Inappropriate behavior by teachers

Amie - posted on 02/24/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




So while I was checking the news today I find this (I'll leave my comments at the end)

Date: Wednesday Feb. 24, 2010 8:31 AM ET

Two teachers who took part in an eyebrow-raising lap dance at a high school pep rally in Winnipeg last week have been told not to report back to work.

The dance, caught on video by one of the 100 students at the Churchill High School rally, shocked many of the students, who say the teachers went too far.

The two teachers, one a man, the other a woman, were dressed as a cheerleader and a football player. The female teacher is seated on a chair with her legs spread as dance music plays.

The male teacher approaches her between her legs. He then straddles her and gyrates his hips. He bends over, while she slaps his bottom, his hips bouncing to the beat.

They then take it one step further.

While the female teacher throws her head back, the man dips his head down between her legs and simulates oral sex.

Students at the rally, who ranged in age Grade 9 through 12, are heard on the 58-second video hooting and hollering and screaming "Oh my god!" One student sticks her head in front of the camera and says, ‘Now, that's wrong!"

The video, taken with a cellphone last Wednesday, was loaded on to Youtube under the title "Two Teachers, One Chair," where it's been viewed thousands of times. Winnipeg School Division trustees caught wind of it earlier this week.

Both teachers, who haven't been formally identified, have been sent home without pay. But they have not been officially suspended, school trustee Mike Babinsky told reporters Tuesday.

Babinsky said the division could not comment on personnel matters, but that it does "expect respectful and professional conduct from all of our staff at all times."

He told The Globe and Mail he is glad the school is taking disciplinary action against them and says an investigation is underway.

"I would expect a higher standard from teachers in any school in Canada," the father of six said.

"I want them to be role models for our kids. I want them to set the bar high."

Now this was in a high school; grade 9-12 students. It is still something that is highly inappropriate for a SCHOOL setting. If you read some of the comments there are people who are condoning this behavior.

Some of their arguments are
1) Kids see/hear worse in Sex Ed
2) Kids see/do worse outside of school
3) This is where society is heading anyway
4) The teachers in question were trying to "be cool" and reach the teenage demographic
5) That people who are offended are just too uptight.

1) Sex Ed is about TEACHING, It's not to put on a show.
2) It does not matter what kids do OUTSIDE of school, that's a thin argument. Teachers are expected to act with decorum and maturity while doing their JOB.
3) This is not where society is heading. While t.v., ads and the internet may have sexual overtone all over the place our schools should NOT.
4) I do not care if a teacher wants to "be cool". You can still be friendly and interact well with your students and maintain a professional demeanor.
5) It has NOTHING to do with being uptight. This is wrong for a school setting, plain and simple.

I don't know what people are thinking some days. This is not appropriate for a school setting, this is not appropriate for a teacher to be doing. At all, ever. They should be reprimanded, it sounds like they will be fired. Good for them. Teachers are adults and as such should act like it.


[deleted account]

It's stories like these 2 friggin' idiots that give hard-working and honest teachers like me a bad reputation. No wonder why the once respected career of education is the laughing stock of the world. These teachers need to have their teaching certification revoked so they never step foot in a classroom again.

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Sharon - posted on 03/02/2010




now wait a fucking a minute.... the two psuedo lesbian teachers were instantly fired and the male teacher?????

they should all have been fired. Who ever else was at the pep rally should have stopped it, not let it play out and they should have been sent to sexual harassment awareness classes for a year.

OOPS - I misread - I don't where I saw two female teachers.... so just one female teacher, one male teacher... got it...

Penny - posted on 02/26/2010




Lol..thats actually more appropriate behaviour than the teachers at the Catholic High School I attended. There were a couple of teacher student relationships. One when the student was finishing off her school year and they continued dating afterwards. And another while the student was still at school. Now that IS WRONG and what is worse is that the teachers were never reprimanded for crossing that LINE.

Dana - posted on 02/24/2010




Wow, totally screwed up. They should definitely be fired. I can't believe that any teacher would think this was appropriate let alone two of them.

JL - posted on 02/24/2010




They should be fired no if ands or buts about it.

First off that is a professional WORK setting no one working in any professional job setting...well accept at a strip club or bar... would think it is appropriate to do such a thing.

Second off they are teachers meaning they are guides and role models. If 2 students did that it would be deamed inappropriate and disciplinary action would have been taken on them.

They should be ashamed of themselves and saddened that children made comments about how wrong their actions were.

I wouldn't even let my middle schoolers and teens when I taught call me by first name and I was careful about what clothing I wore since I was working with pubestant boys who liked to stare a little too much at my ass. I woud like to smack those two teachers upside thier head.

Sara - posted on 02/24/2010




Those crazy Canadians!

Seriously though, that is taking it too far. How can you expect to garner respect and have students follow your rules if you act like that in front of them?

Sarah - posted on 02/24/2010




Holy crap!!!! That is INSANE!

These people are TEACHERS, they need to maintain a certain amount of professionalism for god's sake!!

Anyone condoning that is crazy, it is completely inappropriate behaviour.

I'm actually genuinely shocked! LOL!

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