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okay, i'm not 100% sure this is the right place to ask this, but it's the broadest spectrum that i know of. i know there's a lot of different mums on here who have a lot of different opinions & experiences, so here goes.
i had a cesarean with my first sone because he was breach. the doctor's offered to turn him, but i refused on the precedent that it could have ended in an emergency section anyhow. my recovery was perfect, i had very minimal pain, i had an over-all good experience with my c-section. now, i'm pregnant with baby number two and i have been entertaining the idea of a VBAC, but i don't know anyone who has had one so i need some tales of experience! also, does anyone know the risks of a VBAC vs. a c-section? be honest now, i want ALL sides. i'm terrified of giving birth but i think it would be neat to experience and i like that there's no recovery time, with a 5 year old starting school a week after bub is going to be born. i'm worried about uterine rupture...does anyone know what the risk is for that with a VBAC?

okay, just give me everything you've got :) would you do it? have you done it? what was it like?

also, to add, i will not be doing it if baby turns out to be breach again. turning is not an option in my mind.


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I think the risk of uterine rupture is low, but that said, I know someone who just attempted a VBAC and her uterus did rupture, resulting in an emergency c-section. But she had her babies quite close together - 21 months apart, I think, so that might have made the risks higher, I don't know. I also think that the reason for her first c-section was that she got stuck at 9 cm and wouldn't fully dialate, so maybe she's just one of those people who is not able to give birth vaginally.
I know I have heard a lot more VBAC success stories than stories like my friend's! Sorry for sharing it, but you did say give me everything you've got!


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I had a vbac after an emergency section, and it was fine. I found it was much easier breastfeeding afterwards.

The risk of uterine rupture is extremely low, and sections carry the same risks that all surgery carries.

Check out this website for more info. www.childbirth.org/section/ICAN.html

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I had a natural birth so I can understand wanting that experience to see what it's like vs. a c-section. You should go for it if your doctor/midwife agrees that it's safe.

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I would definately not have a home birth, there is a chance for complications, and no reputible mid wife or doctor would recommend a home birth for a vbac. As minimal as the complications may be, they are still real.

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I had a c-section with my son who is going to be 5 in may. I had a successful VBAC in april with my daughter. Some hospitals will NOT perform them any longer due to there being a 4% chance of uterine rupture. It is a very real possiblility, but with the right staff, should be seen before any serious injury. I highly suggest finding a mid wife that is associated with a doctors office. That is what I did. Many doctors will say they are pro VBAC, but jump at the slightest chance to perform a c section
It can be done. I am proof! I love the fact that I was able to have one, and the actual risks of having a c-section are higher with complications than a vbac. None of us can tell you what will work for you, you may have another breech...or complications further in the pregnancy that do not allow you to have a VBAC. It is worth exploring it as an option. i am so glad I did.

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VBAC's aren't as dangerous as was once believed. There is only a slightly increased risk of uterine rupture as there is for a first time laboring mom.

Back when uterine rupture was a huge problem it was because of a drug given to all women who were having VBAC's.

I have not had a C-section, so no VBAC's of course but I am good friends that had two VBACS, her first daughter was delivered via emergency C-section as a insurance scam, it wasn't necessary, the hospital was taken to court later over the issue. This was 16 years ago, she was a teen mom, with no knowledge of what was normal or ok, the hospital doped her up with sleeping pills, causing her daughter to go into distress causing the need for the c-section.

Any way, her son and second daughter were HBAC's, home birth after C-section. Both turned out amazing. I would do research, talk to a doctor who has preformed VBAC's and stuff, but also know that the incision may make or break the case for you, some doctors won't preform a VBAC if you uterus was cut horizontally rather then vertically, vertically heals stronger as it goes with the 'grain' of the muscle. and what incision you have on your skin doesn't dictate what incision was done on your uterus, I would ask about that so you can inform any doctor you consult.

Good luck! I hope you get what you want, whether that be another c-section or a VBAC.

ETA...having a VBAC to soon after the c-section does prove a lot more dangerous. My friend didn't have her son until her daughter was almost 7, so she had plenty of time for her uterus to strengthen and heal. You said your son is around 5 so I would think it would be safe for you!

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My son was an emergency c-section. If I were to have more children I can't have a VBAC. Because of my son's position in the womb and where they had to make the inscision (I know that's spelled wrong) any atempts at VBAC would cause me to rupture. I like the idea of VBAC but my docs have already told me 'no'.

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the risk of uterine rupture with a VBAC is very minimal (.2%- 1.5%, or 1 in every 500 which isn't much higher than the risk of uterine rupture in a regular vaginal birth). My advice would be to plan on a VBAC, you can change your mind at any time. i planned on a VBAC and ended up with a second c-section, if i decide at some point to have a 3rd baby i would likely try another VBAC.

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It is my understanding that the risk w/ VBAC is very minimal. I 'think' you need to have at least 2 years between births also.

For me.... VBAC is not an option where I live, so I've had 2 c-sections. My recovery w/ my scheduled section was MUCH better and faster than my semi-emergency one.

Good luck either way!

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My sister had an emergency c-section with her first and a successful VBAC with her second. She very much preferred the vaginal birth.

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i should probably add that the reason i mentioned uterine rupture is because i had a massive bleed in my uterus after experiencing a loss due to placental abruption at 15 weeks in my last pregnancy :( i don't know if this makes a difference or not.

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My youngest was an undiagnosed breech, so I had an emergency C-section. I LOVED my C-section so if it were me, I would just have another one, BUT from what I hear having a VBAC isn't as scary and dangerous as it may seem (I'm sure some other Mum's here will know more!) I think the risk of uterine rupture is usually quite low.

Anyway, my only advice would be to do what you feel comfortable with, seek advice from your doctor and follow you're instincts, don't get pressured either way!

Good luck! :)

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