, yes. Is that the reason? well unless we're doctors who check into this deeper, we can't tell you for sure.

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