Ideas? Not really a debate, but I thought you all would give me good ideas.

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So, a few of my friends (and my sister) are GLTB (I'm never sure if I got those letters in the right order, sorry if their not--Gay/Lesbian/Trans/Bi), and there is an event coming up here soon. So a few of my straight friends have decided to go as well in support of the community--kind of a way of bridging gaps so to speak--to show that there is support for LGBT rights within the mainstream community. Even some of my Christian friends are going--they believe that God loves everyone, and that every one sins, so IF homosexuality is a sin (and apparently there is some debate about this within the Christian communities) it is no different than any other.

So anyway, they wanted to have some clever signs to hold, but most of the ideas we have apply more to an actual gay person rather than a straight person there for support....

We want signs that are SUPPORTIVE. Nothing that breeds argument or widens the divide between the culture gap, and nothing that is aimed to ignite anger or agitation in those opposed to gay rights....peaceful signs :)

Any Ideas?

We have one that says "Love is Love" and has two rainbow hearts on it, and another that says "Leviticus also said "No Haircuts" but I guess we're just skipping over that one..." (That's a little more controversial than we wanted to go, but we may keep it)


Kimberly - posted on 09/21/2012




Dont know if you think this is too cheeky but I always wanted to do a sign that says " Love comes form the heart, not state parliment"

Firebird - posted on 09/22/2012




"Chris hearts Alex" with a gay couple drawn in stick figure form. Below that: "Chris hearts Alex" with a hetero couple drawn. Below that: "Chris hearts Alex" with a lesbian couple drawn. Below that: "There is no difference"


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Tracey - posted on 09/25/2012




Do a Google Image search for Pride Placard, there are thousands to chose from or to get inspiration.

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