If you were granted 4questions to ASK

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




and you could ASK ANYTHING what would they be?

Mine are:

1. Who RALLY killed JKF
2. What REALLY happened on 9/11
3. Is ET here on earth
4. What are the true speculations about the feature of Earth as far as natural disasters go (Cuz im sure they don’t say what they really think in fear of mass panic)


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Bonnie - posted on 12/30/2010




Oooooh I want the Lotto numbers too! With this many asking for Lotto numbers though there may not be that much to go around LOL

Jodi - posted on 12/30/2010




1) Will my great, great, great, great, great grandchildren still be lving on this planet? Will Earth even still be inhabital by that point?
2)What is the ONE thing I should change about my lifestyle right now that will have the greatest impact on my future?
3) What big secrets is the Vatican hiding? I mean really, what do they know that we don't know?
4) If we could see a soul...what would it look like?

Caitlin - posted on 12/30/2010




I thought i'd be the first for the lotto numbers.. *cry*.. that's all I need to know..

Desiree - posted on 12/30/2010




1. What is the meaning of life?
2. What is on the other side of here?
3. What the hell am I doing here?
4. When did I become the mother of a 12 year old?
(today actually just petrified of what coming next)

[deleted account]

Okay, I got it now...

1. WHY???? For me, this covers a lot of ground...
2. WHEN??? Again, covers a lot...
3. Like others have asked... LOTTO NUMBERS!! :D

That is all because I cna't think of a #4... I may come back later...

[deleted account]

1) Was the Roswell incident really about aliens or was it just a weather balloon?
2) What are the winning numbers for this week's powerball?
3) Where do socks go when the dryer eats them?
4) Why won't my husband ever put a new roll of tp on the dispenser? Whyyyyy???

Ok, shake the magic 8 ball and tell me the answers lol

Lindsay - posted on 12/30/2010




What will be the mega millions winning numbers on Friday?

That is all...:)

[deleted account]

1. What is your quest?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is the airspeed velocity of a carrier pigeon?
4. ...

Lol... I watched Monty Python last night and I just couldn't resist when I saw this post! hee hee hee...

This is a great thread though... I'll have to think a bit and I'll be back! :)

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