I'm trying to potty train my 1 1/2 year old. Can it be done or is it just too soon???


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My son was potty trained at 18 months old but he was a cloth nappy baby they say you can potty train them earlier. I didnt want to potty train him then but he started taking his nappies off and peeing everywhere. It was harder than when I did my older kids at 2 and a half but very doable.

Melissa - posted on 06/28/2011




My daughter had kidney problems as an infant and was seen regularly by a urologist til she was three. The doctor stated that it really isn't healthy to potty train til 2 1/2 - 3 because of the strain on the Childs bladder while holding urine. She was my first and I had no choice but to wait til she was 3. I thought it was too long at the time cause all other kiddies were being trained at about 2.

I will say this though, I found it much easier to train my children at 2.5 - 3 because they understood the concept better. They rarely had day time or night time accidents.

Nikki - posted on 06/21/2011




My daughter was flly trained(except at night) by age 2. My 17 month old son is just starting and doing well. If your child is showing interest there is no harm in trying, but dont' force it.

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I started the naked method quite early with my daughter. I think i pushed her to toilet train to early. Don't get me wrong she was ready and loved sitting on the potty but i think i stressed to easily.
My son who will be 3 in a couple of weeks has been toilet trained since (of a day) before he was 2 and of a night only a couple fo short months later. I did nothing with my son and he picked it up a lot easier and quicker then his sister which leads me to think my daughter would have been just as fast if she were left to do it when ready. She is still having regular accidents at 4.5.
With my youngest i am choosing to just let him do it when he is good and ready. It could be this coming summer or it could be when he is 4 i don't really care.

Becky - posted on 06/20/2011




My niece started showing interest -actually asking to go potty - at 14-15 months. She was fully poop trained right away, but I think she was closer to 2 before she was fully trained, without accidents. But, her mom had another baby in there too, which can set things back. My son, on the other hand, was nowhere near ready until after he turned 3, and then he seriously trained in a couple of days. My 21 month old shows no interest, so I'm just going to leave it and hope he trains as easily as his brother did - although a little younger would be nice. :)

Rosie - posted on 06/20/2011




it's possible, my niece was. but my kids never showed any interest until they were well into their 3rd year of life, and even then werent' trained until they were around 3.
i'd also say that the naked method is the best, lol.

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I used the naked method with some success as well. =)

I've heard it's possible, but it's all about when the kid is ready.

Karen - posted on 06/20/2011




I'd just keep practicing if you can get him to. If not take a break until he is ready. One of the hidden reasons potty training is so hard is that until a certain age they can't even feel when they need to go potty. There is no feeling before they have to go. Maybe with a bowel movement if they are even a little bound up. But I know with urin it just comes out. I have 3 and 2 of them (boys) were trained by 3yrs. old and my daughter (youngest) was trained by the time she was 2 1/2. I practiced with them all every now and then for a few months. Then when they started going more often and even sometimes on their own I knew they were ready. I let them do that for about a week straight and then told them all that they had outgrown diapers. Borrowed a smaller size just to show them. And let them pick out their own cartoon underwear. we might have had a few accidents for the first week but that was it. They were trained day and night.

Katherine - posted on 06/20/2011




Hmmm, I think I'm going to try the naked method with my daughter.....

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Depends on the kid. SOME are ready and train successfully at that age. Others... not til 3 or even 4.

MY experience... I started potty training my twins at that age. They were 100% successful right from the start WHILE naked, but the success rate dropped dramatically w/ any types of bottoms on. So... they were naked at home and awake and in pull ups during sleeps or anytime we left the house. Daytime pull ups went away about 2-3 months before their 3rd birthday and night time pull ups were gone at 4.5 (still wet beds sometimes, but not nightly/weekly).

Because of how long it took to train them.... I decided I would not train my son and I didn't. I only offered encouragement and assistance and he did the rest completely on his own. His older cousin was potty training.. and we were there a LOT, so the first time he pooped in the potty he was only 15 months old. That was when I bought him a potty seat, but whether or not he used it or even sat on it was 100% up to him. It happened occasionally, but not often. He was fully day and night trained about 3 months before his 3rd birthday. Same age as his sisters were only day trained. ONLY difference was the time, stress, and accidents involved in the 'training process' since there WAS none w/ my son.

Jenn - posted on 06/20/2011




It will just be a longer process but certainly encourage it if your child shows an interest. Sitting on the potty is a good start. A lot is involved in potty training including being able to control their bowels which often doesn't come until later. Most kids start around age two and completely train by age 3 or 3 1/2. Every child is different so keep that in mind! Never get angry if there are potty accidents or it will just set back the whole process.

Heather - posted on 06/20/2011




If they are showing an interest in toileting, you can try or practice, but I wouldn't force it. My children were both trained at around 2 1/2. They are well adjusted, straight A kids now, so I can tell you from experience there is no harm in waiting until they are ready.

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