If Marijuana Is Legal, Will Addiction Rise?

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 07/20/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




What’s your take on this??

1. do you think marijuana will be legalized soon?? (5-10years)
2. do you feel it is a “Gateway” drug
3. is it worse then drinking alcohol and/or smoking
4. If Marijuana Is Legal, Will Addiction Rise?


Valerie - posted on 07/30/2010




Cigarettes are the gateway drug, really. Think back to highschool - all the kids that did other drugs smoked cigarettes.
If drug enforcement agencies focused their efforts on the "hard" drugs (opiates, cocaine & derivatives and psychotropics) they would have a much better chance at fighting addiction rates - especially since the canabis-based stuff is, in itself, not addictive.
Since the canabis industry is run by criminals, one could certainly assume that you can never really know what goes in it. So, I think it should be regulated like cigarettes and alcohol.
In so doing, there should be more studies on the physical and neurological effects of long-term use of canabis drugs - because honestly we just don't know. Oddly enough, though, the medical community seems to feel these risks are probably low enough to prescribe marijuana for therapeutic purposes. I have a strange feeling that weed has not gone through the battery of preclinical and clinical trials the FDA requires of conventional therapeutic medication.

Tara - posted on 07/20/2010




1. In Canada Yes
2. No
3. No
4. I don't think so since weed is only psychologically addictive. It is not physically addictive in any way. I do think that organized crime would go down in many areas, dangerous residential grow ops would not be necessary and millions of people would be free of the stigma of a criminal record for being caught with a little smokeables in their glove box.

Annmarie - posted on 07/20/2010




yes,not a getaway in it's natural form just relaxing, no, because it does not make u unable to function in it's natural form, The plant itself is non-addicting it's the crap people lace it with that makes it dangerous. Take away cigs and make pot legal. Cigs have caused more death and medical harm than pot. this plant is actually more beneficial medically, which is why it is currently prescribed for glaucoma and other health issues. I never heard of a cig as a prescription to cure anything.

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Jenni - posted on 08/02/2010




you know i never got the whole "gateway drug". Obviously if you are open to trying marijuana you are probably open to trying a lot of things. I dont think using marijuana makes you want to try other drugs anymore than getting in a physical confrontation makes you want to go out in murder someone.
It is decriminalized in some countries and is a growing trend. I live in Canada and it was decriminalized for a short time... they took it back because the states was worried about it crossing the border more (understandable). Don't think it being illegal decreases usage any more than prohibition decreased alcohol usage.
It's hard to say if it's worse than alcohol or smoking. In some ways it's the same... in some ways it isn't. Alcohol use leads to more violent crimes, takes longer to sober up from, has it's own share of ailments and deaths associated with it, as does smoking. I think smoking is worse in the sense that if you smoke a joint you may smoke one once in awhile whereas if ur a smoker you probably smoke a pack a day. Not to mention the added chemicals. I would think heavy marijuana use could be associated with cancer. Probably less than cigarettes since it is not used as often or has the added cancer causing agents.
I think many would argue if marijuana is addictive. It's certainly not chemically addictive like cigarettes. As a former marijuana user i had absolutely no problem quitting and no withdrawals. Put it this way... it's probably about as addictive as shopping! lol

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Valerie - the reason cannabis has not gone through the clinical trials and such is because it s still a federally illegal drug. All stuies are using a weakenned synthetic form of cannabis, and therefore most studies are not very accurate :)

Patricia - posted on 07/26/2010




I for one am not a fan, but know many that are.....I really don't think it's a gateway drug....I think it's a personal choice. Most people I know do it to relax...Life is full of choices....Here in Wisconsin, it's now smoke free....Which by the way I do not agree with..especially at bars. I feel it's up to the owners!

Danielle - posted on 07/22/2010




1.) Yes, it might as well be anyways. People treat it like cigarettes.
2.) Yes. Absolutely. Marijuana starts to get boring and people get brave enough to experiment with other things.
3.) No. Addiction is addiction and either way it is unhealthy.
4.) Yes, more people will try it because it's legal/more people will do it regularly if it's legal.

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1. Hopefully


3.Not at all, drinking (to get drunk) is far worse. I have family members who struggle with addiction to alcohol and trust me it makes life hell for them and the people around them. Smoking cigarettes is disgusting. I'm not a hypocrite I did smoke and still do when I drink, once in a blue moon but it is nonetheless a very disgusting habit. Moreover, it creates so many health problems that cost horrible amounts of money to our health care system.

4.Nope, addiction, if any, is very mild and an addict will be looking for a much stronger buzz than what marijuana offers. If it's only marijuana, without any crap added to it, I don't think addiction would be an issue. Addicts don't care if they are breaking the law when they need their fix... They will get it by legal or illegal means. Making a substance legal won't change that.

Sara - posted on 07/21/2010




1. I hope so
2. No.
3. Not at all. I've never heard of someone being stoned and breaking a beer bottle over another person's head in a bar fight.
4. I think that Marijuana has to be physically addictive in order for that to happen.

LaCi - posted on 07/21/2010




Leave my cigarettes alone, party poopers. When talking about legalizing a plant because its someone's choice if they'd like to get high, lets not talk about banning another plant. ;p

1. No. Maybe in california, but NOT in indiana or kentucky.. which is stupid, since it's our number 1 crop.

2. No, I do not feel it is a gateway drug. The only reason people move on to different types of drugs-usually-is because they expect something else. We all have different tastes. I hate marijuana, it makes me sleepy, not my style.

3. No, I think it's better than drinking, and round bout the same area of smoking.

4. Addiction to what? marijuana? LOL.

[deleted account]

1. It's looking that way, but I'm doubtful... IDK, we'll see what CA does, they could poss. sway the nation; as it seems what CA does OR & WA will follow...and others trickle behind...

2. I think drinking is more of a gateway drug. But I do think that smoking pot keeps you in close ties to those who use harder drugs making it more available

3. No...I'd rather someone be a little stoned then drunk, smoking cigarettes is just disgusting!

4. I don't think so...it may just be more widely known since ppl wouldn't be hiding their use soo much

[deleted account]

1. Most likely (United States)
2. NO!!! Studies have actually been done at the University of California Davis that proves it is not...
3. NO!!! It is actually better...
4. No, just because it's legal will not make more people smoke it. It will just make the people who already smoke it (for medical or recreational use) able to without hiding. I also agree 100% with what Tara said.

Krista - posted on 07/20/2010




1. In my country, Yes
2. No
3. No
4. Hard to say, but it will definitely DECREASE the number of people in jail who wind up learning all sorts of unsavory habits in order to survive.

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